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How to Create a Professional Report [10+ Templates to Download ]

There will be instances wherein you will be required to gather information on a certain topic, and then present is it that you have managed to learn. This means that you will need to come up with a professional report document and this article will teach you how to make one.

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Steps for Creating a Professional Report

Step 1: Understand the Purpose of the Report

The first thing that you will need to do is to understand why you are even making the report in the first place. Knowing its purpose should help give you a good idea on all the information that you will need to collect, as well as knowing who you’re going to present to and how you should do it.

Step 2: Find Your Information

Once you have figured out how you should go about in making the report, you must then look for the right sources to help you make it. You can make use of things like online articles or even previously made research reports. Just make sure that whatever information they contain is in line with whatever you need to present.

Step 3: Analyze and Draw Conclusions

Go through all of the information that you have managed to gather and analyze each of them carefully. Based on your analysis, you will need to come up with a conclusion. This should help you realize what it is that you have managed to find out and the significance of your findings.

Step 4: Based on the Results, Make Recommendations

After you have managed to come up with a conclusion, then you will need to point out what needs to be done from there. This is where you will need to seriously consider what kind of actions can and should be done in regards to whatever it is that you were made to do the report on.

Step 5: Come Up With the Executive Summary and Table of Contents

When you’re done with all of the previous steps, then the last two things that you will need to come up with are the executive summary and table of contents. Remember that the point of the summary is to provide the reader with a short overview of your entire report. Also, be sure that the table of contents covers everything it’s supposed to.

10+ Professional Report Templates

1. Professional Recruitment Report Template


There are times where a company will need to conduct employee recruitment to fill in open slots. Those who are in charge of bringing in potential employees will need to come up with a report which points out their success or failure. This template will allow you to properly make the report you need.

2. Professional Committee Report Example


Those who are in a committee will most likely be required to do research on a topic of particular interest. With this template, those of you who are in a committee will be able to come up with a report that covers everything in regards to whatever topic needs to be discussed among the members.

3. Evaluation Report Template


Companies and organizations usually conduct things like employee performance evaluations or evaluations of the current state of their business. With this template, you should be able to clearly point out whatever it is that you’ve managed to find and do so in a manner that exudes importance.

4. Professional Interview Report Template


After the interviewer has finished conducting interviews, he/she will need to take note of the different names of the interviewees and how well they performed. By using this interview report sample template, you will be able to share the results of each person interviewed and what should be done based on the results

5. Trip Report Example


Business trips are often assigned to employees in order to forge new relationships with other businesses or to learn more about the industry. The employee who is tasked with going on the trip will definitely make the most out of this template as it will allow him/her to make a proper report about the business trip.

6.  Professional Report Template


This is the kind of template that you want to use if you want to make a professional report that’s able to cover all the information needed in a clear and proper manner. All you have to do on your end is to do the research and then use this template to come up with the document to hold your findings.

7. Professional Expense Report Template


Whether it’s for personal or business-related purposes, it is important for one to take note of all the expenses within a certain time frame. This template will allow you to come up with an expense report which should be able to help you and others know the current expense situation.

8. Professional Daily Report Template


There may be instances wherein one may need to come up with a report on a daily basis. Should you be the person that is given such a task, then you will definitely find use out of this template. It will allow you to come up with daily reports in relative ease and all you need to do is to put the right information in it.

9. Professional Incident Report Template


There is always the possibility that an incident may occur anywhere and at any given point in time. Those who are tasked to report about these incidents will want to make use of this template. It can help you create a document which ensures that you point out all of the details revolving an incident that took place.

10. Professional Project Report Template


Once you are done conducting a project, you may be required to hand over a report to someone who would like to know the results. This template will allow you to come up with a project report which can easily outline all of the details regarding the result of your project.

11. Professional Research Report


When the time comes that you have to do research on a particular topic and that you need to present your findings, then you’ll want to use this template. It will allow you to come up with a research report document that will clearly point out everything that you’ve managed to figure out and any conclusions you’ve come up with.

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