16 Restaurant Table Tent Designs & Templates

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A table tent is a simple promotional tool that instantly captures the gazes of your restaurant’s customers. It is usually placed in the middle of a table, sitting pretty while waiting for customers to arrive. They are some of the best promotional tools that you can get for your restaurant as they are really hard to miss and stunningly attractive. We have curated the best of the best table tent templates that you could use for your restaurant in order to promote certain products. Check out them below!

Food Menu Table Tent Template


Cafe and Restaurant Table Tent Template


Pizza Menu Table Tent Template


Sleek Restaurant Table Tent Menu Template


Clean Restaurant Table Tent Menu Card Template


Chalkboard Cafe and Restaurant Table Tent Menu Template


Simple Restaurant Table Tent Template


How many ways can you use table tents?

There are various ways that table tents can be used, like promoting special offers, new items, and many more. We have prepared a list of how you can use table tents as your restaurant’s marketing materials.

Promote daily or weekly specials

Promos and specials are like magnets that attract the eyes of the customers. Once they see them in the table tent, customers will most likely be ordering them before, during, or after the meal. Highlight them so that they would look convincing enough to encourage customers to try them out.

List your restaurant’s popular items on the menu

In every restaurant, there is always that one dish, meal, or item on the menu that people will always look for. If your restaurant has one, feature it in your table tent so it would be introduced to new customers. Putting it on the table tent will increase its popularity and sales, making it your restaurant’s trademark menu item. Also, once word spreads about it, it will also attract customers, especially if the menu item is well-received by the public.

Turn your desserts and drinks into upsells

Got any drinks and desserts to go with the meals? Feature them in your table tent to let customers know about the additional food that they can order to accompany their meal. It generates extra sales for your restaurant’s revenue, so it is important to put them in your table tent.

Advertise your events

If you are going to have events for different celebrations, like your restaurant’s anniversary or any special occasion, it would be best if you advertise them through table tents. While your customers are waiting for their orders to be served, they would be looking at your table tents and then they would be aware of the events that you will be holding in your restaurant. It increases the chance that your customers would attend these events.

Dessert Restaurant Table Tent Template


Christmas Food Menu Table Tent Template


Appetizer Restaurant Table Tent Template


Pastries Restaurant Table Tent Template


Fresh Juice Table Tent Template


Burger Restaurant Table Tent Template


Tips for using table tents

There are a lot of things that you should consider before creating a table tent. So, whether you are new to this or you have already done this before, it is always best that you keep note of the helpful tips on creating an effective table tent.

  • Choose only one promotion. The thing about table tents is that you can put any content in them. That is why you have to choose only one in order to avoid confusing your customers. Schedule different specials on different days so each special would be highlighted properly.
  • Tell your story. If you have an interesting story of your restaurant’s history, share it with your customers. It creates a connection between you and the customers and it increases their admiration for your restaurant since they would then know about your humble beginnings and the struggles that you have faced. Whether it is funny, heartbreaking, or inspiring, you need to share it with the world to let everyone know that you did not arrive at where you are right now if it were not for the hurdles that you have passed.
  • Promote your drinks. Some would opt only for water, but there would be others who would like to accompany their meal with something that has a bit more flavor. Let your customers be aware of the various drinks that your restaurant offers. It increases sales as much as it increases their awareness of your drinks.
  • Create your identity. It is okay to use well-designed templates for your table tents, but it would be better if you only get inspiration from them and add your personal touch to create a unique identity for your restaurant. The thing about using ready-made templates is that there are great chances other people are also using the template that you have chosen. That is why if you have chosen one, customize it but only enough that it reflects your restaurant’s identity. But you can also freely create your own from scratch. It may take a bit more time but it is going to be worth it knowing that you have made it from nothing.
  • Get the right colors for the design. Having a lot of colors for a design would certainly be eye-catching, but overdoing it could veer the customer’s eyes the other way around. It is important that you choose the right colors for your design, like combining different colors to make a perfect blend that is pleasing to the eyes. Also, if you are going for a simple design with not too many colors on it, just make sure that the few colors that you have chosen will all match.
  • Make cutouts. We know you are on this site trying to choose a template for your table tent to avoid creating it manually through arts and crafts. It is tedious, but making cutouts to accentuate your table tents would be entertaining for your customers to see. Cutouts literally stand out from the rest of your table tent as it overlaps the table tent’s body. It is a perfect addition to make your table tents pop out a bit more.

Turkish Restaurant Table Tent Template


Indian Restaurant Table Tent Template


Sausage Restaurant Table Tent Template


Ice Cream Table Tent Template


Seafood Restaurant Table Tent Template


Breakfast Restaurant Table Tent Template


Sandwich Restaurant Table Tent Template


Benefits of using table tents

There are a lot of choices in promotional tools that you can use for your restaurant. Some are expensive and ineffective, while there are others that could save you much and will give you the results that you desire. The table tent is the latter, but do you know why? Let us find out with the list below that shows some notable benefits of using table tents as promotional tools.

  • They increase brand awareness and product visibility. Using table tents will give your products or services the right exposure. Once your customers sit on their chairs, they would immediately see the table tent and their curiosity will tell them to look at it. They would see the other offers that your restaurant has and they would consider buying something to accompany their meals. It gives your products the extra publicity that they need to be noticed and acknowledged.
  • They give you great savings. If you are thinking that table tents are expensive to produce, well, you are wrong. You can create simple but catchy designs without even using up too much of the needed materials. Even without having that big of a budget, you can produce a quality and impressive table tent to promote your products.
  • They are less intrusive. When promoting your products, people would sometimes feel that you are shoving the ads in their faces. It creates a bad impression and there is even a great possibility that they will not visit your restaurant. Table tents do not do that. They just sit on your tables, look pretty, and wait for your customers to look at them.

As what you have read in this article, there are a lot of great reasons for you to use table tents as your promotional tools. Also, the tips that we gave you will surely help you create table tents with ease. The designs that we have provided are creative and impressive, and it is going to be a tough decision when choosing one for your restaurant. Always remember that whatever design you choose, keep in mind the kind of identity that you want your restaurant to have. Carefully choose that would best represent it to make a great impression on your customers.

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