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Having a photography agency or working as a freelancer is not an easy job. Once the work starts pouring in, you need is a solid plan and schedule to manage all your projects and complete them on time. This is when a photography schedule template comes in handy. Here, you can organize all your tasks, set events, mark dates and post reminders about an upcoming assignment. Let’s tell you all about photography schedules, and how you can use them.

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5 Steps to Write a Photography Schedule

Step 1: Create Separate Lists

First and foremost, you need to create separate lists for all your clients. As a photographer, you will be getting multiple projects and have to deal with all sorts of customers as your business grows. Keeping separate lists for each project would be both times efficient and easy to handle, and help you establish a brand because of your organized and seamless workflows.

Step 2: Organise Your Calendar

Another aspect that photographers need to consider when dealing with multiple projects and clients is punctuality. Ensure that your schedule has a calendar where you can mark the important dates and upcoming deadlines. This helps improve your service level agreement scores.

Step 3: Don’t Mix Up Projects

Mixing up projects and clients is the worst nightmare any photographer can imagine. A schedule helps your deal with the work pressure, manage multiple projects simultaneously and track your progress effectively.

Step 4: Clutter-Free and Minimalist

Keep your schedule as clutter-free and clean as possible. Don’t try to dump in all the information about your photography sessions and future projects in one place. A schedule should be well-organized, minimalist and easy to comprehend.

Step 5: Room for Improvisation

Last but not least, always keep room for some last-minute changes in the schedule. A schedule should be flexible and versatile, for no matter how meticulously you plan your projects the real-time execution always calls for some improvisation. Check out our awesome collection of photography schedule templates.

10+ Photography Resume Templates

1. Photography Event Schedule Template

photography event schedule template
File Format
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


The photography event schedule template is tailor-made for professionals and amateurs alike. The layout is well-organized with multiple rows, columns and minimalist design. Here, you also have enough space to add unlimited clients and project details. Plus, you can download and edit the template in MS Word, PDF or Google Sheets.

2. Wedding Day Photography Schedule Template

wedding day photography schedule template Download

The Wedding Day Photography Schedule template caters to the needs of wedding photographers. Use the wedding schedule template to form a tentative plan or schedule that you can show your clients. The layout is elegant with beautiful background images, stunning graphics, attractive fonts and illustrations that you can add to your schedule.

3. Mini Session Photography Schedule Template

mini session photography schedule template Download

The Mini Session Photography Schedule template is a smart choice for beginners who want to divide their workflow into smaller categories for better time management. The schedule template sample example is simple, spacious, easy to customize and optimized for all platforms. You can add events, client details, project information, set reminders, get notifications and more.

4. Printable Photography Workflow Schedule Template

printable photography workflow schedule template Download

The Photography workflow schedule template is a large and spacious platform that comes with a lot of elements for customizing the schedule template any way you want. There are 19 spaces for client details and 25 spaces for workflow items. You can also download and print the template layout or customize it digitally on Photoshop.

5. Photography Keynote Schedule Planner

photography keynote schedule planner Download

The Photography Keynote planner is a time schedule template that allows you to schedule all your meetings and events in a single place. The drag and drop editor comes with a lot of elements for adding dates, posting images, reminders, and notes. Users can even edit and make last-minute changes in the schedule and get notified about upcoming assignments.

6. Customizable Photographer Schedule Template

customizable photographer schedule template Download

This photographer schedule template is great for photographers who love to constantly change their schedule. The layout is very flexible, easy to manage and allows complete freedom of editing the details any way you want. Here, you can add images, logos, illustrations, use various fonts and columns to create an organized printable schedule template.

7. Free Wedding Photography Schedule Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 175 KB


The Wedding Photography Schedule template is optimized for PDF and can be customized on Photoshop or Illustrator. Here, the users can change the color scheme, font and the basic layout of the sample wedding schedule template. There are numerous rows, columns, and categories for keeping track of all your orders in one place.

8. Standard Photography Appointment Schedule Template

standard photography appointment schedule template Download

The Photography appointment schedule template is the best option for you. The platform caters to the needs of established photographers who have a constant workflow and a steady stream of clients and orders. You can set alarms, have notes and reminders on the calendar as well.

9. One Page Photography Event Schedule Example

File Format
  • DOCX

Size: 21 KB


The format of this template is optimized for MS Word and can be directly downloaded in your computer. You can add new events, edit the existing ones, add multiple projects, etc. What’s more, the layout suits almost all platforms and can be customized within minutes. You can add new contracts, clients and clauses, mark dates on calendars and set reminders.

10. Modern Photographer Planner Schedule Template

modern photographer planner schedule template Download

The Photographer planner schedule template works well for well-organized photographers who want a simple yet effective space to keep track of all their projects. The sample daily schedule planner is minimalistic, well-spaced and easy to organize as per your requirement. Plus, you can now download the template in pdf and print the schedule as well.

11. Photography Schedule Revision Template

File Format
  • DOCX

Size: 14 KB


Available in MS Word format, the Photography Schedule revision template is just what you need to organize your workflow effectively. The layout of this timetable template clearly states a set of rules that you can customize and adapt to suit your business. Also, there are several categories and sub-divisions available for better management of projects.

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