How to Write a Market Research Report [5+ Templates to Download]


Three months down 2019 and you still think your marketing strategy can do better. Just like any other company, you’re hoping that this year would be your year. Performing a market research will help you learn more about your target market before spending effort and valuable time in planning and building strategies that you’re not sure will work. Getting the results or information documented in a report would then pave the way to a tangible marketing plan.

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7 Steps To Write A Market Research Report

Step 1: Think Of Your Reader

What’s the use of writing a report that no one is going to read? It is therefore important to keep your readers in mind as you start drafting your report and think of ways in which you can present information that your readers can easily understand and absorb. Mind your formatting of the document, choose your graphics well and use them wisely.

Step 2: Gather Data

Gather and organize the data you have collected from your research efforts. You can file survey results in one page then go over the information you got from the rest of your sources and check the figures that will reveal your target market’s size. Analyze the information well to profile your target market correctly.

Step 3: Write The Front Matter

Your research report’s front matter will include a summary of the results and the market research process itself which you will have analyzed. Start with an introduction giving a short overview of your company and the purpose of the market research. For instance, you might have been tasked to evaluate the feasibility of a new product pr  business venture to create effective marketing strategies.

Step 4: Include Methods Used

Make a list of certain research methods you used towards the later part or section of you report. Specify how often or how many times survey was conducted and include figures for the responses you got, the respondents’ demographics and the type of questions in the survey. Determine the sources of your demographics such as official census.

Step 5: Create Relevant Visuals

Add graphs or tables in showing or interpreting research results. Put this information in a separate section of your document along with a narrative or explanation for data tabulation. Be as detailed as possible in stating conclusions reached based on data shown. Be careful in writing down conclusions that lacks foundation.

Step 6: Write Your Recommendations

Before you reach the very last sections of your report, you should be able to state sound recommendations based on the results of the marketing research. For instance, the research may have exposed communication method preferences that can lead you to decide that your marketing efforts should focus on online or digital channels.

Step 7: Close With A Call To Action

Now you have your findings. You should state them based on your research and reveal all conclusions found when research was conducted. You need to provide a detailed explanation for conclusions drawn and outline them in a clear and concise manner. After this, you’ll be able to call the reader into action but remember never to draw conclusions that the findings of your research cannot support.

5+ Market Research Report Templates

1. Market Research Report Template

market research report 2Download

Finished conducting your market research? Go ahead and download this relatively easy to modify market research report template to support your findings and map out a full marketing plan. Print in any or all versions of MS Word, Pages, and Google Docs file formats.

2. Market Research Report Template

market research report 01


Marketing research reports help a company create effective marketing strategies to convince their target market. Improve your marketing efforts with the help of this sample marketing research report which comes in a very accessible and printable format. Writing a marketing research report helps a company target its market well and design strategies that actually works.

3. Sample Market Research Report

market research report sample 01

Want to put together a clear report based on your market research data? Go ahead and use this template for your convenience and save time and effort instead of starting from scratch since you’re also free to modify the content of this report template according to your research findings and conclusions.

4. Market Research Report Template

market research report template 1


Not sure how to organize the market research report you’ve started to work on? Download this template to have a proper guide in writing the report for your company. This template will come in handy once you determine how much work these types of documents need.

5. Market Research Report Sample

standard market research report 01

Document the conclusions you’ve drawn as well as the findings of your market research to come up with a sound marketing plan. Get this template which is relatively easy to customize according to the type of report your company needs. Fill in your own content and print the file with ease anytime, anywhere for your convenience.

6. Market Research Report Template

summary of market research report 01


Do you think you aren’t ready to finalize your market research report just yet? This is your lucky day because this sample summarized version of a standard research report can be a great tool to use, especially if you want to make sure to only submit a well-written, organized and complete market research report for your company or business.

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