How to Create a Incident Report [ 10+ Templates to Download]


There may come a time where an incident occurs which causes damages or injuries to certain people or properties. In the event that it does happen, it is important to take note of the details in order to figure out exactly what caused the incident to happen.

That is why incident reports are created so that they can be used to convey all the vital information regarding the incident whenever needed. This article will teach you how to properly come up with one.

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5 Steps for Making an Incident Report

Step 1: Start With the Basic Facts

If you’re going to make any kind of incident report document, then know that you’ll need to start with the basic facts. This is where you must include the following pieces of information:

  • The time, date, and place in which the incident took place.
  • Your basic information
  • Names of those who were present when the incident occurred

Step 2: Describe the Incident

Next is for you to start writing about the incident itself. You must recall everything that has to do with the incident itself. Try to answer the following questions to help you:

  • What were the names of the people involved or those who became a casualty in the incident?
  • Did you see exactly how the incident occurred?
  • Did anything happen after the incident took place
  • What were the different factors that could have led to the incident to occur?
  • Was it all an accident or did someone intentionally cause the incident to happen?

Take note that you must be very particular when it comes to pointing out all of the details. This is especially true if you are a part of the investigation team that has to submit the report.

Step 3: Be Accurate With the Details

Go through all of the information that you have just written down. It is important that sample incident reports are 100% accurate to avoid confusions, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations. This means that if you are not entirely sure about the thing that you have just written down,  then it’s best that you reconsider putting it in the report.

Step 4: Always Be Honest

Remember that it’s important for a report to be as accurate as possible. This means that you should never lie about any of the information that you’ve placed into the document. Doing so will only lead to unnecessary problems and it’s possible that you may just end up facing harsh consequences for committing the act.

Step 5. Edit and Proofread Your Report

When you are done putting in all of the information that the report needs, then the last two things you need to do are editing and proofreading. Go through the entire document to ensure that it’s readable and easy to understand.

See if there’s any information that you may have forgotten to include or if there are things that you need to change. Also, check for any grammar or spelling errors that you have to fix as those mistakes could lead to problems during the investigation.

10+ Employee Incident Report Templates

1. Employee Incident Report Template

employee incident report 8 Download

There are so many different types of employee reports that there’s bound to be one specifically made for the purpose of reporting incidents. With this template, you won’t have to worry about any of your employees sharing whatever details they can in regards to any incidents they’ve witnessed or taken part in.

2. Construction Incident Report

construction incident report 2 Download

Those who are in the business of construction knows that there is always the possibility that an incident may occur within the construction site. Since construction reports have to be made to point out progress or material usage, it’s no surprise that there would be a document which is used to report incidents. This template should help you create a construction incident report when you need to.

3. Security Guard Incident Report Template

security guard incident report 6 Download

Security guards can either witness an incident, prevent it from becoming a bigger issue, or be the main cause of it happening. In any case, they will be required to come up with a report. This template will allow anyone to come up with a security guard incident report that should point out all of the necessary details.

4. Accident Incident Investigation Report

accident incident investigation report 6 Download

Whether you’re at school, the workplace, or even in the comforts of your own home, an accident can always occur. Should you be required to investigate the accident, then this incident/accident investigation report template will help you come up with a detailed report of what happened, who was involved, any injuries that were sustained and so on.

5. Construction Incident Report Template

construction incident report template mockup Download

Remember that construction sites always hold risks and that these risks will affect just about everyone that is in them. In the event that an incident does occur, be sure that you make use of this construction incident report template so that you can specify important details regarding the construction incident.

6. Workplace Incident Report Template

workplace incident report template mockup Download

Although there are some workplaces that are safer than most, you will never know when an unintended incident may occur which could potentially affect everyone within it. So if anything like that does happen, this workplace incident report template will come in handy for coming up with a document which provides all of the information regarding the workplace incident.

7. Injury Incident Report Form

injury incident report form template Download

There are instances wherein an incident occurs and someone is injured when it happens. Those who are required to report on the details of the injuries sustained will definitely find use out of this template. With it, you can create an injury incident report form which points out the number of people injured, the types of injuries they sustained, where they were injured and so on.

8. Daycare Incident Report Template

daycare incident report template Download

Even daycares are not exempt from the possibilities of an incident occurring. Those who are in charge of the safety of the children will need to create a report should anything were to happen within the facility which may affect them. Be sure to use this daycare incident report template in the event that it does happen.

9. Blank Incident Report Template

free blank incident report template 440x570 1 Download

This blank incident report template is perfect if you simply wish for witnesses, victims, or instigators to fill out the information you need. Know that this template comes in the PDF Format and it can also be accessed via Apple Pages or Microsoft Word. It’s simple and it can help get you results as quickly as you need them.

10. Child Care Injury Incident Report

child care injury incident report 1 Download

Child care services have to be especially carefully considering that they have to take care of infants or young children. So in the event that incident occurs wherein those young ones are harmed, then it must immediately be reported. This child care injury incident report should help you make a document which will provide all of the details.

11. Fire Incident Report

fire incident report 1 Download

Many different structures and facilities contain fire hazards which must never go unnoticed. However, there will be instances wherein fires do occur, to which you’ll need to provide a report that contains important information. This fire report template will help you come up with a document which points out the cause of the fire, where it happened, the damages and so on.

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