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Everyone in the world desires something in their life. It is in our nature to wish to get the things that we want and need. Such kind of behavior has been with us since we were little kids. Things that we desired before as a kid were simple such as toys and chocolates. Now as adults, our wants have changed to a cell phone, tablet, a car, trending clothes, and travel. Sometimes we get them, and other times we do not. You may also see Contract Templates.

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This can be because of many reasons. Reasons like that it is not needed, it is a waste of money, or simply because you might not have the funds yet. That is why adults are more prone to buy the stuff they need and want because they have jobs to support it.

Employment Contract Worksheet Template

employee contract worksheet
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To be an employee means you are working for a company. But before you actually get to work for one, you have to first read their contract agreement or worksheet. Why may you ask? It is for the purpose that you have understood what they are offering you and so that you would also know a little background information about their company. In getting this worksheet or contract, you will be filling up some of it. In this article, we will be providing you with templates for different employment contract worksheets. We will also give you tips on how to be a good employee.

Employment Personal Services Contract Worksheet

employment personal services contract worksheet


Pre-Contract of Employment Worksheet

pre contract of employment worksheet


Employee Legal Contract Worksheet

employee legal contract worksheet


What is an Employment Contract and What are its Elements?

To start, let us first define what a sample employment contract is. An employment contract is a type of agreement between the company and its employee. It gives out the basic information about the company and the employee and also the agreements that both should do within the time the agreement has expired or the last date of employment. It also establishes the rights of both the employee and the company.

There are many ways an employment contract can be written (like the different templates we have provided), but we will provide you the general overview of what this type of contract should contain sot hat you will be guided if ever you will apply for a job and get offered one. Here are some elements of every employment contract sheet:

1. Personal Information

Even if you have already filled out your application letter with your personal information, some companies would have you write it again in the employment contract. You would also write your name in the first section where it would usually state that it is an agreement between you and the company.

2. Definition of the Position

The employer should put the position the employee will be put on and what essential requirements and responsibilities are at hand. Doing this would serve as a guide for the employee and know if there are any additional responsibilities he/she will do aside from the things he/she saw in the job ad. It is important that the employer should be specific in providing the responsibilities that the employee must fulfill. You may also like sample employee contracts.

3. Duration of employment

This can be how long he will be in the probationary period until he is upgraded to another level which is already being a regular in the company. It will also state, in some cases, how long you are going to work for them whether it is only for a project based work or an ongoing period of time. You may also see sample HR contract templates.

4. Benefits

It is important for a company to mention the benefits the company would give to keep the employee interested. Health benefits, vacation leaves, sick leaves, and salary bonuses are considered as benefits. This in a way could also motivate employees to work better especially if there is a mention of salary bonus for added inputs.

5. Termination Applicability

It might be unpleasant to read sometimes, especially if you are still new to working, it is still essential that the company would input in the contract when the termination of the contract would be applicable. This is usually applicable if one violates certain policies in the offices over and over again.

So, if you do not want to have a bad reputation in your first job, learn to behave and adapt to the new environment. Of course, if you think the company is the problem and not you, you can always choose to resign and leave.

6. Salary

You would really love to look at this especially if you are the employee. You have to make sure that the salary is the same as the information that was posted in the job advertisement in order to avoid signing into a scam and having to waste your time in the company receiving low pay.

If you are the employer, it is important you have to stick to your word in the exact amount you will be offering for the position the same as you had posted in the job advertisements in order to avoid being bad mouthed. The last thing a company would want to face is to be sued and with that, lose its workforce by possibly a big amount. You may also see job contract templates.

Simple Employment Contract Worksheet

simple employment contract worksheet1


Employment Daily Record Contract Worksheet

employment daily record contract worksheet


How to Be the Best Employee

By the time you are officially hired, you are expected to get a paycheck with the work you will be doing. That already is an achievement. But, if you look at it in a deeper sense, you are actually given the chance to be the best you can be in a work environment.

The workplace does not only provide you the salary for the things you want and need to buy, but gives you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. In a way, having work is part of the growth of the self. In this part of the article, we will provide you the necessary tips on how to become the best employee in the workplace. You may also see printable worksheet templates.

Take note if you want to be more than just an average employee:

1. Take Criticism Professionally

This might be hard at first especially for those who are in their first job but having the ability to accept one’s mistake is professional enough. Holding grudges would not help one in the long run. The best way one can do right after being criticized is to breath and tell himself that he will try his best to do better next time around to avoid being called again. You may also see freelance contract templates.

2. Study Your Job

You might have had picked this position because it seemed simple, but nothing really is. If you want to be the best, you have to put an effort in trying to be the best and that is by studying and understanding what you are going to do.

If you are consistent and persistent with this kind of work ethic, a promotion will not be far away even if you are still new to the work environment. You may also like job requirement worksheets.

3. Be a Friendly Face

Even if it seems like you might be in competition with the other employees to get a higher position, change your perspective. Make new friends and get to know your co-employees. With this being done, it can lead to team-based projects being successful and you get the opportunity to ask for help in things you are still having a hard time to do and in turn, you could also help them back someday at work. You may also see basic contract templates.

4. Maintain a Good Record

What we mean by this is that you should have a clean performance record. This includes being punctual and minimum absences and as much as possible, absences that are reasonable. Maintaining a good record is an eye catcher for the management.

You might notice why some employees are laid-off because of their inconsistency in job performance and always being absent or late without any proper reason and reprimanded for breaking some company policies.

5. Don’t Get Distracted

In the digital era, people can now be easily distracted. The rise of social media and mobile games have been a source of fun and distraction for people working in the industry. This wastes time to be productive and getting things done earlier than expected.

That is why it is good to discipline oneself and do those things on 15 minutes breaks or so. Plus, being seen by your supervisor or manager playing games and using Facebook can get you reprimanded and would send off a bad impression to not only them but also to your co-employees in your department.

6. Voice Out

If you think a plan will have the probability to fail, open up your concern. Being able to share your ideas will give the people around you the impression that you actually care about the company. This behavior shows also leadership and this will let people listen to your ideas more in future projects and challenges.

If you will stick to being quiet and never try to share your ideas, your co-employees will see you only as a follower and never the leader. You may also see basic contract templates.

Employee Performance Contract Worksheet

employee performance contract worksheet


Remember your priorities

As you are already an employee of a company, set your priorities right and that means being the best and doing your best in the company. You might earn from doing the tasks that are assigned to you every day, but it is more meaningful if you do more than what is expected of you. Use the tips we have given you to be the best without making everyone around you intimidated.

Also, despite the fact that you know you will be getting a paycheck every month, be careful in how you use it. Know what to pay first or simply set your priorities. Pay the bills and the things necessary for the family before you start spending on the things you want. This is basically the reason why budgeting is important. If you want to earn more to support your wants and needs, then go do it. Look for a freelance job that is not too stressful or work hard on your current job to get a promotion.

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