Why HR Should Schedule a Second Interview?


When applying for a job, you will find yourself sitting in front of an HR manager for an interview. If you did manage to make a good impression, they may schedule a secondary interview for later, much like a vesting schedule might schedule any appropriate actions for a later date.

When scheduling secondary interviews, you may need a daily schedule template to help plan it, because the interview will last a great deal longer, and go on for a longer period of time. After all, the first interview was for screening purposes, and this one is more of a verification of individual applicants.

Good Reasons for Scheduling a Second Interview

To make scheduling secondary interview easier, you may want to use printable schedule templates. This is because this one will be more complicated, but for the best reasons.

  • You can have more opinions and viewpoints, as there will be more personnel involved in the second interview.
  • You can interview the applicant in greater detail, as you will spend a whole day assessing the him and gauging him.
  • You can test how the applicant behaves in a simulated setting, as you can give him more detailed tests to test his suitability for the job.

Essential Thoughts HR is Thinking

If HR should decide to use free schedule templates to set up another interview, there will be some ideas that they have in mind, such as:

  • They will have certain expectations of the applicant, and will be looking to see if the applicant lives up to them.
  • They will expect questions from the applicant to see if they find the company agreeable to them.
  • They will expect to get a more accurate look at the applicant, to see if their performance during the first interview was an act of some kind.
  • They will also be considering the opinions of the other interviewees to see if the applicant is as good as they thought.


Guidelines for Scheduling a Second Interview

When actually scheduling the second interview, you would do well to keep certain things in mind. Using schedule templates in Excel and other schedule templates would be a useful way to aid yourself, but there are others things you can do to make the job as a whole easier, such as:

  • Do your research. This means reading up on the applicant’s documents so as to be able to find a convenient date and time to conduct the interview. This can also give you some insights into what he is like as a person.
  • Make sure to allocate one day per interview. Be sure to schedule a date where you can give each interview your undivided attention. Being that each interview will be conducted in detail, it is important that you can devote the time for each to get the best results. Also be sure to space them evenly so as to give yourself time to prepare for each interview.
  • Coordinate with your colleagues. The interview will be conducted with other personnel than from HR, so it is important that you coordinate with other interviewers to be sure that they can be present on the day you set for the interview.

Of course, it is important to prepare well beforehand in general, so ensure that you have gotten all your preparations ready well before you start with anything.

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