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Employees Only Sign Templates

If you’re the owner of a company, then you should know that there are certain areas in the establishment that should only be accessed by the employees. While there are multiple reasons you can come up with as to why only employees can access these areas, you’re still going to have to warn non-employees regarding the matter.

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So, how are you going to do that? Well, the best way to make sure that only employees can access these places is with the use of “Employees Only” signs and this article is going to teach you about their importance as well as how to make them.

Why Employee Only Signs are Important

Let’s say that you’re the owner of a business and you want to ensure that you have guaranteed control over the sense of appropriateness and conduct within your establishment. One of the best ways to help you with that is through the use of “Employees Only” signs as this will help you take control of different facilities. One of the best reasons as to why you need these signs is because it keeps customers away from areas that may contain risks that could potentially harm them. If not for that reason, then it prevents people who aren’t employees from compromising your security policies. So, just make sure that you have these signs in the appropriate locations in your business’s establishment and you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

When to Use Employee Only Signs

There are specific situations where you’re required to place these signs and you’ll need to know when you should do so.

So, given below are a few examples of scenarios wherein you’re allowed to place “Employee Only” Signs within your company building or business establishment:

  • To prevent non-employees from entering dangerous areas – This is a matter of making sure that certain people who have no knowledge of the potential risks that a particular location brings are prevented from entering these places. So, you have to position these signs a couple of meters before one is able to access this area as to avoid problems where non-employees can be harmed by these safe and health risks which the regular employees are already prepared for.
  • In areas that contain confidential company information – Remember that you don’t want non-employees accessing information that could potentially bring your business down as they may end up leaking your critical business information to your competitors. A good example would be the main work area where all the computers of every single one of your employees are located. So, this means you’re going to have to create employee signs to ensure that these people understand that they’re not allowed to enter these areas, as well as guaranteeing that your company is safe from any potential threat from people that may try to steal your company’s assets.
  • For the convenience of your employees – Even your own employees deserve their own privacy away from customers or people who aren’t particularly involved with the company. This is why you need to create signs in certain facilities within your establishment which notifies non-employees that this is a section of the building that’s meant for the comfort and privacy for only those who work for the company. Examples of these places would be the employee lounge where all of your workers can relax during their breaks, then employee pantry where they can take their meals during the appropriate times, or the employee restroom where only employees are allowed access to.

Remember that you shouldn’t just think about the security of the company, but also the convenience of your employees, hence the reason for putting up “Employee Only signs” for places such as the employee lounge. Also, you’ll be obligated by your country’s or state’s law to put up these signs as you do not want to be pressed charges against a victim of injuries due to your own negligence of not putting up an “Employee Only” sign.

Tips for Setting Up Employees Only Signs

In the event that you’re going to have to set up these signs within your establishment, then here are a couple of tips that should help guarantee that people actually get the message of the sign.

Situate them in the Right Areas

If you’re going to create “Employee Only” signs, then you have to ensure that they’re in places where they’re actually needed. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting precious materials and you could get into some serious trouble in regards to the standard rules and regulations regarding the sign’s usage. Another thing is that you want to place these signs around areas within the building where people can spot them very easily. You want to make sure that they’re right in the direct line of sight of a person and that they stand out in a way that will easily deter non-employees from accessing these places. Just makes sure that they stand out enough to deter non-employees while at the same time not taking too much attention from the other aspects of your business.

Use the Right Colors and Text

If we’re talking about colors for “Employee Only” signs, then you should definitely consider using a red and white background followed by white and black colors for the text. For the text, you need to have a warning which catches the eye of the reader. So, you can use words such as “Warning” or “Caution” and make sure that they contrast with the background color you’ve chosen. And, below that would have to be the words “Employees Only” and it should also contrast with the background color. The reason as to why you would want to use red or white for the sign’s background is because they stand out from most other colors and they’re usually affiliated with the colors for warning someone.

If you would like to learn more in regards to how you should go about creating your “Employee Only” signs or any other type of signs, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have the information you need, and utilize what you’ve gathered to help you and your business out.


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