Ways to Fit Your Entire Resume on One Page


Resumes serves as your marketing ads when you apply for a job. It is the first thing employers look into aside from the cover letter templates to determine if the applicant is right for the company’s job vacancy. But it only takes a few seconds for you to grab the attention of the employer which leads to the tendency of long resumes going to be declined.

The following are the resume guidelines and the resume writing tips you can follow in order to create a one-page resume that grabs the interest of the employer in just a few seconds of a scan.

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One Page Resume

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One Page Resume for Experienced

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1. Ways in Making a One-Page Resume

The following are the ways you can follow in order to fit the resume information into one page for your job application as shown on different sample resumes on this website:

  1. Set contact details into one line. After your name at the top of the resume, indicate your address, your email address, and your contact number in only one line, dividing them with only semi-colons.
  2. Exclude your high school background. Include only the educational background, like your degree and your certifications.
  3. Word experiences related to the job. Having too many experiences such as internships does not guarantee you a slot. Thus, write down the work experiences relevant to the job description.
  4. Avoid elaborations and repetitions. Do not provide redundant information. Furthermore, adding flowery words is a definite no. Using a business tone and formal language will suffice.
  5. Be concise. In order to maintain a professional tone all throughout the resume, use simple descriptions and words when writing brief explanations for work experiences and background.
  6. Follow standard resume formatting. The sample resumes in PSD use the standard sizes and fonts and single spacing so all information fits in one page.

2. Benefits of a One Page Resume

There are reasons as to why a one page-resume is the most suitable option for entry level and for first-time job applications as seen on the sample blank resumes on the modern resume templates on this website. The benefits of one-page resumes are as follows:

  1. Grabbing the employer’s attention easily. Employers take only a few seconds to scan an applicant’s resume. With a one-page resume, you can quickly get the interest of the employer since you resume contains the important points in just one page.
  2. Providing only the essential information. You are assured that the resume includes the most important details about yourself which help greatly in marketing yourself to the employers.
  3. Writing better with a simple format. Since you have a limited space to write on, there will be less grammatical and typographical errors you can find when you proofread your resume.
  4. Informing the employer clearly of your career. The simple but professional words convey the message you are giving to the employer about yourself through your resume.

Having a one-page resume for your job application together with an effective cover letter gives you an edge over other applicants due to the fact that it is understood by the employer within a few scanning seconds. Try looking into different one-page resume templates on this website for your reference.

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