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22+ Directional Sign Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Life is full of choices, sometimes we get to choose the right one by ourselves, and sometimes we don’t. Oftentimes, we make a series of wrong decisions that we would need the assistance or guidance from other people to direct us back to the right path. In a similar way, parents—considered to be a child’s first teachers—should know how to direct their child to the right path by teaching them what’s right and what’s wrong. You may also see danger sign templates.

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Now let’s talk about a different kind of direction, which is something that we also encounter most of the time in our lives. These are direction signs that we see in many public places. Just like how directions work in life, these signs are meant to keep people on the right path in order to reach their destination. Without direction signs, travelers and commuters will definitely have a hard time finding their location as well as the place that they need to go. You may also see no exit sign templates.

Whatever reason it may be to bring you to this article, we have a huge collection of direction signage templates below that you can download. Some templates here are intended to point to a single direction only, while some are also meant to point to multiple directions. Also, some templates resemble the old, wooden style, while some have a more modern appearance. Whichever look you’re after, we guarantee that you will definitely find it here.

University Directional Signage Template

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Gradient Background Directional Sign Template

While the template above is quite of an exaggeration with its number of directions being pointed, you can definitely use this as a graphical element on designs and other artistic reasons.

Single Wooden Directional Sign Illustration Template

Just because we’re now in a generation that commonly uses metal to make sign, it doesn’t mean that nobody makes signs out of wood anymore. Wooden signs are still very common in rural places and private properties. Which is why if you’re looking for a template that you can use for your own personal direction sign, you may want to check out the design above. You know what? You may even be able to use this template as an inspiration for making your own personal welcome signage.

One-Sided Green Directional Sign Template

Here is a template for a direction sign that we most commonly see around freeways or the highway, and these are commonly used to point towards freeway exits, intersections, or even particular places. The green color scheme used on this design is the standard color in the United States, but you may be able to change this to a different one of your choice if you like.

Floral Vines Wooden Directional Sign Template

Retro Illustration Wooden Directional Sign Template

Red Blue Directional Sign Vector Template

Shiny Golden Directional Sign Template

Colorful Multiple Directions Signage Template

Photorealistic Steel Directional Sign Template

Though the next New Year’s Eve is still a couple of months away, you may already be planning on making a New Year’s greeting card for your loved ones or friends, and may we suggest this template for your greeting card design. As you can see from the template above, it follows a New Year’s Day theme with one arrow pointing towards the previous year and the other three pointing towards the brand new year.

Stock Multidirectional Road Signage Template

Isolated Green Right Direction Signs Template

White Background Stock Direction Sign Template

Transparent Background Multidirectional Sign Template

If you’re looking for a template that you can incorporate on any illustration, image, or design, then you may want to look for one that has a transparent background. This way, you no longer need to crop out the element from the entire image, you can just copy it as it is and then add it on the design that you are working on. Above is a very good example of a direction sign template that makes use of a transparent background.

White Backdrop Wooden Multidirection Signs Template

Field Background Blank Direction Sign Template

Colorful Multidirectional Blank Signs Template

While the template above seems unlikely that it could be used in real life, you can use it for all sorts of projects that involves traffic or direction signs. Aside from just being a direction sign, this template also has a pair of caution or warning signs on the bottom portion. Speaking of caution signs, you may also want to check out our collection of caution signage templates.

Cartoon Style Direction Signages Template

Colored Wooden Directional Signs Template

Cartoon Illustration Wooden Direction Sign Template

Wooden Planks Multi-direction Signage Template

Low Contrast Multi-directional Indicator Sign Template

Check out the direction sign template above which points to three different directions, and what’s great about this template is that each arrow has a specific color which helps make them easier to read and distinguish. You may want to use this for illustration designs and other creative projects that you have, simply download it and incorporate it to your designs. If you own a store, you may even want to use this as your shop signage to direct people towards the different aisles.

Black Multidirectional Metal Signs Template

What Is a Directional Sign?

Otherwise known as a position or indication sign, a directional sign is any road structure that is placed in order to provide information to drivers with regards to locations or destinations. Directional signs fall under the informative signs group, since their purpose is to give directional information to drivers, commuters, and even hikers. You may also see business sign templates.

Direction signs are considered to be the oldest form of road signs, dating back to as early as the 3rd century BC. During the invention of the motorized car in the 20th century, the direction signs have evolved to the ones that we have grown accustomed to nowadays, with a clearer design and a fewer number of words. This way, drivers can easily read what is written on the sign even while at speed. You may also see wedding sign templates.

What Is an Information Sign?

An information sign is a general term to refer to markers or indications that actually provide people with some sort of information about something. The information conveyed by these signs range from instructional to directional. The important thing about information signs is that they have to be very visible and easily noticeable by the people, which means that they should be large enough to be seen even at a distance. You may also see table signage templates.

Though the methods of making information signs visible have continuously evolved generation after generation, and this is mainly due to the advancement in technology. During the early years, signs were made using wooden planks, and the text and graphics were hand-painted onto the surface. Today, most signs are made using a variety of hard and sturdy materials such as metal or plastic, and its textual and graphical elements are applied using a variety of advanced machineries. You may also see wedding bathroom sign templates.

History of Directional Signs

According to experts, the first ever direction signs existed during the Roman empire, but these signs were unlike the ones today, they were more of markers that were made up of rocks. Because navigating through large, open environments and long roads is simply frustrating as it is, large rocks were placed at intervals in order to guide travelers on where they are as well as where they need to go to reach their destinations. You may also see spring season digital signage.

During these times, the standard form of measurement used was the Roman mile, which was measured according to pace or every other step. One Roman mile is equivalent to a thousand paces, or to make it simpler, one thousand steps of either the left or right foot only which amounts to a total of two thousand steps. You may also see soccer digital signage.

After the fall of the Roman empire, milestones were still used for some time. But during the rise of the inter-town trading, milestones have slowly become inconvenient at providing directions, especially at crossroads. This gave birth to the fingerposts, which were first put up by local parishes. Fingerposts were a lot easier to read and since their ends are shaped like a pointing finger—thus the name—they actually pointed people which direction to go. You may also see travel deals digital signage.

Though these signs were highly detailed, they were also considered to be too wordy, which slowly became impractical during the development of the motorized vehicles. The direction signs then underwent a lot of changes in order to keep up with the evolution of the means of transportation. The new directional signs opted for a much clearer design which mostly made use of cast iron, and these signs contained lesser text which focused mainly on the name of the place and its distance. You may also see school opening digital signage.

In recent years, direction signs have also been used as an evacuation tool, in which during cases of calamities or disasters, these signs are used to direct people towards locations or structures that are safe or are less exposed to danger. You may also see real estate listing signage.

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