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How to Create a Fresher Resume [7+ Templates]

Fresher resumes are used by newly graduated students who are eager to get a job in their preferred industry. This type of candidate profile allows these fresh graduate to systematically present their personal profile, education background, and additional value and set of skills that they can contribute to the company. Fresher resumes ought to be professionally written to have a good first impression from the employer. With this article, you can learn how to make a fresher resume template along with some sample templates in various file formats.

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6 Steps How to Make a Fresher Resume

Step 1: Choose a resume format

There are three types of resume format: reverse-chronological format, combination format, functional format. The reverse-chronological will emphasize your work experiences. The combination format are for career shifters as it highlights transferable skills. Functional format is more focused on skills and most usually used for entry-level job hunters.

Step 2: Write down your necessary information

After figuring out the type of fresher resume to make, you can start typing in some basic information along with your contact details most importantly. Make sure that the contact details you have inputted are working and updated. As much as possible, try to avoid putting in a second phone number or email address as this might confused or discourage the employer. In some countries also, adding a headshot in your resume is not necessary. Be precise and detailed when writing your educational background.

Step 3: Put in key achievements

This is the part where you should do your best to impress the employer. Systematically list down your key achievements and arrange them by the year when you obtained that specific achievement. You can include some details such as where you obtained it, most especially if it’s overseas.

Step 4: Work on your relevant work experience

This is the main part of your resume as this will determine whether you are eligible for the job or not. Your past work experiences will give the employer a glimpse on what kind of tasks are you able to do and will also direct them to placing you in a job most fit for you. Along with the job title, include details such as the number of years you worked with that company, responsibilities, and achievements or special awards if there’s any.

Step 5: Complete it with a cover letter

Unlike resumes, with cover letters, you can explain everything in sentences. In your cover letter, you can expand all the brief information you mentioned in your resume. It is also said that as for some employers, a resume is not enough to evaluate a person’s eligibility for a job. So, preferably, including a cover letter might be a smart move for you.

Step 6: Proofread your resume

Before printing or mailing out your resume, proofread it for any grammatical errors. Check if the texts are legible and if the layout is effective and systematic. Observe hierarchy when arranging the content of your resume. Your resume will determine whether you will land in that profession or not so you better make sure it’s perfect before using it out for job applications.

7+ Fresher Resume Templates

1. Free Hotel Job Resume for Fresher Template


Getting excited about working in a hotel but don’t have the right fresher resume for it yet? Look no more and download this Free Hotel Job Resume for Fresher Template. Impress your employer with this chic and stylish layout that wil surely attract attention. Display all your skills and capabilities with this feminine layout.

2. Free Simple Fresher Resume Template


If you need a fresher resume template that is minimal in design, then this Free Simple Fresher Resume Template is what you need. This template has a minimal design and is perfect for mainly setting your capabilities for the job at the table. This template can be downloaded for free and is printable using various file formats. Grab this template today!

3. Free Fresher Teacher Resume Template


If you are a teaching major who has just graduated, then this fresher resume template is what you need. This Free Fresher Teacher Resume Template is fitting for fresh education graduates with its fully customizable features. The layout will allow you to simply lay down your entire information, educational background, skills set, and job experiences.

4. Free HR Fresher Resume Template


If you are wanting to work in a Human Resource Department, then you would need a fresher resume template that is as smart as you. Grab this Free HR Fresher Resume Template! This template is fully customizable and can be easily edited using various design software such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Publisher, and Apple Pages.

5. Free Basic Fresher Resume Template


This Free Basic Fresher Resume Template has a very simple but effective layout. The plain background would do the magic of directing the reader’s attention into the content instead. This template is made by a professional graphic designer, with the customer’s convenience on mind. This template is fully customizable and editable.

6. Free Engineering Student Fresher Resume Template


If you are an engineering fresh graduate, you might want to consider using this Free Engineering Student Fresher Resume Template. This template can just help you kickstart your career. This template has editable content, and it uses high quality graphics with scalable vectors. Download this free template today!

7. The Company Fresher Resume

A professionally-written fresher resume is very essential most especially for fresh graduates who are wanting to land a job in any industry. With that in mind, here’s The Company Fresher Resume. It has a very unique layout and can be downloaded in two different sizes. This template has scalable vectors and a systematized layout.

8. Fresher Resume Template Word, AI

This Fresher Resume Template Word, AI is very simple and minimal but it will surely catch the attention of any reader due to its simplicity. A professional team has made this fresher resume template so you can be guaranteed of high quality design. This template is also versatile as you can use this to land any job you like. What else are you waiting for? Download this now!

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28+ FREE & Premium Fresher Resume - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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