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If you’re in charge of hiring employees into your company, then the first thing that you’re going to have to come up with is the requirements for the job that your company is looking for. This means you’re going to have to think of the different qualifications that you’ll need out of a person to ensure that he/she is a right fit.

You’re going to have to come up with a list of how you’re going to determine these qualities as this can be a bit of a daunting task. And, that’s why this article is going to teach you how to create a sample worksheet that will help you do just that.

Essential Job Functions Worksheet

Essential Job Functions Worksheet

Job Description Development Worksheet Sample

Requirement Development Worksheet Sample

The Importance of Figuring Out the Job Requirements

You need to be able to understand the job requirements of a job profile because you want to make sure that the person that you’re going to hire should be the one that will meet with all of the qualifications and requirements for the job. Although it’s not exactly easy to come up with the job requirements for whatever kind of job that you’re going to open up, it’s still something that you’re going to have to do to ensure that the person who is going to take on the job is capable of giving whatever it is that your company needs. So, be sure that when you’re creating the worksheet in a word, you follow the steps that are listed down below to help you out.

Factors Used for Determining an Employee’s Job Requirements

So let’s say that you already have an idea as to what kind of profession that you want to hire within the workplace. The only thing that’s stopping you know is determining what qualities and requirements a person should be able to meet before he/she will be considered as a perfect fit for the job. So, in order for you to determine one’s job requirements and what to help you know what you should keep track and cross out in your sample worksheet, here are a couple of factors that you should definitely look into:

1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Job

This is where you look at all of the activities, duties, and functions of the job. Knowing this will help you come up with the other requirements.

2. Skill and Knowledge Required for the Expected Performance of the Position

Once you’re able to determine the duties, functions, and activities of the job, the next thing that you’re going to have to figure out is the level of knowledge and skill that one needs in order to do all of them well. For example, if you’re trying to find someone to take on a managerial position in your business, then what you should be looking for are management skills, leadership skills, communication skills, etc. You want these things to tie in with the profession that you’re opening up with your company. If they don’t match, then it’s very likely that the employee taking up the spot will be nothing more than a liability rather than an asset to the business. You may also see sample job sheet templates.

3. Attitude and Behavior of the Jobholder in Performing His/Her Functions

While you focus on the attitude of the person that you want for the job, you have to be able to understand what attitude best suits the job first. Because you don’t want a timid and shy person to take on the role as general manager, do you? So, think about it carefully and try to figure out what kind of behavior and attitude you want out of someone to ensure that you’ve picked a person who will be capable of handling the duties of the job. You may also see daily worksheet templates.

4. Context of the Job

The working conditions of the job that you’re opening. Is the employee going to have to deal with a lot of people since he/she is a customer service assistant? Is he/she going to have to deal with a lot of problems from other employees because he/she is from Human Resources? While there may be some that’s pretty obvious to pinpoint from the get-go, you’ll have to provide the context to just about every one of them to ensure that applicants know what they’re getting into when they decide to go for the job.

5. Responsibility Levels

This is where an applicant will know just how high his/her possible responsibilities are. Maybe he/she will be in charge of handling all of the other employees in the department. Or it’s also possible that he/she will be the one to handle vital company information that could threaten the business if it falls into the wrong hands. Whether these responsibilities are big or small, applicants will still need to learn about them so that they’ll have an idea as to what they’re going to do. Also, think about just how important these responsibilities are so you can match them with the position that you’re opening. You may also see sheet templates in a word.

Collecting and Gathering Information About the Job

In your worksheet, you’re going to have to be able to gather and collect information to help you determine the factors of the job requirements. So, here are the different ways that will help you do just that:

1. On-Site Observation

Take note that this is not effective if you’re looking to open up a new position that the company has never had before. This is a method that you may use if you’re planning on opening up a similar position in your company. So what you do is that you, or someone that you have assigned, observes an employee on the different activities, duties, and the tasks he/she carries out on the job. The best results are usually gained if you pick an employee who’s considered to have a high-performance rate as the target of your observation. Once you’ve gathered enough information, all you have to do next is to use all of it to determine the requirements of the similar position that you want to open up. You may also see sample sheets in excel.

2. One-on-One Interviews

This is the method that you use if the job already exists and all you’re trying to do is to gain information from the job holders. With one-on-one interviews, you can be more direct with your approach in regards to what you need to know. All you have to do is make sure that you do these interviews in a private area where nobody but you and the employee can hear the discussion, and that you only ask questions that are related to the position that you are trying to open. Also, it’s best that you inform the employee that whatever the two of you discuss during this particular meeting must not be shared with anyone that isn’t involved. This could just lead to panic among your employees as they may think that you’re trying to replace them or it can stir confusion and gossip in the office, so naturally, it’s best to avoid that. You may also like sheet templates in excel.

3. Panel or Group Interviews

This is basically the opposite of one-on-one interviews wherein you basically talk with a number of people performing the same job functions as the one that you’re looking for in the position that you’re going to open. You can decide to tackle what kind the interview alone, but it’s highly suggested that you assign someone to listen in with you as the other person will be able to gather any important information that you may miss out. You may also see excel sheet templates.

4. Questionnaires

Questionnaires and sample checklists may be distributed to former or current jobholders within your company. When you’re creating the questionnaire, all you have to do is to come up with the right questions that will help you obtain the information that will allow you to figure out the requirements of the job that you’re trying open up. Make sure that whatever questionnaire you hand out is consistent among those who you would like to gather information from.

5. Existing Records Related to the Job

Review of records that pertain to the job and its performance may also be conducted. An example of these records would have to be task inventories and work logs.

6. Research

This is especially useful if you’re trying to open up a job that’s new for the business. If you’re going to do research, then what you’re trying to do is to find everything that you need to know about the position you want to open up by gaining information online. What you can do is search up the type of job that you’re trying to open up, go through different company websites that contain the information that you’re looking for, and make use of whatever information that you’re able to find to help you in understanding the job requirements. You may also see job sheet templates.

In the event that you would like to learn more in regards to how you’re going to create a worksheet for job requirements or anything related to this particular topic, then all you are going to have to do is to go through our site, find the articles that contain the information that you need, and utilize the information that you are able to gather to help you and your business out. You may also see job sheet samples.

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