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316+ Certificate Templates

A certificate template is a file used for professional recognition. Many of these files are used every month. Because of the frequency of use, it may be quite a challenge to create the same templates from scratch. For that reason, we have compiled a useful list of the best sample certificate templates that you can download for free, edit in minutes, print and photocopy, and then use wherever necessary. Here is the list of the best templates.

280+ FREE CERTIFICATE Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI)
Sample Certificate Template Description

> Free Printable Certificate Template

There are many free printable certificate templates that you can download and use for free. And this is just one of them. So, instead of spending too much time on your computer trying to get a template done, you should consider downloading and using the following file. (41+ Printable Certificate Templates)

> Medical Certificate Template

Medical schools can use medical certificate templates to award the best-performing students. The certificate is simple but elegant in terms of design. Moreover, it is easy to fill out. All you have to do is to replace the default name and text with yours. But remember to leave the design of the document unchanged. (27+ Medical Certificate Templates)

> Share Stock Certificate Template

There may be many free certificate templates out there on the web, but if you are looking for a share stock certificate, then you must not settle for a general certificate file. Luckily, here is a share stock certificate template that you can download for free and use straight out of the box. (21+ Share Stock Certificate Template)

> Certificate of Authenticity Template

A certificate of authenticity is a strictly legal file. It is suitable for businesspersons as well as those who provide services to people. Note that a certificate of authenticity can help you to win the trust of many people, and that is the reason why it is important to have one. (20+ Certificate of Authenticity Templates)

> Gift Certificate Template

Gift certificates are popular among so many people these days. They have personal as well as business benefits. If you are looking for the best gift certificate template, then you will find this same quite useful. While it is editable and easy to customize, you can always use it as-is to save time. (34+ Gift Certificate Template)

> Preschool Certificate Template

Before a child in your school can graduate to the next level, there has to be a document that proves that they have successfully completed the preschool. That is why a preschool certificate template is significant. The kindergarten certificate is ready for print. So you should not spend a lot of time editing the design. (18+ Preschool Certificate Templates)

> Birth Certificate Template

There are two ways to get a birth certificate template: create one from scratch or download a readily available file. The latter option is often the best. Luckily, here is the best sample birth certificate form that you can download for free and use straight out of the box for the best birth certificate. (31+ Birth Certificate Template)

What is a Certificate Template?

A certificate template is a free-to-download file that has already been designed for you. All you have to do now is to download the best sample template and use it when necessary. Certificate templates are often created for different people. That means there are different types of certificates that you can download from the web and use. Some are meant for businesses while others are suitable for use in schools. Some are designed for personal recognition while others are perfect for brand recognition. While you can create these sample files yourself, it is always best to go for files that have already been designed on your behalf.

Types of Certificate Templates – Primary Division

Printable Certificate Templates

A lot of certificate templates are always available in print. In fact, all of the certificate templates that you will download from this list can be printed. Usually, all you have to do it to browse this list, download a suitable template, and then print the sample file for use.

Email Certificate Templates

One of the most important things about digital certificate templates is you never have to print them. But that does not mean they are not printable. They are suitable for those who prefer sending or sharing certificates through email.

> Training Certificate Template

Training certificates are awarded to people who have successfully completed their training sessions. If you do not have the time to create the sample template from scratch, you can always download this one and use it for free. This certificate is often issued by person trainers. So, if you are a skilled personal trainer, this document is for you. (21+ Training Certificate Template)

> Salary Certificate Template

There are many salary certificate templates that you can download for free. For that reason, you never have to spend a single minute of your time creating them yourself or paying someone to do the job for you. Simply download the best sample salary certificate, spend a few minutes customizing the file, and then print it for use. (26+ Salary Certificate Template)

> Christmas Gift Certificate Template

Christmas gift certificates are still valid today. They are the best for business people who would like to attract new customers to their business as well as products. By using this certificate as a marketing strategy, it should be easy to take your business to the next level in the shortest time possible. (16+ Christmas Gift Certificate Template)

> Employment Certificate Template

If you are an employer, then employment certificate template is for you. This template can be used to award an employee with the certificate for being the best member of staff in your company. You won’t use this template often, but it is important to have some in print. (36+ Employment Certificate Templates)

What are the common types of certificate templates?

Business Certificate Templates

Business certificates are suitable for building the image of your brand. A good example is the gift certificate template. It is a file with a certain amount of money attached to it. And it is always used to attract customers. Business certificate templates help you to build a brand identity that every person would love to identify themselves with. If a person comes to your business and sees your certificate or gets an offer from you in the form of a gift certificate, they are going to trust you and work with you for the long haul.

Award Certificate Templates
  • These are certificates awarded to individuals because of the achievements that they have made.
  • How to create your own Certificate Template
  • Determine the type of certificate that you would like to create

The first step is to determine the type of certificate that you would like to create. We have already seen different types of certificates in the list above. You can review the list again to get an idea of the best template to use. Do you want to create a boost to the identity of your brand? Do you want to recognize someone for the good work that he or she has done? Do you want to get more customers to your business? Are you responsible for issuing certificates to school students? By answering these questions, you should eventually get the idea of the best certificate to create.

Choose the Best Template from this List

This list has been created to help you choose the best template. Most importantly, every template is free to download and readily available for print. The sample template you choose to use will be determined by the type of template you wish to create. For example, if you would like to create a certificate that you can use to boost customer loyalty and retention, you will have to use the gift certificate template.

Customize the sample template you picked in step two

Now you should customize the sample template accordingly. The best way to do this is to replace the default text on the document with your own.

> Homemade Gift Certificate Template

A homemade gift certificate template features a sleek design that looks appealing to the eyes. While this file may look somewhat traditional, or rather too homier, it is still a professional document. And the better part is you can download this sample template for free. Also, use it straight out of the box. Do not bother editing the design. (12+ Homemade Gift Certificate Template)

> Insurance Certificate Template

A certificate of insurance proves that someone is fully protected by an insurance company. So, if you are in the insurance business, then you must have the certificate of insurance in place. You should then issue a certificate of cover protection to all your customers. Here is a template that is suitable for your business. (9+ Insurance Certificate Templates)

> Sunday School Certificate Template

Are you looking for the best Sunday school certificate templates for Sunday school kids? If yes, then this is the best sample file to download. By downloading this sample certificate for Sunday school, you will not only save time but also award the best certificate to your students. Here is a link to download the file instantly. (5+ Sunday School Certificate Templates

> Experience Certificate Template

Experience certificates templates are for employers who would like to award their employees for being the most experienced and loyal employees. Of course, if you are looking for the best sample template that you can customize with ease, then this is definitely the best sample template to download. The sample file is available for free. (7+ Experience Certificate Templates)

The Uses of a Certificate Template

  1. Certificate templates are used for recognition of the completion of a course: Certificates are often awarded to people for best performance. In such an instance, these files are best referred to as recognition documents. By downloading and awarding someone a sample certificate form, you are simply implying that the individual in question has been through a course, completed all the tests, passed the examination, and qualifies to work in any environment within the perimeters of their experience and skills. School certificates are often the most commonly used files, but that doesn’t mean that other types of certificates are not relevant.
  1. Certificate templates are used to attract customers to your business: Gift certificates are often one-of-a-kind templates because they have business benefits attached to them. It is important to keep in mind that they have a momentary value attached to them. Generally, they are worth a certain amount of money and are often issued by businesspersons to customers in an attempt to build a business-customer-business relationship. Gift certificates are used as customer retention strategies. As such, they are effective in bonding with the customer and building customer brand loyalty.
  1. Use a certificate template if you would like to recognize someone in your workplace: Skills and performance recognition in a workplace is always very important. If you are the boss of some company, then you should always recognize the best work that someone does. The thing you need to do apparently is to make sure you don’t just appreciate the talents by words of mouth. Instead, you should use a certificate template to do so.

When a person receives this kind of a certificate, they can always use the document as part of their portfolio. Or, they can always look at the file and hail it as a gift of personal recognition from you.

Now that you have a long list of certificate templates right in front of your eyes, you now have to download the sample file of your choice, and then use it to create a custom certificate for whoever deserves it. Even more, this article gives you a step-by-step guide to create the best certificate template on your own.

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