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Goal setting is important for any organization. Goals need to be set so that companies have a clear direction of where they are headed, either short-term or long-term. The end goal for any small business is to become sustainable, and setting goals is one step in achieving sustainability.

Worksheets are one of the most utilized tools for every business function. They make work much more efficient, which in turn makes the final product effective. Technology has made printable worksheets possible. Before computers were even made, everything was written down on a piece of paper. But worksheets are now automated and can be accessed by using desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. Software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Apache OpenOffice, Google Docs, LibreOffice, etc. have worksheet options where you can input all sorts of data. You can also do computations for numerous formulas in this worksheet software, especially Excel. Since formulas can be applied in these software applications, they are great when used for financial statements and ratios like income statements, statements of assets and liabilities, statements of cash flows, gross profit margins, operating margins, returns on assets, returns on equity, returns on investment, rates of return, and the like.

Here are some goal setting and multipurpose worksheets you can use if you want to set some short-term and long-term goals for your company.

The importance of setting business goals

importance of setting business goals

Individuals and large organization go into the selling business with the aim of gaining profits and achieving long-term sustainability. But, before they achieve anything, they need to set goals and do some hard work. Business goals are worked on by all companies, whether they are large corporations or small and medium enterprises. Here are some reasons why setting business goals are important for all companies, including yours.

1. It provides a focus for all employees

It provides a focus for all employees

One of the main reasons why business goals are set is because they provide a focus to all employees, including management personnel. If the company has already set out the goals for all employees in writing and on paper, then it will be easier for them to achieve those goals as they will feel a sense of purpose every time they come to the office.

Focus and motivation are important for every employee. If they are not motivated or focused, their productivity drops. A continuous drop in productivity will result in serious operational implications for the company. Employees who are not meeting their quota and employees being lazy at the office will result in the reduced quality of the product or service being delivered. The lack of focus will also result in a drop in sales due in part to dissatisfied and disappointed customers. You may also like goal sheet templates.

With a clear set of rules and guidelines as well constant motivational speeches and encouragement by management, employees can now work better by themselves and in coordination with each other to reach the company’s goals.

Goal Sheet Template

Goal Sheet Template

One-minute Goal Setting Template


Monthly Budget Worksheet Template


2. It checks the company’s expenses

It checks the company's expenses

Setting goals can be quite taxing for the company, especially if the company is aiming for a certain financial goal at the end of the month or at the end of the year. This can put on immense pressure for the employees as well as monthly management. But one advantage, though, of setting goals is that it checks the company’s expenses and makes sure management does not overspend for other expenses if the company failed to meet a certain goal.

Expenses apply differently to each company. Large corporations obviously have bigger expenses with more things to spend on compared to smaller companies. They pay more employees, suppliers, and partners as well as more goods and raw materials which are converted to products to be sold to customers.

Usually, management is prone to making quick decisions, especially if a product or service is not selling well. The decision may not be in line with the company’s long-term goals which will definitely result in unnecessary and unplanned expenses for the company. Unplanned expenses, those which are not included in the company’s contingency plans, are the most dangerous and will cause negative implications for the company in the long run.

Companies have been known to make panic decisions mostly due to competition. If a competitor is selling more and is taking a chunk of the market share, then it causes a bit of panic in the companies selling similar products or customer services. In turn, this causes companies to adjust and alter their sample plans, which causes additional expenses to change their products to match those being sold by the competition. If a company is confident in the product it delivers, there is definitely no need to make rash decisions and it should keep its focus on its long-term goals.


Goal Planner Workbook 2018


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Tips when making goal setting worksheets


If you already purchased one, or even all of the goal setting worksheet templates, then it is high time for you to set your company goals. You may be the owner or CEO, a member of the management team, or even a regular employee wanting to set goals for yourself and for your fellow team members. No matter what your position in the company is, you have to set goals for success. Here are some tips to that can help you out.

1. List them by day, by week, and by month

List them by day, by week, and by month

Listing your goals in the worksheet by day, by week, and by month is very important so that you can have a clear focus on what you want to achieve. Also, arranging the goals to date helps you prioritize which goals need to be achieved first. Additionally, if your long-term goals are connected to your short-term goals, it will be much easier for you to achieve both as you will be working your way toward achieving a much bigger goal with a much larger payoff. You may also like goal chat templates.

2. Be specific with your goals

Be specific with your goals

One problem with companies when they are setting up their goals is that they sometimes make their goals too vague or general. Goals should be specific, even if they are only short-term goals (for example, taking 30 customer service calls per day or sending 100 email newsletters to clients every month). Setting vague goals does not bode well for any employee as well as any company as it will not properly guide the company and the employee on what they need to do.

3. Highlight goals when they are in progress and when they are accomplished

Highlight goals in progress accomplished

This is probably the most basic thing when working on your goal setting worksheet in a word. Highlight the goals when they are in progress with one color and highlight them again when they are completed with another color. This helps you check if you already achieved your goal as well as check which goals still need to be accomplished. Also, looking at the worksheet with goals being highlighted gives you extra motivation to complete other goals as well.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our goal setting templates and you found this article informative. We included some tips on how to make goal setting worksheets and also listed down the importance of setting goals. Visit us again to read other guides on how to be successful in business.

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