What Is a Flexible Work Schedule?


For employees, one factor you need to consider is your schedule. While you might have a defined schedule, you may be able to negotiate for a flexible schedule for greater ease. A flexible work schedule allows for flexible entry and exit times for employees based around specific core hours.

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This kind of employee work schedule can make life considerably more convenient for employees. After all, this schedule makes it better suited for employees who may not be able to arrive at specific times. Rather than have set times for starting and ending, this system provides a window that can suit personal employee schedules.


Types of Flexible Schedule

Since there are different ways of adjusting a sample schedule to become more flexible, it follows that there are different types of such schedules, such as:

  • Flex time, which allows employees to determine when they begin and end a work day, but all employees still put in the same amount of work.
  • Split shift, which allows employees to split their hours across the entire day, allowing you to work for several periods per day.
  • Alternative schedule, which allows you to move some of your shifts to alternate times, such as night and weekend shifts.
  • Compressed workweek, which allows to allocate more work hours to certain days, freeing up certain days of the week.

How to Make Flexible Work Schedules

If you were to make your own flexible work schedule, there are some things to do, even with the help of employee schedule templates.

  • First, have an idea of how many hours your employees need to work per week so that you can break that number up.
  • Allow your employees to include their input so you can find out which times are most convenient for them.
  • Choose a consistent system that meets the needs of your employees and customers so that different needs can be met.
  • Remain flexible so that you can adjust the schedule according to changing conditions.


Pros and Cons of Flexible Schedules

There are some pros and cons when using these kinds of printable schedule templates, which you should keep aware of so that your schedule templates in Excel can be used to the fullest.


  • The schedule is better fitted to individual schedules so as to allow them to better allocate their time.
  • It provides greater convenience so as to improve productivity give increased flexibility with schedules as a whole.
  • It is easier to focus on end-results as there is less focus on the details of a schedule.
    provides more freedom and individual responsibility for employees.


  • Difficulty of communication given the differences in schedules.
  • Possible lack of coordination among employees thanks to difficulties communicating in person.
  • Ease of unscrupulous employees taking advantage of the system so as to devote less time for work.
  • Issue of availability as it is easier for employees and clients to miss one another because of a lack of a unified schedule.

These are some issues to keep in mind if you are considering adopting this kind of system for yourself. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect system, so you ought to weigh the factors before making your decision.

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