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General Resume Types

When applying for a job, you may ask yourself what kind of resume format you are likely to need to present yourself in the best possible light. The answer is dependent on what kind of information you want to convey to your potential employers, as each type of resume can present a slightly different picture.

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No matter which one you pick, you will always be in need of a resume. After all, the resume is the most direct tool for presenting your qualifications for a given job, no matter what particular resume guidelines you need to obey for a given resume type.

1. Chronological, Targeted, and Combination Resumes

You should be able to find printable resume templates for each type fairly easily, but you need to understand each to find out what it is you need.

  1. Chronological resumes focus on presenting a chronological look at the course of your career so as to present a clear sequence from the beginning to now.
  2. Targeted resumes are custom-made for specific positions so as present highlights of your career and skills that present you in the most suitable light for that job.
  3. Combination resumes show both your skills and career history, which allows you to present yourself as a skilled employee with experience under his belt.

2. Functional, Mini, and Non-traditional Resumes

While you can use generic resume templates, it is a good idea to be specific so as to tailor your resume for your needs, such as with these types.

  1. Functional resumes are focused on presenting your skills above all else. Your work history is listed secondarily so that the resume can focus on what you bring to the table.
  2. Mini resumes are very small resumes, roughly the size of a modern business card. Their purpose is to provide your basic information and an overview of your qualifications without going into detail.
  3. Non-traditional resumes are very unconventional resumes, which make use of tools like images graphs, and websites to help promote you to employers who would be interested in such information.

3. Tips for Choosing Resume Types

No matter what resume format template you choose, there are always some guidelines that might serve to guide you. When choosing from the resume examples, there are some things to keep in mind that should go some way to helping you pick a resume that best represents you.

  1. Choose a type that suits your background. Different types of resumes are best suited for particular backgrounds. For example, a chronological type is less suited for one with gaps in their work history or one with little practical experience.
  2. Be ready to customize a resume for each job. Each job you apply for will be distinct from one another in different, but substantial ways. This means that optimal results would require a willingness to customize resumes so as to best represent yourself for a given job.
  3. Adapt according to the situation. Some professional resumes are best for certain situations. For example, a mini resume would be best in situations where you lack the time to present yourself in greater detail, such as a short walk and talk.

Of course, you will have to consider quite a great many things when making a resume, so it always pays to think carefully about what kind of simple resume to use whenever you go hunting for a job.

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