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How To Create a Professional Resume [ 10+ Templates]

Between the threat of another government shutdown and the current unemployment rate, the job market has had its share of early highs and lows. However, it’s also true that 2019 is looking bright compared to recent years and the past decade as economists expect the labor industry to reach heights that hasn’t been seen since before the Great Recession. If you’re looking to start the year with a new job, there’s never been a great time to cap it off by preparing a winning resume sample.

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5 Steps To Create a Professional Resume

Step 1: Format Your Resume

You might have the ability to write eloquently but if your resume isn’t organized in a clean and legible format, it’s not going to be read in full, let alone get noticed among the pile of many others with names of people applying for your dream job. Format your resume properly using these basic rules:

  • Use wide margins and make your headings clear by using clean font
  • Set your text to bold and italics to highlight your experience and draw the reader to your resume’s most important content
  • Make use of bullets to draw attention to key points such as educational attainment and accomplishments relevant to the job

Step 2: Add Some Creativity

Writing a resume with the traditional educational attainment, job experience and qualifications could use some much-needed enhancement, especially if you’re applying for a job that requires special skills in art or creativity. A piece of paper with a photo and your basic information just isn’t enough anymore if you don’t want your resume ending up behind a growing pile of rejects. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of color but keep it clean and professional.

Step 3: Write Your Skills And Job Qualifications

Add a section where you can write down relevant skills and job qualifications. The goal is to sell your experience and your abilities. Even if you lack experience, you might just score the job if you highlight your knowledge of the field properly. If the position has some special area where you think your expertise can fit best, don’t forget to include it as an edge over other candidates.

Step 4: Include Any Relevant Volunteer Work

Businesses have a moral obligation to give back to the community and if you have had your fair share of volunteer work in the past, list them down in your resume because they count as work experience too. Don’t forget to include the name of the organizations you have worked with, the dates or total number of hours you have completed, along with the responsibilities assigned to you during those events/activities.

Step 5: Edit And Proofread Your Resume

As with any professional document, there is no excuse to poor formatting, typo or even the smallest grammatical errors. No matter how minor you think these things are, they reflect poorly on your ability to handle the job or position you’re vying to get. Make sure to double check and edit your resume before submitting it. Otherwise, you’d give the hiring department an impression that you’re not prepared to take on any job if you can’t get simple things such as grammar and spelling right.

10+ Professional Resume Templates

1. Professional Accounting Resume Template


When written properly, a resume advertises yourself, your skills and qualifications well. Increase your chances of getting considered for your dream job by downloading these helpful resume templates which you’re free to edit and customize according to what the job or position demands.

2. Professional Android Developer Resume


You’ll find the free creative resume samples available here very helpful. You might not realize it yet, but applying for a job needs to score first impressions before the actual job interview even starts. So go ahead and print the resume templates of your choice to be sure that you’ll make that first impression count!

3. Professional Chef Resume Template


Want to highlight your skills in the best way possible? Download these resume templates to serve as your guide in writing a winning resume. You never know which company you’ll want to work with so it’s better to have more than one (or two) wanting you for the job.

4. Free Professional Resume Template


Looking to impress a hiring manager with your stellar credentials? Download this professional resume template as your perfect partner for getting noticed in the first stages of the hiring process! While you’re at it, print other available resume templates according to the format you need, for your convenience.

5. Free Professional Civil Engineer Resume


Resumes need to be professionally written for them to garner a second glance. Polish your resume by using this modern resume template as your guide or edit and customize the best resume templates we have on the website to make your task easier. After that, you can print according to the size and format required by the companies you’re hoping to land a job in.

6. Professional HR Resume Template


There’s absolutely no excuse for a poorly organized or poorly formatted resume no matter what type of job you’re applying for. Make sure you have every heading, , pacing and font properly written and set by checking the content of our professional resume templates in this article.

7. Free IT Professional Resume Template


Hiring managers and recruitment teams in different industries want to see resumes that are well-prepared. It’s not only how good you are that matters. It’s how good you can prove yourself first by submitting a professional resume, and that’s where you can look into our resume templates to make sure you didn’t miss out on your resume’s key details.

8. Free Professional Resume for Freshers


Do you want to be considered seriously for the position you’re applying for, in the best companies in the country? Then you’ve got to market yourself well by making use of resume templates that covers everything you need to include before submitting your own version.

9. Free One Page Resume Template


You really don’t have to sweat over how to make a resume that lands you the job. However, you do have to get to work by finding resources such as professional resume templates to properly start at creating a resume that you won’t be hesitant to submit in any or all of the companies you have listed down as your top choices.

10. Free Resume Template


So you thought it was easy to find a job. Surprise, surprise, because it isn’t. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for the first part of the hiring process by providing you with a wide selection of resume templates you can edit and customize to fit your needs and whatever format the job, position or companies of your choice require.

11. Resume Template


Think we’re done giving you templates you can use for your job application needs? That’s where you’re wrong because we don’t want you to run out of options, so feel free to print the resume template above then edit or customize it as you see fit.

Whether you’re applying for a new job because the last one didn’t sit well with you and your career goals, or you’re straight out of college ready to show you can apply what you learned in a job that fits your qualifications, it has never been so competitive to get noticed by hiring managers. Then again, landing your dream job comes with challenges and rejections that one can’t be too prepared and proving yourself worthy doesn’t just stop at getting hired. Once you’re there, the rest is up to you.

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