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When you are past the restlessness youth causes, you become ready to settle down. You suddenly like the idea of spending the rest of your life with your partner. Sure, marriage is a good thing. But, after the fairy tale, reality kicks in, and for some people who are not even halfway through their early years of marriage, reality also paints a picture that is quite far from what one dreamed about when walking down the aisle. Getting married is easy. You can do that when you are emotionally stable, knowing that your decision will make you happy. It is a lot harder to stay married, though. You may also see sample prenuptial agreement templates.

Some people fight to stay together, and fight they should. Then, there comes a point when one finally pulls the trigger because some broken things sadly cannot be mended and an unhappy marriage is one of them. The sooner you deal with it, the better off both parties will be. But that is mostly easier than done, especially when a couple has children and they have already invested a lot in the years they were together, as if facing the reality of spending the rest of your life without the person you thought you would spend it with is not difficult enough. You also have to go through the lengthy process of settling your divorce papers, and you will be lucky if your spouse is someone you can settle terms with smoothly, which is rarely the case these days, with both parties often feeling they should have more than the other. You may also see petition templates.

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Divorce/Annulment Worksheet

divorceworksheetf 050801 1 788x1020

One of the most difficult parts of the divorce process is probably when you already have to divide assets between you and your husband or wife. When you finally see the paperwork, that’s when it becomes real. You have finally reached that point of separation where there’s no holding back. You are separating, and oftentimes, this is also the part when instead of being amicable to each other, trying to reach an agreement over what one should have only leads to more trouble and bitterness on both sides—so much for trying to keep it at least civil for the children’s sake. Then again, sentiments aside, dividing assets has never been easy because it involves money and investments that you both have to trace as far back as when the relationship or marriage first started. You may also like printable petition templates.

Worksheet for Divorce or Annulment


There are some people who made investments before they entered marriage, and they rightfully think these are worth protecting, too. These days, people make it a point to be individually successful in their respective careers to the point of having afforded some property or assets before getting married and sharing it with their spouse whilst they stayed married. This is also the sort of stuff that changes things in agreements made during a divorce. That is why it is vital to keep a simple checklist or a divorce worksheet to monitor what else needs to be done and whether or not something isn’t in the right place in the paperwork. Getting divorced warrants paperwork that could put your college term paper workload to shame.

Securing a worksheet to stay on track in the process of breaking up with your spouse has its merits. It ensures being organized and helps you gain the financial security of being independent later on. This does not necessarily ensure a complete escape from possible court battles and disagreements between parties. There will always be some loopholes since both of you will have some major expectations of what you are entitled to. From a legal standpoint, however, a checklist of your own will be able to save you in so many ways when staying together is no longer possible. You may also see postnuptial agreement samples.

Divorce with Minor Children Worksheet

divorce with minor children worksheet3 1 788x1020

When a relationship turns sour, it’s naturally painful for all people involved. They are left feeling depressed, angry, confused, shocked, and, at times, even betrayed. If it was formalized and made into a legal commitment through marriage and unfortunately ends in divorce, as more than half the population of countries in Europe and the United States do, add in the emotional instability you have to go through, it becomes even more complicated, especially with a spouse prepared to drag you to court instead of negotiating terms in a level-headed way. Coupes tend to get too emotional and seek the strongest legal advice they can afford and find, prepared to litigate their husband or wife to death, not thinking that doing so could end up in devastating financial results for both of them. You may also like divorce certificate templates.

It is still more important to make sure that the terms fit both of you, and are right for you. But, emotionally, monitoring where you are at when it comes to settlements or agreements makes you sleep better at night, knowing you do not have to keep thinking about what you can lose. Financially, it helps you improve how to handle your assets better. You just need the right people to review it when you feel it’s necessary. It’s also a good way to help the other understand how to proceed even when a discussion of terms seems nearly impossible when worse comes to worst. You may also see separation agreement templates.

Divorce Guide

divorceguide4 001 788x1020

Often, a property must be sold, including the car, after which the money is split and savings must be rummaged and also divided, papers would suddenly fly from all directions for payment of child support and the spouse who is financially less powerful finds himself or herself in a situation where he or she must seek employment in a company that can support both him or her and the children. More often than not, the woman finds herself at an economic disadvantage and stands to lose more than half of the investments of property or wealth which she shared. This is why divorcing couples in the country are always encouraged to consult a planner and a lawyer who will be able to manage the financial side of the divorce process well for both short-term and long-term implications when the divorce is finalized. You may also see sample divorce agreements.

Divorce Instructions

divorce packet instructions5 01 788x1020

Stop dwelling on what you can neither change nor control. In all cases, there are many things that are beyond you and beyond the legal power of your lawyer. In this situation, it is best to keep yourself calm and let it go. Breathe and be prepared, because if you choose to stress over it, you will already lose half the battle before the fight even began. Focus on what you can control. You can start by trying to get yourself acquainted with how to deal with property and debt. This is not easy to understand and may take a lot of reading and research, but it will be worth the homework. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by your spouse’s attitude toward the divorce settlement sample.

Financial Divorce Guide


financial divorce guide9 01 788x1055

Try to go through it with every intention of being on equal footing as both of you have the same rights. Don’t be fooled into threats of who should get the children or how you’ll be left empty-handed when all is said and done. It doesn’t work that way, and make sure you know that.  An angry ex-husband or ex-wife likes to sing empty threats. Keep your head up and tune that noise out. Negotiate with an attorney present if the other party seems too unreasonable to talk to. It also isn’t right to expect more than what you should have, even if cheating was the final nail in a marriage doomed to fail. It may seem fair emotionally, but let’s get real. You don’t get paid for life just because your husband caused you emotional damage. You may also see divorce agreement templates.

DIY Divorce Packet

ciu divorce packet rev6 01 788x1033

Remember that your anger shouldn’t have anything to with negotiating settlements. Whether you like it or not, divorce is also a business matter where there is little place for emotion if you want to get it over and done with. The sooner the better, right? Then, you must understand that this is no longer marriage counseling. The time for discussing matters of the heart and marital issues is really over. And even though you deserve to overcome the emotional upheaval that comes with divorce, the right place for that would be a therapist’s and not a lawyer’s office. Speaking of lawyers, no matter how powerful of a legal arsenal you may have managed to get on your side, no matter how much you value their say in the matter, you can’t allow them to make you settle for anything less than you deserve. You may also see daily worksheet templates.

Divorce Worksheet for Child Support

csow7 1 788x1020

This is where your worksheet also comes in handy. It would become a good reference to see how far along you are in finalizing the necessary paperwork. You also tend to understand the whole process much better because, whether you like it or not, divorces can be extremely complex. There are too many ups and downs, and too much drama that it becomes an emotional roller coaster where some people take too long to come to terms with it.

Divorce or Annulment Worksheet

divorceworksheetf 050801 1 788x1020

In dealing with every aspect of a divorce, it’s better to be realistic. There is more to marriage than just a big wedding with a pretty white gown and a bouquet of flowers. There is more to life than the person you have planned to spend it with. There is more to love and happy endings than just loving another and being with another because you have yourself. It would take more than just a divorce to break the love you have for yourself and the love you have for life itself. You may also see sheet templates.

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