How to Create a Food Menu [10+ Templates]


There are those times acquiring desired food is a struggle. These food menus should have done their part in making things easy for us. But at times, they are the source of delay that spells agony for people. How can one make the most helpful food menu? The following steps below will let you know how.

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5 Steps in Creating a Food Menu

Step 1: Keep your food theme in mind

Every single type of food establishment have specialties and preferences of meals or courses served. The type of menu to be made is subjective to the restaurant’s theme, whether it be modern, retro, or cuisine-defined. To be able to start creating a menu, one must list down all the ideas thought of  and make plans relative to the theme of choice.

Step 2: Decide on how your menu should look entirely

From the paper material, colors, graphics, texts, sizes, background and contents, a design must be planned out well. After deciding which food theme to go for, consider what would work best for it. All the formerly mentioned components must support the whole idea in making the food menu of choice.

Step 3: List all the courses up for serving

As preparation for the next step, think of all the courses to serve and note them all down. There are different types of food served especially in restaurants or at caterers. These must be sorted out when it is to be printed on paper material of choice. Without listing them all out, details might be missed or misplaced during the process of designation.

Step 4:  Categorize courses

Usually the written contents on a menu for restaurants and caters are divided into four, namely: appetizers or soups, entrees or main courses, desserts and cocktails. Other establishments divide it into side dishes, meals, desserts and beverages. Rare are those that go for freeway. Bottom line is, it is important to use division in order to ease vision and ordering .

Step 5: Include info on the main ingredients for every course

Often times, this part is neglected. But this is actually important because there are people who have specific food allergies. People are not wary of food that don’t bear signs of a highly allergenic ingredient. So in the onset of an allergic reaction, results are tragic.

10+ Templates for Food Menu

1. Blank Food Menu Template

blank food menu template 440x570 1 Download

A neat looking menu that is ideal for cafes and restaurants serving hearty meals and healthy beverages. Everything is in alignment starting from the heading, the class name to the courses with the corresponding prices at the right side and the space for description/ingredients below. It is simple but its got everything covered.

2. Classic Food and Drinks Menu Template

classic food and drinks menu template 440x570 1 Download

Want style but prefer the analog look of things? This one here fits perfectly. Except for the heading, everything are filed in two divisions with the courses, descriptions and prices in the menu in alternation. With the slight touch of a delicate color, this is definitely the classic look with class in focus.

3. Italian Food Menu Template

italian food menu template 440x570 1 Download

As there are usage of Italy’s most significant colors, the menu already screams what it is for. It is neat, simple and complete with all the necessary components of a food menu. This is particularly usable by pizzerias, bistros, restaurants and cafes who would serve Italian food.

4. Creative Modern Food and Drinks Menu Template

creative modern food and drinks menu template 440x570 1 1 Download

Quite similar to the classic look, this uses minimal colors on the menu and uses creative usage of texts types, sizes and colors and of bold. The creative touch is barely limited on the layout. There are other class types of courses that are given more emphasis to give the illusion of having specials.

5. Restaurant Food and Drinks Menu Template

restaurant food and drinks menu template 440x570 1 Download

This might be considered the plain Jane from the lot but it provides clear full coverage of the written courses with their prices directly placed beside them. Only the specials and main courses get to have a complete descriptions and ingredients in order to give more space to other meals. Ideal for those serving a great number of meal courses.

6. Modern Food and Drinks Menu Template

modern food and drinks menu template 440x570 1 Download

For those who wanted everything to be clearly designated with cells, tables or boxes to support a very structured look, this one is dandy. It’s main focus is to provide details about the courses in the best direct and clear manner. The look remains of little importance.

7. Classy Food Menu Template

classy food menu template1


For those who would want an easy but classy looking food menu, this one’s your pick. It contains only the most necessary components of a menu and uses minimal graphics to support the feel of division between courses’ class types. The whole look creates the air of sophistication even in using the slightest amount of monochromatic hues.

8. Sample Dinner Menu Template

sample dinner menu template Download

A food menu that showcases a few specials with graphics or pictures about the courses served. It can help promote gastronomy as well depending on the quality of the food featured and how they were made. The entire arrangement of details are appealing and easy to the eyes.

9. Food Menu Corporate Identity Template

food menu corporate identity template Download

The most colorful menu among the bunch. It provides information on every type of course served and promote specials as they give more emphasis on them when separated from the rest and given a bigger space coverage. This type of menu is commonly used by well known and fancy restaurants.

10. Food Menu for Restaurant Identity

food menu for restaurant identity Download

This one uses graphics for aesthetics and to curb interest in a creative way. This is an ideal type of menu for fast food chains, diners and food shacks. It is an artistic menu that still remains most informative of food offers and ingredients.

11. Classic Food Menu Example

classic food menu example Download

This is an artsy type of food menu but it makes use of only a number of aesthetic touches to look inviting. Everything is organized and there is balance in both the technical and creative approaches used in this type of menu. It is truly ideal for those general public appealing food chains, diners, cafes, and bistros.

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