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How to Create a Building Inspection Report [10+ Templates to Download]

Investing in real estate whether commercial or residential can be a complex, often tough undertaking. Sure you can get advice regarding legalities from real estate or property professionals, but it would take more than that to ensure that you do not incur expenses from damages in facilities or building foundation. The structural and mechanical components of a building is just as important as its core and exterior, which could easily affect the safety of your family or workers and the community.

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5 Steps To a Write A Building Inspection Report

Step 1: Check Local Zoning Rules

Evaluations for a building or property requires you to verify zoning ordinance in the area for rules that may affect the building’s location. Usual restrictions include building damage from each line, the maximum measurement, area size and the amount of parking spaces required and allowed as well as general land use. Make a list of any conditions that doesn’t meet ordinance requirements.

Step 2: Verify Coding Requirements

Aside from zoning laws, most states have building rules that are code-specific. Upon drafting your building report, verify that all permits needed for existing construction were secured and that construction meets the requirements. Coding typically involves width of the property, number of exits, minimum measurements of corridors, steps and stairs, and the types of materials used in the structure. 

Step 3: Note Structural Damage

Look for signs of structural damage during inspection and note down anything that you find worth reporting. Check whether any part of the building foundation and basement slab is still intact or cracking. Verify that the building is set on level ant that the foundation is true. As you go along, write down any unverified cracks in drywall that you identify and take photos for documentation.

Step 4: Review HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

A report on a property should have an assessment of the condition of electrical and plumbing systems as well as heating and air conditioning. Confirm that each of these comply with applicable codes and that all are in their working condition. Before taking down notes or summarizing, test the heating and cooling systems. Do the same for each faucet in the building and make sure each electrical outlet works fine by plugging a bulb in them.

Step 5: Make Your Final Confirmations

Before the selling process, your building report from inspections made should be finalized. Before you can finalize your report, you also need to verify that the property is both watertight and airtight. Write down the visual condition and probable age of the roofing and gutters. Check for any signs of water stains in the exterior and interior walls. Record their locations. 

10+ Building Inspection Report Templates

1. Building Inspection Report Sample Template


As a real estate agent or owner, you must keep your prospect buyers informed about previous property inspections conducted as well as reports. This building inspection report template is tailored for one of the most important documents you should secure. Download and print now in MS Word, Pages and Google Docs files!

2. Home Inspection Report Template


Comply with state regulations and code-specific requirements by writing a building inspection report. Too complex and time-consuming? Use this premium template that you can edit and customize in all versions of MS Word and Pages file formats!

3. Inspection Report Template


Identify and avoid risks to any construction project or real estate investment by using our Inspection Report Template. Specify any requirement affecting the building. Download this report in evaluating results of building inspection and making sure you’ve made proper documentation.

4. Building Inspection Report

Instantly download this template anywhere anytime in PDF format to provide your future clients with the best documentation regarding property inspections and the need thereof. This building inspection report sample is also available to print and edit easily!

5. Building Inspection Report Template

A property can last with its structure long standing if and when it receives proper maintenance and regular checking from its owners and a proper documentation after inspections are made. To make sure that’s what you have, get this building inspection report file and customize to fit your company or the report details of your own property.

6. Building Inspection Report


Get your real estate contract straight for zero to no more negotiations with this easy-to-edit sample of a building inspection report. Address all issues before any client find fault in your property and download the file here then print and customize according to specific building information.

7. Residential Building Report

In need of an organized inspection report for filing or documentation? Download this easy-to-access and fully editable template by clicking on the download button and print anytime, anywhere for your convenience. You can also save time by just using it as your guide for the report you’re asked to complete. Get this ready-made template now!

8. Sample Building Inspection Report

Be transparent in your real estate property deals and impress your stakeholders by getting this inspection report template which is available to download and print. Write your report after conducting inspection with qualified professionals. Access easily and edit the content as needed.

9. Inspection Report Template


If the building has been subjected by damage due  to natural calamities, this is also being evaluated by the inspector. Note that even brand new properties will not be faultless so make use of this editable sample building inspection report.

10. Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Report

The condition of your property’s foundation and how it complies with state laws on buildings and construction will determine the value of your property, so go ahead and download this template anywhere you are. Save time and print easily with your preferred format.

11. Property Inspection Report

Just because you don’t see something wrong with a building doesn’t mean it’s totally free from damage later on. Make sure you’re complying with building codes and property regulations in your state by asking for inspections. You’ll be able to verify and interpret results better with a sample property inspection like this.

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17+ FREE & Premium Building Report - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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