Guidelines for Writing a General Resume


Job seeking is indeed an endless competition. Tons of hopeful candidates are trying their best hoping that prospective employers will consider their application. However, regardless of how prepared you are, if your work resume lacks essential bits of information and is poorly made, then expect nothing but rejection.

However, a well-polished and properly formatted resume is often the ones would get noticed by employers. So making sure that you know the essential things that need to be included when crafting your resume is of high importance. As you go along, you will know what are the proper resume guidelines to follow.

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1. Helpful Resume Guidelines

If this is the first time you’re creating a resume, consider this as an advantage, since we have here helpful information that you can use. This is for you to know the things that need to be included in your resume and what shouldn’t be listed on your resume.

  1. Page Margins – For most resumes, the standard page margins in word applications often work which is 1″ margins on the top, bottom and left and right sides of the page. But if there is a need for you to decrease the length of your resume, you can have a 1/2″ on the sides, same goes with to the top and bottom.
  2. Resume Length – As much as possible, your resume should be straightforward. Make it two pages as the maximum length, though one page is highly preferred.
  3. Layout – When it comes to layout, whatever means of an organized section you decide, just make sure that each section is the same layout or format. Resume format templates showcase the best ways to do this.
  4. Font and Size – Preferred font style to use should always be Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. However similar font is also preferred. Avoid using fancy fonts as this may be difficult to read.

2. Essential Details You Need to Include in Your Resume

Unless you’re creating a resume in PSD to showcase your artistic abilities, creating one is pretty simple. Here is a list of important information you need to include when making your resume.

  1. Objective – Though this is optional, however, if you decide to include a resume objective, keep it succinct and definite. Make sure to state your desired work position and what you are hoping to achieve in the said job.
  2. Identification – This is where you will write your name, complete address, contact number, and email address and should be placed on the top portion of your resume. Also, use a professional email address (i.e. rather than
  3. Experience – When including your experience, write it in a reverse chronological order, you will list the most recent first. This includes jobs, internships, and volunteer work. High school students may also include clubs and sports teams whenever possible. The same goes for those who will be writing simple fresher resumes. You also need to include important tasks, accomplishments, or skills developed.
  4. Accuracy – Once you are done with your resume, make sure to edit before sending it. Check for any typos and grammar lapses. Make use of action verbs in describing your accomplishments. Always avoid passive phrases as this may sound negative to employers.

Having an appropriate resume design can bring your resume to a whole new level.

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