Skills to Include in a Human Resource Resume


Those who are a part of the Human Resource department play the main role in just about every company. They’re the ones who are in charge of a lot of things that goes on in a company. But perhaps the most important role they play in making decisions when it comes to firing and/or hiring employees. So those who wish to fill in an empty slot in any company’s human resource department have to submit a resume that shows they have the set of skills that employers are looking for.

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1. Skills employers are looking for in your resume

Whether you’re submitting your resume to apply for a position as a human resource assistant or a director of human resources, you’re going to have to think about how you’re going to present and frame the skills listed below in your resume. Jobs in Human Resources are highly competitive, so you have to create a resume that gives you an edge over the rest of the other applicants. The following are the skills that just about every employer is looking for when going through a Human Resources Resume:

  1. Public speaking. If you want to get the job, then you’re going to have to show that you’re a great public speaker. While most Human Resource employees won’t have to make whole speeches to the company, all of them are expected to have strong communication skills. The reason for this is because those who work for the Human Resources need to be able to convey information to the employees and to management. This is expected to be done clearly and sensitively, meaning that it’s important that one has sound speaking skills.
  2. Listening. While it’s true that having communication skills is really important if you’re taking up a Human Resource position, it’s not the most important. Aside from speaking well, you also have to listen well. You have to be able to hear what you’re told and you have to know how to respond effectively at the moment. You also need to have good comprehension skills so that you can easily understand whatever you’re being told. By knowing how to listen properly, you’ll be able to understand problems that are brought to your attention. So employers who see that you’re someone who actually listens and understands whatever they tell you will definitely consider you as one of the top candidates.
  3. Discretion. Companies want discretion from all of their employees, which is why they have them sign confidentiality agreement forms. However, it’s those in human resources that handle these confidential personnel matters. If you’re going to take part in any position in Human Resources, then you’re expected to handle any difficult issues with the utmost discretion. This would include employee complaints, discipline, insurance issues, and terminations. These are the issues that could heavily affect the work environment, which is why it’s really important to be able to handle them with the utmost care. Employers want employees who perfectly understand their legal and ethical obligations to the company and its employees.
  4. Negotiation. Since you’re going to be an intermediary in Human Resources, then you have to make sure that you highlight your conflict resolution abilities on your resume format. Nobody expects that both the company and its employees are always going to be on the same page when it comes to certain things. This is the reason why human resources are there to make sure that no problems occur between the two. If you have good negotiation skills, then you should be able to help each side reach a fair and reasonable agreement that will leave the two of them satisfied. Finding someone who can do that is really difficult, so any applicant who has this skill is sure to get ahead of the rest.
  5. Flexibility. In today’s modern businesses, change happens very often. Human Resources is at the very heart of managing all of the changes that happen within a company. If you’re taking up a position in Human Resources, then you’re going to have to deal with things such as hiring new people, firing unfit employees, and organizational shifts. Not only will you have to handle all of this on your own, but you also have to help everyone else deal with all the changes occurring within the company.Employers want to look for those employees who are able to adapt whenever the company is required to make the necessary changes.

While it may be difficult to be in human resources, it’s a job that’s worthwhile for those who wish to take up the mantle and take care of the company and its employees. And the first step toward it is by creating a professional-looking resume. So if you would like to learn more about how to create these, then you may go through our available samples that can provide you with tips on how to write human resource resume formats as well as the templates that can help you make one easily.

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