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Best Resume Examples for Every Career

A resume is a one or two-page document summarizing a person’s information such as working experiences, skills, abilities as well as educational background.  A resume plays a vital role in someone’s career in so many aspects.A resume is a great tool in helping someone start their career. This is especially true for fresh graduates who are in search of their first job as well as those who are unhappy with their current jobs and are seeking a promotion or a new career. Referring to a  good resume profile and a complete and detailed resume summary are the tricks in hunting good employers.

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Elements of a Resume

A resume is a document that follow a specific format in the process of writing, including the right elements in your resume or using a resume format template would help if you are aiming for a catchy resume.

A resume has the following essential elements:

  • Contact Details — A proper resume has a header with your name, email address, phone number and other contact details.
  • Opening Statement — This is a synthesis of who you are, where you’ve worked previously, which school you graduated including the reason to what brought you to the job. A good opening statement is about six lines in length. Some applicants resort to having objectives in their resumes that is usually one or two sentences long.
  • Skills and Strengths — A good resume should include 10-15 skills related to the job you are applying. Desirable skills and technical or software skills like word processing, programming or spreadsheet software could also be included in this section.
  • Personal Attributes — This section is not really necessary for basic resumes but if you do not have much work experience, you can add this portion stating how honest, trustworthy and reliable you are in a new working environment.
  • Educational History — This sections includes the name of the institution and the dates you graduated. It must also be in chronological order.
  • Employment History —  A list of work experiences you’ve had before. the list must start in the most recent ones to the least.
  • Character References —  List of names of people who can attest and recommend you positively. Contact numbers of these people must be provided too.

Guideline in Creating Resume

If you want to have an impressive and effective resume then adhering to resume guidelines is what you must do to attain such.

  • Keeping your resume brief and direct to the point is one of the fundamental guideline you must consider. But do not ever forget to skip to the important details of your educational background and work experience since it is the “star” of your resume.
  • Your name and contact details must be in the center and topmost part of the document having a bit bigger font.
  • Be specific in all parts and sections of your resume especially with the degree, awards, achievements, workshops and seminars you’ve attended.
  • In listing down of relevant information including dates, use a reverse date order, from the most recent to the least recent ones. Choose any one of the different resume types that would suit your needs.
  • Always make sure to use verbs or action words as well as sentence fragments. Avoid complete sentences.
  • Highlight all the things you did. So a clear description of responsibilities and duties you did in your past job experiences must be clearly stated.
  • Avoid irrelevant information. Your employer does not need to know that especially with “hobbies” and “talent” the company needs “skills”.

Following the above mentioned guidelines and format will surely provide you the best and effective resume.

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