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Name boards are often the first form of business brand identification that the public see. As a restaurateur, it is your job to make sure that your restaurant name boards are compelling enough for people to try out dining at your establishment. In this article, we discuss what name boards are and also provide different ways to create name boards that can attract surely lots of customers and increase brand recognition.

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Here are different examples of restaurant name board templates

Embedded below are different downloadable restaurant name board templates. These templates are fully editable and are available either as Illustrator or Photoshop templates. Browse through them and you will surely find a template that will best complement your restaurant business.

Architecture Interior Vector Restaurant Name Board Template

architecture interior vector restaurant name board template

Bar Restaurant Name Board Mockup Template

bar restaurant name board mockup template

Black Empty Restaurant Name Board Template

black empty restaurant name board template

What are restaurant name boards?

Name boards are the large signages or markings that indicate a business’ name. When they are used by dining establishments, they are called restaurant name boards. Aside from the name of the restaurant, name boards may also include the restaurant logo design, a trademark symbol, or another visual presentation of the kind of food that the establishment offers.

Restaurant name boards also vary in size. Some large restaurant businesses prefer to create name boards that span the entire length of their restaurant’s front facade while other smaller establishments will opt for smaller and more customized name board sizes.

Just like other restaurant stationery designs, name boards may be created by hand or by digital means. Handcrafted name boards are usually made using wood, steal, or customized PVC. These kinds of name boards are usually used for restaurants who want a achieve a rustic or cozy ambiance. Another way to create restaurant name boards is by using pre-formatted name board templates. These are digital templates where a graphic designer and a restaurateur collaborates on the name board’s design digitally. Everything is done on a computer and the end product is printed out on a tarpaulin or other appropriate printing material using commercial large-scale printers.

Blank Large Billboard Restaurant Name Board Template

blank large billboard restaurant name board template

Vintage Shield Restaurant Name Board Template

vintage shield restaurant name board template

Burger Restaurant Word Name Board Vector Template

burger restaurant word name board vector template

Different types of name boards

A restaurant’s name board design is often the first thing that customers see right before they enter your dining establishment. This brief interaction somehow also gives a customer a clue on what to expect at a restaurant. That is why restaurateurs should choose a name board design and make that will best fit their restaurant. You may also like sandwich menu designs.

Before you make any decision, it is best to explore the different kinds of name boards available. We have listed a few of the most commonly used types of name boards today. Check them out!

1. Wooden Name Boards

As its name suggests, wooden name boards are made out of durable wood. Depending on the kind of effect you wish to achieve, you may choose from teak or oak. Other name board manufacturers may also use cheaper options like engineered and pre-treated wood. If you know your way around lumber, feel free to ask your name board manufacturer on what kinds of wood they use before you actually finalize a transaction with them. You may also see responsive restaurant templates.

Wooden name boards help give an establishment a warm and cozy appeal. They will be perfect if you are running a small local pub or bistro. But they can also be used for more modern and trendy dining establishments as long as you pair them with complementary furniture or restaurant decor. You may also see one-page restaurant templates.

2. Metal (Stainless Steel or Brass) Name Boards

Name boards can also be made out of metals like stainless steel or brass. Metallic name boards will best fit edgy dining establishments or those who provide eclectic cuisine. On one hand, they may also suit dining establishments if they want to showcase ornate patterns and metal carvings in lieu of traditional wooden or plastic restaurant signages.

When metallic name boards are used, the restaurant’s logo design may also need to be recreated as a metal carving. This may be costly especially if your logo design requires more craftsmanship. An alternative for this is using another material (usually plastic, PVC, or wood) for the logo design part of your restaurant’s name board.

3. LED and Neon Name Boards

If you want a restaurant name board that will surely steal the show, then you should consider using LED name boards. These name boards will include lighting mechanisms that will make it easier to see the name boards at night or even during the day. These kinds of name boards are frequently used by fast-food chains and those restaurants located in city centers.

LED and neon name boards may cost more than traditional name boards since the lighting mechanisms will require electricity for them to function. A downside of LED and neon name boards is that they may not look as appealing during the day. You may also see billboard restaurant templates.

4. ACP (Composite Aluminum Panel) Name Boards

ACP (short for composite aluminum panel) name boards and signages look like highly durable plastic. But, in reality, they are made out of composite aluminum. These kinds of name boards are also commonly used by different kinds of business establishments, not just restaurants. You may also see restaurant leaflet designs.

Use ACP name boards for your restaurant if you want to your dining establishment to maintain a formal and reliable image. Also, make sure to choose as much color and apply as much design elements into your ACP name boards to make sure that they do not come out boring and drab.

5. Uni-pole and Billboard Name Boards

Last on this list of name board types are Uni-pole and Billboard Name Boards. Choose this kind of restaurant name board if you want to create a large signage at your restaurant’s facade. A good thing about this kind of name board is that it can also be placed at other locations and it will effectively act as a restaurant advertising banner.

The different types of restaurant name boards listed above is not an all-inclusive list. There are other kinds of name boards available for any kind of business out there. But the ones we have listed are the ones used by most dining establishments. If you are not satisfied with the examples we have listed above, ask your local professional printer for other printing options they have available. You may also see restaurant pamphlet templates.

Circular Restaurant Name Board Mockup Template

circular restauran name board mockup template

Coffee Shop Company Name Board Sample Template

coffee shop company name board sample template

Elegant Restaurant Cafe Name Board Template

elegant restaurant cafe name board template

English Restaurant Menu and Name Board Template

english restaurant menu and name board template

Framed Vintage Floral Restaurant Name Board Vector Template

framed vintage floral restaurant name board vector template

Why use restaurant name board templates?

The different types of name boards we have listed earlier will become the canvas to which you will pour your name board designs into. Hence, you still need to create or use a restaurant name board design that will best reflect your restaurant’s branding identity. An easy way to do this is by using restaurant name board templates. These pre-formatted templates will come with editable layers, text placeholders, and graphic design elements to make life easier for its end-user.

But if you are still undecided if using restaurant name board templates is the way to go, check out this list of practical reasons why you should use them:

1. To draw in more people.  

Remember that a restaurant name board or signage is one of the main ways for customers to locate and identify your dining establishment. And it is in your best interest to make this process easier for your customers. To do that, you should make sure that you find a name board design that is large and eye-catching. Of course, you may create your own name board designs. However, the use of pre-made name board templates will offer you more flexibility in terms of the template size and design. you may also see restaurant roll-up banners.

2. To save time.

With a pre-formatted name board template, you do not have to think about the creating a name board template from scratch. This allows you to save time on the entire creation process and lets you focus on other aspects of running your restaurant. Using restaurant name board templates also lets you complete the task of creating an actual restaurant signboard within a few months or weeks. You may also see restaurant billboard templates.

For example, you can easily purchase a pre-made template on Day 1, make edits on the template on Day 2, have the entire template printed on Day 3, and then have the printed name board installed in your restaurant facade by the fourth or fifth day. This kind of approach to restaurant name board creation will fit well for restaurateurs who want fast results since they are following a strict deadline. You may also see restaurant rack cards.

3. To save money.

Another good reason why you should use restaurant name board templates is that they let you save money. Typically, any kind of graphic design template is created by a graphic artist or designer. However, hiring professional artists can cost a lot more. If you are a small business owner, designers fees may be out of your ballpark. What you can do instead is to use pre-made templates that are priced at a relatively lower rate.

Yes, in some cases, nothing can beat a design created by a professional graphic artist. However, if you still want to ensure that you are using decent designs for your small business but do not have the money to afford a professional artist’s service, a pre-made template is a good middle ground. Just remember that these pre-formatted templates were also created by graphic artists. The only difference is that the original creator will not be able to advise you further after you purchase the template.

4. You enhance editing skills.

If you already know your way around image editing and compositing software tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, using pre-made name board templates will be relatively easier. You may also use this opportunity to further enhance your Photoshop and editing skills.

Even if restaurant name board templates are already pre-formatted, you will still need to make minor edits like adding a business logo or correcting the font size and style. Doing these minor tasks will help enrich your skills and over time will let you be more comfortable with creating your own graphic design projects.

5. To tie in with your restaurant’s current branding identity.

Sometimes, it can be hard to create a restaurant name board design on your own especially if you need to make sure that the template design matches your own restaurant’s branding identity graphic designs. Pre-made name board templates can help you with that since they will already come with their own unique designs. As a restaurateur, all you need to do is make sure that you find a template design that already matches or complements your restaurant’s current branding image.

And if you cannot find a name board template that perfectly suits your restaurant’s brand, you may choose a restaurant template that is fully customizable. This allows you to make minor design changes that will tie in the template to your current branding identity.

6. To have an edge over your competitors.

Another reason why it would make sense to use pre-made restaurant name board templates is that their use can allow you to maintain an edge over your competitors. The captivating designs and the fast turnaround time for creating these name board templates will mean that you will most likely be the only dining establishment sporting a new restaurant name board. You may also see A4 restaurant designs.

The restaurant industry is very competitive. That is why as a restaurateur, you should make sure that you are covering all your bases to maintain your lead in your area. Reinventing your restaurant signage using name board templates is a good marketing strategy that will greatly help your business financially.

7. You can easily change name board designs.

The internet is filled with different kinds of restaurant templates. Name board templates now also come in different designs, sizes, shapes, and formats. When you use name board templates, you can create different iterations of your restaurant signage while still following the core branding identity that your restaurant maintains.

Name board templates can also be reused. For example, if you are opening another restaurant branch, you do not need to commission another graphic artist to recreate your name board design. All you have to do is bring out your name board template file and this can be used to print out the same restaurant signage. And if you wish to add other design elements on the final signage, it can easily be done by simply editing the base template. You may also see restaurant PSD themes.

The reasons listed above are not meant to force you to only use pre-made restaurant name board templates. Use your own judgment and go with what you think is best for your own business. Use the different reasons or advantages we have listed earlier as a guide when you finally create a name board design for your own dining establishment. You may also see restaurant comment cards.

Golden Accent Cafe Restaurant Name Board Template

golden accent cafe restaurant name board template

Organic Natural Restaurant Name Board Banner Template

organic natural restaurant name board banner template

Outdoor Vintage Styled Name Board Template

outdoor vintage styled name board template

Rustic Outdoor Restaurant Name Board Template

rustic outdoor restaurant name board template

Sapphire Blue Vintage Outdoor Name Board Vector Template

sapphire blue vintage outdoor name board vector template

How to choose a restaurant name board template

It is important for a restaurant signage to stand out and attract a lot of customers.  That is why, as a restaurateur, you should give utmost importance to your decision-making process when picking a name board template. Listed below are some of the key factors that you should consider before choosing a restaurant name board template.

1. Restaurant brand image.

Before picking out a name board template out of the hundreds that show up in your search results, you should always first remember your restaurant’s brand image. This is the impression that you wish to create in your customers when they dine at your restaurant, when they see your printable restaurant logo, or when they hear your restaurant name being mentioned. A unique and positive branding identity greatly helps in increasing your restaurant’s recognizability.

If, for example, you are operating a fine dining restaurant that offers high-quality steak and your business wants to show a classy and sophisticated image, you should make sure that you choose a name board template that exudes the same qualities. In this case, you may choose a minimalist or black and gold name board templates. Always remember that your restaurant name board design should subtly and accurately showcase your brand image. You may also like restaurant grand opening invitations.

2. Allowed budget.

Another factor to consider choosing a name board template is the allowed budget for such project. Most restaurants need to follow strict budgeting rules especially if they intend to make money. The cost of most name board templates may not be much but the printing cost can surely take up much of the overall budget. So before you purchase a printable restaurant template, make sure that you have calculated the actual total cost would be.

3. Project completion time.

Using restaurant name board templates will greatly help reduce the amount of time needed to complete a signboard creation project. Nevertheless, if you are looking to edit the template yourself, you still need to carefully plan out your schedule. You need to set aside a specific time for you to make the edits and set another time for taking the template to the printer. You should also need to coordinate with the print shop as to the estimated time of completion and the installation of the name board. All these make take a few days to weeks. So if you are following a strict timeline, it is best to consider all these factors before choosing a template. You may also see restaurant coupon templates.

4. Editing skills.

In as much as pre-made restaurant templates can help enhance your editing skills, you still need to carefully assess yourself if you can truly complete the template edits by yourself or not. Sure, there are free Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials available online and you can learn on the go. However, if you are pressed for time, it may be best to choose a name board template that will require little to no customizations.

Only choose a customizable name board template if you are totally confident with your editing skills. This also allows you to do more things with a name board template base. The more you know about editing, the more things you can add to the template to transform into something truly unique for your restaurant.

5. Printing size and material.

Another factor to consider when picking a name board template is the final prize and type of material you want your restaurant name board to be made out of. For example, if you want to create a large billboard name board for your restaurant, using a name board template is the way to go.

However, if you prefer to use metal or neon name boards, a name board template may not be that helpful. Yes, you may still follow a name board template design that you like but they will need to be recreated on your desired medium by an expert craftsman. Keep these things in mind while choosing a name board template so that you will not waste time and money on purchasing a name board template which may not really be useful later on. You may also see restaurant tent cards.

6. Personal preference.

Lastly, another good factor to consider when selecting a name board template is your personal preferences. As the owner of the restaurant, you have all the power to approve or disapprove the use of certain PSD restaurant template designs. So you should make sure that you are not biased with your choices. Carefully research and study about what works and what will not for your restaurant business.

Of course, you should still adhere to the branding image you wish your restaurant to have. But at the end of the day, it is still up to you.

Square Restaurant Name Board Mockup PSD Template

square restaurant name board mockup psd template

Standing Restaurant Signage and Name Board Template

standing restaurant signage and name board template 788x1094

Tracery Hanging Name Board Banner Vector Template

tracery hanging name board banner vector template

Wooden Outdoor Name Board Template

wooden outdoor name board template


The different examples of restaurant name board templates showcased above are only the tip of the iceberg. Check out the rest of the website for more of these downloadable signage templates. Also, note that all these name board templates may be scaled down to fit for any restaurant stationery that you may want to create for your own restaurant.

Spread the gift of knowledge and share this article with your friends and colleagues. Do not forget to tell them how much of a good resource it is for restaurateurs and graphic designers looking for an inspiration in creating their own business name boards.

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