How to Write an Incident Report Sample

An incident report is a formal report designed to officially inform anyone concerned about different circumstances that can come up in between certain activities, events, and other unexpected situations. The report format of an incident report is dependent upon how circumstances are reported that could best convey the turn of events.

It is always best to keep an incident report templates handy so as to be swift and accurate in reporting situations that should be taken note of for further evaluation, investigations, and other examination procedures should there be unusual circumstances.

Purpose of an Incident Report

The reason why incident reports are generated from time to time is that it serves a great purpose for anyone who wishes to take note of unusual occurrences.

Incident reports aim to accurately document every detail that has occurred for further discussion of certain matters. In broad terms, incident reports make sure every hour of every day goes as it is.

However, there are still instances when events do not happen as planned and incident reports could serve its purpose of quick documentation awaiting anything that could happen.

Structure of an Incident Report

A common structure is shared among different report templates as long as it serves it purpose of being able report as it should. An incident report sample is just similar with the every incident report sample in DOC file format found in this page.

By thorough dissection of its parts, here is a commonly used structure of an incident report:

  • Incident Time Frame – Incident reports should be written the soonest time possible. At any time being, the time frame of the incident should initially fill your report.
  • Present Parties – As you start your narrative, identify the parties involved and write them accordingly as to how they have been involved throughout any incident.
  • Narration – The written narration will now serve as the main information for your report. A particular order should help readers understand your incident report.

Overall, following an incident report structure allows you to express the incident in an organized and orderly manner.

Characteristics of a Well-Written Incident Report

A reader can easily distinguish a poorly-written report from a good one. Writing incident reports should accurately serve its purpose once and for all.

Here are different characteristics of well-written incident reports:

  • Specific – Any incident report should be specific. If facts and other information are too general, confusion might ensue and could possibly lead to a more complicated narration of the incident.
  • Thoroughly Discussed – Facts cannot just be stated with a single sentence or 2. An elaborate construction of sentences and facts makes it easier for readers to internalize certain situations.
  • Grammatically Correct – The possibility of relaying incorrect information is extremely high when an incident report is written with grammatical errors. An accident report could be understood in other terms if ever there are report example discrepancies.
  • Factual – An ideally written incident report is composed of facts and not any other language unfamiliar to most of its readers. Facts get to a clear picture of anything that has or is about to happen.

To be able to write an effective incident report, it should observe the common characteristics given above. Anyone’s decision to write incident reports should give out an efficient incident report as a result.

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