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How to Design a Resume Template – Tips & Techniques

No matter if you are a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, creating your resume can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have much experience under your belt. As your resume template is your first impression on potential employers, it is extremely important to leave a lasting impact on them via your CV.

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However, there is nothing to be worried about. By adopting a step by step approach to create you resume, you can create your first resume from scratch or customize your existing resume to best illustrate your professional and personal accomplishments.

Here are tested steps to design a resume to help you find your dream job.

> Do some Brainstorming

Don’t just start incorporating your work experience and qualifications unless you have a clear idea of how to present them. Let the position you are applying for be your compass to guide you along the way. Take some time to study each job description that you are applying for. If you have a certain type of expertise, then it gets relatively easier to design a resume that can be used throughout your job hunt.

In case you wish to apply for multiple positions pertaining to a diverse range of industries, then it is best to tailor your resume each time before you apply for a job.

> Integrating It All Together

Begin your resume by stating a summary that highlights your career pursuits and your core competencies. A few recruitment professionals have the habit of skimming through just your work summary and nothing else to avoid large heaps of paperwork. Your summary must adequately depict what you have done in your career and what you plan on doing to excel in your field.

If you are an amateur and do not possess much work experience, highlight your college achievements and how you can make a difference in the organization that you want to become a part of. Make a comprehensive list of educational institutes that you have attended and list how you helped in organizing key events reflecting your expertise in the skills that are required for the job you are applying for. Don’t just rely on your grades or your GPA. Be vocal about your strengths to wow your employers.

> Select the Right Kind of Resume for your Job Hunt

  • Choose functional style when you wish to change your career direction as it successfully displays your functional skills and does not revolve around your work experience
  • Thirdly, the Combination format incorporates the most balanced aspects of the Functional Resume and Chronological formats. Just be careful with the length of your resume as this type of resume can get a bit long

> Create a Strong Header

This header will clearly state your details including your name and address along with updated contact numbers and emails.

> Have a Distinctive Objective

In a few sentences, point out the job that you’re trying to secure in the company. Such a statement needs to be simple enough to be understood easily.

  • Know about the kind of job and the field you are truly interested in
  • Customize the objective to elaborate why you want to pursue this job
  • If you are applying for a number of jobs, you can also consider omitting the objective off your CV as it is only meant for aiming any particular kind of job.

> Highlight Your Skill-set and Work Experiences

Begin this part of your Microsoft Resume with your most current job and list all your previous work experiences.

  • Re-arrange work experiences according to the requirements of the position you are seeking. Provide details of your previous employers so your new employers can verify your details.

> Don’t forget to Proofread!

When you play with a lot of details, you are apt to make mistakes in your resume that can be deadly and cost you your dream job. Don’t send any resume that you have just modified or customized before you have thoroughly gone through all the details. A number of recruitment managers judge your learning aptitude by scrutinizing your resume to find mistakes only and if you have made quite a few, then you will greatly suffer.

Use bullets and small descriptions. A good way to proof-read is to print your resume and then highlight errors to rectify them. Then print it again and ask someone else to do it for you.

> Utilize the Internet

There are a lot of resume builders that help to create attention grabbing and professional looking resume templates from scratch. However, make sure you don’t copy everything from these and use these CV templates as a guideline to compile your capabilities.

> Handy Tips

A well designed resume is sure to land you a large number of interview calls. If you have a voicemail, change it to a more professional message and create a separate email address to manage your job applications only. Don’t use your first email address that you created in the 90’s as a professional sounding email will stand out in your resume.

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