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Pets can be cute, even beautiful, that is why people fall in love with them. But, owning them requires responsibility. You cannot just leave them lying around everywhere, eventually finding them lost or sick. Puppies can especially be very adorable. Cats can be very cuddly. But of course, they cannot stay well-behaved like that for very long. That is why you have to think very carefully about the idea of having pets and bringing them wherever you go. Pets can be very demanding because they need proper care and attention.

If you cannot commit yourself with everything that comes with having them until they grow up and after, then you will encounter problems. There are things that you have to consider, prior to getting them from the pet shop. For one, they can be big and bulky, and will be taking up so much room in your house, in your car, outside your favorite shops while waiting for you, at the park and practically everywhere you go, since pets insist on following you anywhere, especially dogs.  If you are living alone, then you will suddenly find yourself looking forward to going home every day. Even if the pets you are going home to isn’t just the dog, even when it includes stray kits you have taken in, there is still some truth to them being a man’s best friend.

No Pet Allowed Sign

no pet allowed sign

No Pets Prohibitive Sign

no pets prohibitive sign1

No Pets Allowed Lawn Sign

sorry no pets allowed lawn sign

The Responsibility of Having Pets

Think about, Nana or Lassie. Even Hachiko. If you are a movie fan, you surely remember them and their heroic feats with their masters. Some pets may not appear to be as bold as the best of loyal guard dogs, but they can be just as sweet, helpful and adorable, especially when they are still very young. However they aren’t made for everybody, and they aren’t made for bringing with you anywhere you please. While they may have traits that you will find endearing, they also have some that you may, at one point or another, find unpleasant or downright disgusting. Most of the time, people make the mistake of buying a pet, attracted primarily by their appearance. This should not be the case. There is more to being a pet owner than just playing with puppies and the fun of feeding kittens milk out of little bottles. You also have the responsibility of taking them for vet visits and making sure they don’t bother anyone else, especially when you have them with you in public places, in which case you should really just leave them home. If you are just a tenant and don’t have your own place yet, chances are, you will also face the dilemma of moving into another apartment, only to find out, most of the vacant ones which you are interested in, are littered with “No Pets Allowed” signs.

Pets aren’t Allowed in Some Apartments

That does make moving a lot more complicated than it already is, doesn’t it? You have to understand that you can be rejected over and over again when you tell potential landlords about having a pet. Put yourself in their situation. It’s tough for them too and they cannot just agree with you bringing a pet as they have to consider other tenants who may most likely object to this as well. They may have had a bad experience with old tenants before, who owned pets and they just want to be firm with it this time around. There are many factors why you will be refused. He may have neighbors who just finds it a massive inconvenience to be around animals living near them. There may have been members of management or other tenants allergic to pets and they cannot risk it, for fear of losing business. It’s not that they do not want the pets there just because even the landlords have their own reasons too. Understandable reasons. Just like other establishments have reasons not to allow the bringing of pets, with the exception perhaps of guide dogs for people who are old, blind and physically unable to go around without any assistance whatsoever.

Pets Prohibition Sign

pets prohibition sign

Pets aren’t Allowed in Food Establishments

The question is, aside from the signs, how would you know? In 2011, the United States Justice Department released new rules stating that service dogs, such as guide dogs for the blind, can go anywhere their master goes. Those places include grocery stores, believe it or not. It is also worth noting that so-called therapy dogs-the ones used for welcoming and helping people under post-traumatic stress disorder like the Parkland shooting survivors, on the other hand, do not enjoy the type of federal protection service animals enjoy, even though they are allowed in a crowded place like the school, since it was where most of the people who need them are staying.

Section 114259.5 of the California Retail Food Code says that “live animals may not be allowed in a food facility.” But that’s not all, because it actually makes exceptions not just for service dogs but also for, according to them, “pets in the common dining areas of restricted food service facilities at times other than during meals.” Then there’s the Department of Public Health of the L.A. County saying that “food facility owners and operators may allow pet dogs in the outdoor dining or patio area at their discretion.” In a nutshell, if you care enough to stir up the meaning and common denominator of these codes, it all boils down to the fact that pets or animals that are non-service aren’t allowed entry in restaurants, grocery stores, meat shop and other places selling food, regardless if cooked or not. But, if you look and check enough in other states or other counties, you’d be surprised how many people get away with bringing their pets into so many places. You just have to figure out where they are. Better yet, get yourself acquainted with the state laws regarding pet ownership and the bringing of pets in public places that won’t allow them in.

No Pet Sign Template

no pet sign tempate

No Dog Peeing Sign

no dog peeing sign

Pets, Health, Safety, and Sanitation

Most cities have health and safety codes that places serving food like restaurants, need to adhere to, but in June 2014, Ivana Trump made the papers and a google review for bringing a mini Yorkie at one of those fancy Manhattan restaurants. According to a customer who reportedly sat next to her, Ivana allowed the dog to climb the tables and was called out for it, but the owner defended her by saying she had an emotional support card granting her to bring her dog while she dines in the restaurant. While it may be true that the law allows exceptions for emotional service dogs, the card doesn’t guarantee them the right to violate the city’s health code to take an animal into a restaurant. Public safety is still, after all, the greater priority. According to an article in the New York Times about the said incident, “having an emotional-support card merely means that one’s pet is registered in a database of animals whose owners have paid anywhere from seventy to two hundred dollars to one of several organizations, none of which are recognized by the government.”

Cases like Ivana’s, unfortunately, tells us how some animal lovers are willing to ignore the rules, let alone existing signs of not allowing pets inside an establishment, contributing to the already mounting confusion and debates over just who and what is allowed where. Reading this article also shouldn’t discourage you on your longtime wish to adopt a cat or take a dog out of those cages in the pet store. You don’t have to feel bad when you missed an opportunity to stroll and shop around 5th Avenue with your pet. Once again, stores, just like apartments and restaurants have reasons that aren’t limited to sanitary purposes for putting up a “no pets allowed” sign outside. And, you should respect that, rather than taking it personally. At the end of the day, you can still have a thousand other bonding moments with your pet than shopping or dine out together.

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