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4+ Dog Sign Templates – PSD, EPS Vector

Being a pet owner can be a wonderful experience. Just the thought of Lassie on the reruns of the famous series as a kid makes you want to get a dog. They can be rewarding because they take away your stress after a very tiring day. However, there is so much more to get them than just play times. They take up a lot of time and your energy too. Sure, the likes of puppies straight out of the pet store or the animal shelter may look very adorable, but if you work most hours of the day, they may not be ideal for you to let loose around the house, especially beyond your property.

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Because they are still young, some breed of dogs can also require the most work, the most effort, and patience when it comes to training them. If you are really determined, you have to be ready for the care they need. There are certain animals that are not meant for just everyone to have as a pet, and believe it or not, a dog could be one of them no matter how domesticated it is. Unfortunately and contrary to popular belief, a dog isn’t always a man’s best friend.

Cat and Dog Sign

Beware of Dog Warning Sign

Dog Prohibition Sign

What it Means to Own a Dog

They can grow very quickly and also get very messy. Because dogs naturally thrive on companionship with people, leaving them so young outside for long hours will make them unsociable, too scared, and wary of people, to the point of being aggressive. They would want to follow you wherever you go. They are at their strongest and happiest when they are with you inside your home, not out. And, they will guard the house like the loyal pets that they are, sometimes a little too over the top. An exiled pet will grow to have habits that may be destructive to you and to the neighbors. If you are not sure to commit to the responsibility that comes with being a dog owner, then just don’t do it. When trained properly, dogs can be sweet and gentle in their disposition that you can often see them being trusted around children but also angry at intruders at the same time.

Dogs Can and Should be Trained

Remember to get it trained as early as possible so that you will not end up with a dog that you would find hard to control. Usually, your veterinarian will be the one to give you a heads up when it is okay to train them. Dogs are generally intelligent and willing to learn with people. Expect a good amount of fun and bonding from when they are still little puppies during training sessions. Try developing your dog’s reaction to being around people and letting it get used to people, by taking it anywhere, as early as possible. This way, it can quickly grow accustomed to its surroundings and your neighborhood. They may still bite because after all, dogs are dogs, and that’s what they do. At least you can lessen the chances of your dog harming passers-by and neighbors living in peace when you train them to get used to their environment. Keeping them on a leash when they are bigger probably works for the best as well, but letting them stray around your whole property is better, just as long as your gates are closed. Putting up a sign on the gate or on your fence that you have a dog guarding the house also helps guests, neighbors and anybody else visiting or passing by, that it could be dangerous to just enter the property or go near it.

Why do Dogs Bite?

Although there are many reasons why dogs bite, most of them are out of fear rather than aggression. It usually has little do with being mean or being ill-trained around people. There are dogs that feel like they are being provoked or threatened, therefore being unsure makes them react by attacking as a mode of self-defense. Sometimes being aggressive is also the result of not being neutered or spayed to control mating-related drives. Dogs are also naturally territorial that is why some breeds make for ideal guard dogs for a house, a property or an establishment. They will protect what they believe to be their turf. It is their nature to bite even when it is just about food, their newborn pups being bothered, a stranger trying to force entry to the house or when you surprise the fur out of them. This is also why basic dog behavior training is needed. Dogs that aren’t trained are more likely to attack and bite people since they see almost everyone as a threat, bar their owners.

It’s always a difficult decision for pup owners to consider the thought of the dog attacking someone. As an owner, you are responsible for the actions of your dog and you would naturally be held accountable for any harm it inflicts on someone. It also makes you question just how helpful a “Beware of Dog” warning sign on your property can be, or whether or not it makes any impact at all, following the inevitable outcome of some random person being bitten by your dog. What are the chances of paying damages and getting dragged in court, when worse comes to worst?

Vector Dog And Cat Sign

No Dogs Sign

Dog Attacks, Signs, and the Law

It actually depends on the state laws that determine the consequences of your dog attacking someone causing injuries or the slight possibility of being infected with rabies and other diseases caused by dog bites. For the most part, state laws border on owners already assuming liability as a given, for obvious reasons. Some states have specific liability exemptions for dog owners if they can prove that the dog was in any way, provoked. Others also argue that if the injured party forced entry which counts as trespassing on private property, the owner will not be held liable. Laws can also vary depending on the location of the attacks and whether or not it occurred in a public or private property.

There are two ways a dog attack can come to if you have posted a warning sign such as “Beware of Dogs”

  1. If the sign is obvious or visible enough, especially from the outside of the property, the one injured by the attack is considered to have forced entry to the property at his own risk. This means the sign counts as a valid warning but they still entered knowing it can be dangerous.
  1. The sign counts as proof of the dog owner knowing the dog’s aggressive tendency towards strangers, therefore they are aware that they are putting possible guests or trespassers in danger.

While there are various trusted platforms on the internet supporting the case of the first one, that the sign is already a warning and it means people know the risk they are putting themselves into by going near the property unwanted, it can still be fairly argued either way. The best chance you have at protecting yourself legally by being a responsible dog owner is to be informed about your state’s existing liability laws on dog ownership and taking the necessary precautions to save yourself the trouble of having to answer to the authorities. Preventing an attack will still work for the best, however. Sharing part of your life with a dog can be a very nice experience. But, at the end of the day, dogs are creatures having instincts innate to them. They are animals, but living in the care of families who took them in, they will do anything to protect the home and the family they have assumed to also be their own.

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