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5 Significant Roles of Marketing in an Organization

In today’s fierce competition in business, it is really hard to ignore the significant role of marketing and what it can do for your organization. Just imagine small and large scale companies competing to survive in the same market, but only those who are fired-up and innovative will emerge victoriously in the cutthroat competition. Failing to survive in the competition would only mean great monetary loss and it can also affect your reputation as a businessman. When this happens, investors will have second thoughts on bankrolling a capital on your organization just because you fell short in entrepreneurship skills. To prevent this from happening, it is important to incorporate a smart and strategic marketing plan coupled with a good financial plan and other important function within your organization.

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The Roles of Marketing in Your Organization

It is obvious how a good marketing management can bring a number of benefits in your day-to-day business operation. Although there are a wide variety of social media platforms you can use to get more customers and establish a strong relationship with them, without any marketing plan in hand, it would be impossible to achieve your goals. To help you understand the significance of marketing management, we have come up with a rundown of its roles in your organization.

  • Boost Brand Recognition and Awareness

One of the most obvious roles played by a good marketing is that it is an essential component in your brand strategy. It allows your target customers know more about your brand and the products and/or services that you are offering to your target market. The more your target customers know about your brand, the more confident they are to choose and purchase your offerings because they find your organization reliable and trustworthy.

  • Establish  Connection between Organization and Its Customers

We all know that customers are the lifeblood of any business organization. As a business person, it is important to understand that your customers are the top resource because the success of your business depends on them. And since all businesses are dependent to customers, you will need a good marketing technique not only to amplify the number of customers but also maintain a strong connection with them. By doing so, it will guarantee your business loyalty from your solid customer base.

  • Shapes the Image of Your Organization

One common problem faced by most start-up companies is how to streamline the shape of their image. It is true that most of your target customers do not have the slightest ideas about the existence of your organization or business, but with a solid marketing strategy or plan, you can build the image of your organization slowly but surely. Just like what the others would say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” but with perseverance, patience, hard work coupled with strong marketing efforts, customers will soon to get to know your organization and associate your products and/or services with your brand.

  • Helps Increase Revenue and Profitability

Since we all know that a good marketing can help boost brand recognition and awareness, stabilize a good relationship between the organization and its customers, and shapes the image of your organization, all these are contributory factors that increase the revenue and profitability of your organization. Hence, if you own a start-up company, the likelihood of growing your business are high.

  • Puts You on Top of Your Game

So, you are planning for a product launch or expand your business to other location? There is no need to worry, especially if your organization is able to implement a good marketing approach. And since you already established an impressive base of loyal customers, it would not be hard for you to promote your new products and/or services because they are already aware of your brand and would most likely to trust and purchase your new offerings.

What’s a Marketing Management and Why It is Important

Running a company is never an easy task, especially if you are not well-acquainted with the nitty gritty of marketing. That is why you need a good marketing management to help you achieve your marketing goals. With the professional help of the marketing management, no matter how brilliant your marketing ideas are, your business brand will fail to take off, leaving your organization lifeless and non-existent.

According to an article published in Wikipedia, “Marketing Management is the organizational discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organizations and on the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities”. Over the years, the business competition has leveled up, especially with the introduction of technology in the majority of the organizations. But with the use of economic tools and competitive analysis and strategy, the marketing management can easily evaluate the context of the industry in which the organization is operating. Moreover, when marketing management puts marketing into good use, it can help your organization boost the number of your loyal and paying customers and improve how customer regard your products and/or services.

 The Important Functions of an Effective Marketing Management

Always remember that a company without a marketing management has a high risk of failing in the future because they do not have someone to effectively promote and convey their message to their target customers. The marketing management or department can be considered as the face of your company because they help coordinate with your clients and promote to your customers your products and/or services through an effective marketing campaign.

Depending on the nature of your company or organization, the duties and responsibilities of the marketing management may vary. Here are the different significant functions of an effective marketing management or department in your organization:

  • Listens to the Needs of Your Customers

Let us say that you have a great new product to launch. The only thing is, it does not suit the needs of your target customers. In order to establish a strategic marketing plan that will ensure the success of your business, it is extremely crucial to get in touch with your target customers and take some time to listen to their needs. By doing this, the management team can effectively draw up an effective marketing plan that matches the customers’ needs.

  • Manages Campaign for Marketing Initiatives

If your organization has a lot of products and/or services to offer to your target market, not all are a hit to your customers. There are some products and/or services that are selling like hot pancakes, while others are slow in sales. The marketing management helps to proactively market or sell these passive products and/or services. They know which materials to use to promote and boost sales growth.

  • Monitors Market Trends and Competition

Since the trends in business change every now and then, it is vital to have someone to monitor the trends and how it affects your overall standing in the business competition. Moreover, keeping track of the current business competition allows you to decide what are best for your organization, as well as determine and address the issues are potentially harmful.

  • Helps Produce Promotion Materials Crucial for Marketing

Promotional materials are essential for your marketing campaigns because they are used to effectively convey your brand message and promote the core of what your products and/or services are all about. Hence, the efforts exerted by the marketing management is crucial in making customers gain a deeper understanding and how they perceived your business offerings.

  • Coordinates with Your Business Partners

Having partners is an essential in your survival in the business world. Depending on the type of your business, your partners can be: consultants, designers, journalists, and developers. In order to achieve your marketing goals, it is important to make sure that all your business and marketing objectives are aligned with each other. It is the duty and responsibility of the marketing team to ensure the alignment of everyone’s business and marketing goals and objectives.

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Final Thoughts

The current global economy has realized the greater importance of a good and strategical market planning to sustain the growth of not only the large scale companies but also for small and start-up businesses. Keeping in mind all the information mentioned above can essentially help attain the success that you have always been dreaming of. And since we have already reached the end of this article, why not download our digital marketing plans to help you capture your target customers with our product and/or services offerings? They are available for free download and are highly editable to match your marketing objectives and goals. So, what are you waiting for? Do not waste time and download them as your reference in drafting your own marketing plans!

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