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Every now and then, we would see signs placed either on the floor, on the wall, or attached to signposts, and we often neglect what these signs are trying to tell us. These signs are actually very important because they help provide awareness on what we should be concerned about with regards to the surroundings. You may also see welcome sign digital signage template.

Specifically, caution signs are those types of signs that warn us of any form of hazards that may cause injuries to people. While these are commonly seen in workplaces, caution signs are also seen in public places to keep people safe. Below are various caution signage templates that you can download and use for your own purpose.

Round Frames Caution Signs Templates

bundled round frames caution signs templates 788x843

Square Framed Yellow Caution Signs Templates

square framed yellow caution signs templates 788x788

Square Frames Caution Signs Templates

bundled square frames caution signs templates 788x866

Definition of Caution Sign

A caution sign—also known as a warning sign—is a type of indication or marker that informs onlookers of a potential hazard ahead. While most caution signs are used on the road to warn drivers of the possible dangers they may encounter along the road, dangers that may or may not be easily noticed by the driver especially if they are going at a fast speed. You may also see company digital signage templates.

But some caution signs are intended to warn individuals from these dangers, and an example would be with regards to a wet or slippery floor. The caution sign will inform passersby regarding this hazard in order to prevent falls or slips that may lead to any form of injury. You may also see digital directories signage template.

The standard look for caution signs have a triangular frame, a red border, and a white background, but many have already adopted the yellow background and black border scheme. And in many countries nowadays, they have chosen to replace the triangular frame with a diamond frame, while retaining the yellow and black color scheme.

Also, some countries have a distinctive color scheme for their classifications of signs. For caution or warning signs, they go for the yellow background and black border color scheme, while for temporary signs, they use an orange and black scheme. The latter is typically used at construction sites to inform people of any possible inconvenience or worse, falling debris.

For more signs, you may want to check out our collection of welcome signage templates.

What Does OSHA Stand for?

OSHA is an abbreviation which stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is an agency which aims to achieve safe and healthy work environments for all employed men and women. To be able to achieve those safe working conditions, the OSHA sets and enforces standards, rules and regulations, and also provides education, training, and assistance to all who are employed.

Triangular Wet Floor Caution Sign Template

triangular wet floor caution sign template 788x788

Blue Background Caution Signage Template

blue sky background caution signage template 788x662

Box Texture Caution Signage Template

box texture caution signage template 788x829

Standards and Rights Under the OSHA

  • Workers should be informed about any physical or chemical hazards in the environment through training, labels, signage, alarms, and many other methods. You may also see food advertising digital signage template.
  • In relation to the previous bullet point, the safety training and seminars that are conducted should be in a language that the attendees can all understand. You may also seetravel deals digital signage.
  • The use of protective equipment should be strictly implemented by the company or organization.
  • Regular or annual physical tests should be conducted to the employees to determine whether they are still fit to perform their particular job, and there should always be a record of all work and non-work related injuries and illnesses for every worker. You may also see spring season digital signage.
  • All workers should be in a working condition that is safe and does not pose any risk of serious harm and injuries.
  • For temporary employees, they have every right to be treated the same way as permanent or regular employees. This means that they can also receive the same set of benefits, safety training and seminars. You may also see soccer digital signage.

Diamond Shaped Yellow Caution Sign Template

diamond shaped yellow caution sign template 788x788

Caution signs similar to the one above are commonly found in and around construction areas. For even more construction-related designs and templates to choose from, check out our collection of construction risk assessment templates.

Red Triangular Caution Signage Template

red triangular caution signage template 788x784

What Are the Color Codes according to OSHA Standards?

  • Red. The red color signifies fire protection equipment and apparatus, containers with flammable substances, stop switches, and danger signs.
  • Yellow. This color is used to identify a particular set of physical hazards which includes but are not limited to falling or tripping.

In many countries in Europe, their warning signs are indicated by a triangle-shaped frame with a white background and red borders. However, in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greece, and Poland, they use an amber-colored background. Also, in these countries, they use a yellow background for their yield signs. And in Ireland, they use a diamond-shaped frame instead of a triangle.

Rectangular Wet Floor Caution Sign Template

rectangular wet floor caution sign template 788x785

Stock Rustic Caution Signage Template

stock rustic caution signage template 788x788

Most Important Types of Caution or Safety Signs

  • Fire-Fighting Signs. These signs are used not only on substances, containers, chemicals, or liquids that pose the risk of starting a fire, but they are also used on equipment that can help extinguish fire. These signs are aimed at preventing fires, which is why workers should be educated in what they mean and also the proper way of using fire-prevention or fire-extinguishing equipment. In relation to this, you may want to check out our collection of fire risk assessment templates.
  • Electrical Signs. Every workplace has their own connection to electricity, and these connections should be inspected regularly by professional electricians. The reason for this is to check if there are any breakage in the wires that may lead to electrical accidents, or even fires. Additionally, electrical signs are there to warn workers of areas that have a high electrical voltage and to prevent any injuries or deaths caused by electrocution. You may also see school opening digital signage.
  • Hazardous Materials Signs. The previous two signs mentioned of warnings to prevent instances of accidents related to fire and electric, respectively. For this type of signs, it refers to other substances that also pose a great risk to workers, and this includes acids, asbestos, corrosive substances, and other hazardous materials. Areas where these signs are placed are usually those that require protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, and masks. You may also seerecipe digital signage.
  • Operational Signs. Unlike the previous three signs which actually refer to harmful elements or substances that people should be wary of, operational signs are used to warn people of other forms of safety hazards found in a workplace. These would include extremely hot surfaces that people should not lean on in order to prevent burns, and the like. Most of the time, operational signs are there to warn people to be careful where they put their hands on or what they touch. You may also see real estate listing signage.
  • No Smoking Signs. This is a sign that you can see almost anywhere, considering that in many countries, it is no longer allowed to smoke in public places. Smoking is indeed dangerous to one’s health, and the more it is dangerous to those who inhale secondhand smoke. Other places that no-smoking signs are being used are at workplaces that deal with flammable chemicals, wherein smoking within ten meters is a very big no-no.

Square Customizable Caution Signage Template

square customizable caution signage template 788x788

Hand Drawn Caution Wet Floor Sign Template

hand drawn caution wet floor sign template 788x680

Yellow Bedroom Caution Signage Template

yellow bedroom caution signage template 788x706

Watch Your Step Caution Signage Template

watch your step caution signage template 788x772

Injuries Resulting from Falls and Slips

Falls and slips can be caused by various factors which include but are not limited to a slippery or wet floor, a damaged or broken floor, an uneven surface, or even objects that are left laying around the floor. Whatever the cause may be, this type of accident can range from not serious to life-threatening. Below is a list of the types of injuries that may be sustained by incidents of falls and slips. You may also see special event signage template.

  • Head injuries. From the name itself, this is any form of injury sustained somewhere around the head area, and these will result in either bleeding, swelling, and/or loss of consciousness. To determine the severity, people with head injuries should immediately undergo medical tests or treatment. You may also see happy hour digital signage.
  • Soft tissue injuries. These range from simple sprains to serious tears in tendons or ligaments. While minor cases can be managed by pain relievers, cold compress, immobilization, and rest, more serious cases will require immediate medical attention since they will lead to chronic or long-term pain and vulnerability to more injuries in the future. You may also see table signage templates.
  • Fractures. These can either be a stable, open, transverse, oblique, or a comminuted type of fracture. But regardless of which type, we can all agree that they are very serious and should be brought in as early as possible for medical treatment and possible surgery. You may also see garage sale sign templates.
  • Spine Injuries. This type of injuries occur when the spinal cord is either compressed or severed. Most spine injuries are life-threatening, which is why these require very immediate medical attention. You may also see restroom sign templates.
  • Cuts or Scrapes. The most minor of all the other types of injuries resulting from slips or falls. Lacerations and abrasions—otherwise known as cuts and scrapes—can either be superficial to very deep, but they do not pose a more serious threat than the previous forms of injuries. These can be treated by simple cleaning, bandaging, and compression, but for deeper cuts, they may need suturing, antibiotics, and even anti-hemorrhagic medicines. You may also see no exit sign templates.

For even more signage templates that you can choose from, check out our collection of shop signage templates. But if you want templates that you wouldn’t need to pay for, we also have some free sign templates that you can check out.

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