Creative College Resume + Cover Letter Template

Fresh high school graduates are often weighed down with the pressure of getting a great job as soon as they pass out of high school. But the challenge student’s face is lack of experience. Freshers are required to go through several interviews before bagging their dream job. A creative resume plays a crucial role in getting shortlisted for interviews; a creative resume emphasizing on your skill set and knowledge and presenting you as the best suitable candidate for the job can cover-up for your lack of on-the-job experience. Writing a creative and smart resume is an easy task today with large number of Creative College Resume mockup available online of download.

collegestudent_mockup tempalte

college student resume template

Our website gives you an exciting range of college student Resume and cover letter that can be of great use to you while preparing for resume and cover letters for college students. These templates are present in different formats and styles and can leave a great impression. They are present in unique styles and have high resolution for the best presentation. The paper is of fine quality that can also prove affective. These templates can be edited and customized according to you. These templates are present for printing and downloading in PSD format.


  • Size: A4
  • Resolution: 300 Dpi
  • Formats Included: PS
  • Print Ready,CMYK Setting
  • Cover Letter Included
  • Bleed Support: Yes
  • Fonts Included
  • Simple Easy Design

How to write a Creative College Resume Mockup

There are no predefined patterns or parameters for writing a resume, each individual can create a unique resume based on their personal skill sets. Mockups available online are pretty much similar, except that they vary in amount of information provided and the sequence of information. However, one can choose a mockup which is most suitable for the options available.

The Simple Creative College Resume Mockup is the one which provides information of the applicant like name, mailing address, contact details and email ID, focuses on the career objective of the applicant, covers information like Education Qualification, Computer Literacy/Skills, Personal qualities, Technical qualification, Internship/Projects done, Achievements during academics, extra curriculum activities and interests.

Special Certification

Few students engage in special certifications over and above high school certificate, they must choose a resume mockup which emphasize on the certifications apart from academic projects and achievements.

Languages known

Companies prefer candidates with multilingual skills mentioning languages known, works as an additional qualification. Hence, if you know more than just one language, adding languages known is a must in your resume.

Importance of Creative College Resume Mockup & Cover Letter

Cover letter creates your first impression in the eyes of your prospective employer. A well written cover letter states your reasons of “Why should a Company or Employer hire you”, and why you feel to be a good fit for the job applied hence your cover letter and resume must be chosen or written with utmost care and creativity covering most aspects of your academic and personal skill sets.


A well written resume and cover letter is the most important key element to get a fresh high school pass out a good job. So brush up your creative skills and with the help of Creative College Resume Mockup available for download and gear up for your dream job!!!