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Signs, banners, billboards, and many other advertisement tools have come a very long way since they were first used by our ancestors. Back then, these tools were done solely by hand, from the shaping of the canvas down to the writing of the texts. The production of these signs was not only tedious, but it also took a lot of time, which is why businesses back then would assign numerous people to a single project. You may also see event signage designs.

27+ FREE DIGITAL SIGNAGE Templates - Download Now Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Fortunately, we no longer have to undergo such stress in the production of signs today, and it’s all thanks to technology and it’s constant evolution. Most signs nowadays are mechanically produced by highly advanced machines and equipment. And of course, these machines rely on the commands being entered through a computer. For the designs itself, these are handled through the use of graphics editing programs and are printed out from a special type of printer that is capable of executing such task. You may also see caution signage designs.

But over the recent years, many businesses and organizations have opted in utilizing the most advanced incarnation of signs and billboards to date. These signs are digital, which is mainly the reason why they are popularly known as digital signage. While these may seem costly than its predecessors, they are significantly more effective since they are able to attract people easily. If this is what you are planning on using, then check out our collection of digital signage templates and samples below for reference.

Free Travel Deals Digital Signage Template

free travel deals digital signage template
File Format
  • PSD
  • Ai

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Free Real Estate Listing Digital Signage

free real estate listing digital signage template
File Format
  • PSD
  • Ai

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Free Price List Digital Signage Template

free price list digital signage template
File Format
  • PSD
  • Ai

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Free Business Hours Digital Signage

free business hours digital signage template
File Format
  • PSD
  • Ai

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Free Food Advertising Digital Signage

free food advertising digital signage template
File Format
  • Ai

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Free Company Digital Signage Template

free company digital signage template
File Format
  • Ai

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Intelligent Digital Marketing Signage Mockup

intelligent digital marketing signage mockup 788x779

Fantastic Clearance Digital Signage Template

fantastic clearance digital signage template 788x772

Easy Customizable Digital Signage Template

easy customizable digital signage template 788x702

What Is a Digital Signage?

By definition, a digital signage is an electronic tool that is used for outdoor marketing or advertising purposes. Considered as a type of electrical sign, this involves the use of lights to help make the design visible even at night. Electronic signs are categorized into various types, and these involve the use of different types of lights which include fluorescent bulbs, incandescent signs, and neon lights. But for digital signs, they most commonly use LED or HID (high-intensity display) to illuminate the signage. You may also see wedding sign templates.

The most common places where you can find digital signs include transportation systems, historical sites, retail shops, hotels and restaurants, stadiums, corporate structures, and many other public places. Ideally, digital signs are placed in these locations in order to provide outdoor exhibitions, advertising, marketing, and advertising. Today, even welcome signs come in digital format, which is quite helpful for travelers to determine their location. For a much more detailed explanation when it comes to the functions of digital signage, we have a list of them somewhere below.

Creative Agency Digital Signage Template

creative agency digital signage template 788x692

Simplistic Digital Advertising Signage Mockup

simplistic digital advertising signage mockup 788x711

Press Base Digital Signage Plugin

press base digital signage plugin 788x700

Purposes of Using Digital Signage

As mentioned earlier in this article, digital signage is used as an advertisement tool and is focused more on attracting the outdoor public. These are illuminated signs and commonly come in large sizes in order to effectively be noticed by passersby. Now, what are the other functions of digital signage? We’re here to find out. You may also see employee recognition digital signage.

1. Digital signage is used for public information purposes, wherein the sign would display updates with regards to weather, traffic, and local and foreign news. For structures that utilize indoor digital signs, these are commonly used to inform its tenants with regards to the structure’s map and directory. You may also see soccer signage.

2. Another way that businesses can use digital signage is for building their brand. Because of its illuminated nature and large size, digital signs are a very effective tool for promoting and building a brand identity. For templates similar to this, we have a collection of shop signage templates for you.

3. As a marketing strategy for a business, digital signage is used to provide information regarding products and services. Here, the contents for the digital sign would include but are not limited to the price of the products, its ingredients, the suggested application, and other relevant product information. This is very useful especially when advertising food products since you can also include the nutritional facts as well as some mouthwatering recipes. You may also see price list digital signage.

4. Digital signs can also help in influencing and guiding the public with their experience. With digital signage, customers are able to take advantage of them to find the products that they need, to check the prices, and to access certain details of products in the most convenient way possible. Speaking of prices, you may want to check out our collection of price sign templates.

5. In relation to the previous bullet point, digital signs can also work as a navigation or direction sign to assist people to find their way. Many digital signage nowadays are even interactive which allows people to access a map of the place to further help them out in locating the things that they need to find.

Tri-Fold Brochure Digital Signage Template

tri fold brochure digital signage template 788x719

Rollup Billboard Digital Signage Template

rollup billboard digital signage template 788x748

Laser Color Digital Signage Mockup

laser color digital signage mockup 788x675

Contents on a Digital Signage

For traditional signs, their contents would almost always contain only text and a few graphical elements to keep the design from looking dull. This may seem practical considering that signs convey information primarily through its text and the illustrations and images are only second in priority. With digital signage, they can actually do so much more while also allowing people to interact with it. Here, we will be talking about the most common contents found in a digital signage.

  • The most important element on a sign will always be the text, and mainly because it’s where people are able to gather the the information they need. For digital signage, however, these text may either be static or scrolling, depending on how it is programmed via an external source. You may also see company digital signage.
  • And of course, the presence of images will always provide enhancement to the look of a sign. And just like the text, these images are also fed through an external source and can either be static, scrolling, or even a slideshow.
  • Now, this is where digital signs become much more superior than traditional ones, and it is the option to add videos. While you can get images to move by making them scroll or change through transitions, why not use video clips instead? With videos, they are much more appealing and are sure to attract people. You may also see food advertising digital signage.
  • Another advantage with digital signage is its interactivity, wherein the entire display is touch screen and is equipped with sensors to allow for two-way communication between the device and the user. Interactive digital signs can benefit both ends of the market, it encourages users to engage and it also lets the advertisers gather data with regards to customer behavior. You may also see coupon code digital signage templates.

Fast Food Digital Signage Template

fast food digital signage template 788x646

Outdoor Digital Advertising Signage Template

outdoor digital advertising signage template 788x786

Product Promotion Digital Signage Design

product promotion digital signage design 788x700

Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Signage

Of course, when trying to advertise something to a wide audience, you will always need to consider a few factors in order to increase the effectivity of your campaign. Below are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to using digital signage to convey your message. You may also see restroom sign templates.

  • DO explain your message clearly and as easy-to-digest as possible. We already know by now that most digital signs are placed outdoors to attract passersby, which is why it is very important that in the short span of time, these passersby are able to gather the information that they need from the sign. You may also see no exit sign templates.
  • DO update your digital sign frequently to keep it looking fresh. It’s all about presentation and impact that encourages people to turn their attention towards the sign, and this can only be pulled off if they notice something new. You may also see security sign templates.
  • DON’T over-clutter a sign with too much info, this will take a lot of time for one person to take in. Choose only the most relevant ones and take advantage on the sign’s interactivity to be able to bring more information to the people. Otherwise, you can simply keep those other details reserved for once you decide to update your digital signage. You may also see stop sign templates.

Before we get to the conclusion of this article, let’s talk about a few reasons why we strongly think that you should use the templates and designs that we have gathered here for you. For the most obvious reason, you can clearly see that the designs in our collection are highly appealing and are sure to captivate people. This is due to the fact that these signs were amazingly designed by some of today’s most skillful and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. You may also see free school sign template.

Additionally, these graphics artists mean business when it comes to making designs, and they are well aware on how to make an impact. But they are also aware that their designs will only serve as an initial layout and will still need to undergo some editing, which is why they have made their designs editable. This collection of digital signs consist of PSD and AI file formats, and depending on which one you prefer to use, you will need to use the appropriate graphics editing tool. For files in the PSD format, we recommend that you use Adobe Photoshop for editing them; and for AI files, it would be best to use Adobe Illustrator for them.

And the last reason that we can give to you with regards to why we think that our digital business sign templates and designs are the real deal is that they are quite inexpensive when compared to those from other websites. While we can’t really say that they are cheap, but they are not expensive as well considering the quality that you will be getting. High quality designs that are fully editable and are inexpensive, where else can you find such a sweet deal? Now you’ve got two options, whether to download your own digital signage template, or to simply use these samples for inspiration purposes, make your choice.

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