What Is a Human Resource Resume?


Employees who are part of Human Resources are the ones that are in charge of hiring and even firing employees. However, what if one wants to go work for HR? Then that person is going to have to learn how to fill out and submit a professional Human Resource resume to even be considered as a candidate. So this article will mostly focus on what a Human Resource resume is and how to write HR resume.

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1. What are Human Resources?

Human Resource is an integral part of a company that’s aiming for success. As mentioned before, they’re the ones who are in charge of both hiring and firing employees from the company. However, that’s not the only task that they’re required to do. They also handle a wide array of responsibilities such as dealing with labor disputes, conducting employee training, overseeing benefit programs, creating compensation policies, handling labor relations, and much more. They can even act as counselors that can help employees deal with personal issues. Whatever it may be, those in Human Resources have a lot of responsibilities to uphold, but doing them well can only lead to a company’s success in the future.

2. Tips for writing human resource resumes

  1. The first thing that you’re going to have to do is to choose the best format that suits the type of resume that you’re going to make. You want to be sure that you choose a format that’s able to highlight your qualifications in a way that will impress your employer to keep going through your resume and consider you for the position. So let’s say that you’re trying to apply for the position of Director of Operations. This is a position that heavily focuses on skills required to manage important situations. So the format that you’ll want to use is one that has a skill-based layout that allows you to display the skill set that should prioritize you over other candidates.
  2. Show your objective in the resume format. When you’re doing this, you have to make sure that your statement is brief, but is also able to summarize what your career goal is as well as one or two of your top qualifications. Remember that it has to be concise and clear at the same time. This ensures that the employer is able to easily understand what you can do for the company. For example, a good way to state your objective would be something like, “To be able to obtain a position in Human Resources that allows me to utilize all of my experiences and training, as well as my exceptional communication skills.”
  3. Highlight all of your previous achievements or accomplishments. This may be the most important part when you’re writing your resume. Your professional experiences and your record achievements are what will help your employer see you apart from the rest of the candidates. Employers are looking for those who can achieve big results, so including achievements that showcase your skills to include in a Human Resource resume will definitely help you grab their attention. So if you’re applying for a Human Resources Assistant, then you’ll want to state something like “Was able to increase employee hiring rate by up to 50% by implementing new recruitment methods.”
  4. Do not forget to write your contact information. This is a mistake that a lot of people tend to make when they create their resumes.Without your contact information, the employer reading your resume won’t be able to contact you if he or she decides to give you a shot at an interview. So you have to make sure that your e-mail address, as well as your phone number and any other mode of contact, is placed on your resume.
  5. Make sure to include your professional title so that your employer will immediately know the type of position that you’re aiming for. To help make sure that your goals are clear, include a title at the top of your resume such as Chief Executive Officer or Senior Accounting Professional. With this, the employer will immediately be able to understand what type of position you want and what he or she should look for when going through your resume.

3. Should you include hobbies on your resume?

This is a question that gets tossed around a lot when creating a resume. Some people think that it’s best to include hobbies, while others feel that hobbies have no place in a resume. Whether or not your resume should include your hobbies depends entirely on the type of job that you’re applying for. Because let’s say that you’re applying for a job as a sales assistant, you wouldn’t be placing a hobby that focuses on your ability to create amazing photographs now, would you? Hiring managers don’t necessarily need to see your hobbies, but if it’s something that you know will definitely help you with the position, then you may place it on your resume. But remember, if your employer is looking for someone that’s serious and self-motivated, then it’s best that you don’t mention your hobbies.

If you would like to learn more about human resource resume samples, then you can go through any of our available samples and templates that can provide you with more tips on how to write resumes, as well as information regarding how to make the right resume for the position that you want.

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