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190+ Agenda Templates

A meeting is always an elaborate affair with so many speakers and so many issues to be discussed. Thus, it is always wiser to have a meeting agenda template prepared beforehand so that you can be fully aware of what is going to happen at the meeting- such as the date, time and venue of the meeting, the consent agenda, the topics to be discussed, who would be the toastmaster and so on. The agenda offers a structured outlook and makes the meeting more systematic.

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> Staff Meeting Agenda Template

A staff meeting agenda template is the one that discusses the activities to be carried on or discussed in the staff meeting. These templates also have columns to report the outcome of the points discussed. (9+ Staff Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Conference Agenda Template

A Conference Agenda Template is the one that documents the theme of the conference as well as the topics to be discussed by different speakers in the event and that too at what intervals. (8+ Conference Agenda Templates)

> Board Meeting Agenda Template

A board meeting agenda template is the one which houses the different activities planned out for the board meeting regarding problems in the company and policy issues. It also states who will head the meeting. (8+ Board Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Daily Agenda Template

A daily agenda template is very handy to sort out your day as it lists down the different activities that you have to perform throughout the day, right from the time you wake up. (10+ Daily Agenda Templates)

> Weekly Agenda Template

A weekly agenda template is one that documents your to-do list all through the week, including the appointments and activities to be met and performed. It could be for your office or personal life. (12+ Sample Weekly Agenda Templates)

> Training Agenda Template

A training agenda template will include the list of programs to be carried on as part of the training and also there would be details on time, location, date, a number of participants and so on. (10+ Training Agenda Templates)

If you are looking for help in creating an agenda, you can always take to the agenda templates online. Whether it’s about professional agenda or travel agenda or anything, you will find ready-made agenda templates online which will save you from creating the whole agenda from scratch. These templates are easily customizable any day.

Why do you need agenda?

A lot of meeting planners are usually in a dilemma whether or not to prepare a meeting agenda. If you too have to judge the importance of an agenda, it’s better you check two meetings- one with and another without an agenda and you will have a clear picture of the difference. The one without agenda would picture ruffled feathers, chaos, and disorganization.

But the one with agenda will always show an orderly fashion where everything progresses smoothly and with proper organization. Thus, one of the main reasons to have a classic meeting agenda is to ensure a planned and systematic approach for your meeting –eliminating risks of skips and loopholes.

A meeting, especially a big one, involves a number of speeches and a mere verbal information is likely to be forgotten. But with a clear-cut agenda, you have everything in a written format which assures that the entire data stay right before your eyes and you can check it anytime when you need. As a result, there is no risk of confusion and misses.

Then, as the meeting agenda is usually sent in advance to the attendees, it enables them to fathom what to expect from the meetings- like what exact topics are to be discussed, what are the time slots for each speaker and so on.

This way, they can inform the meeting organizer or the meeting committee whether they would want any change in the meeting schedule and can also have their queries addressed beforehand. Moreover, agenda sent in advance also offers time and opportunity to gather the information and reports the attendees would need to prepare themselves for their speeches at the meeting. It, in turn, helps to raise the bar of productivity for your meeting. Besides, it should be mentioned that the agenda renders a formal and professional tone to any meeting.

> Team Meeting Agenda Template

A team meeting agenda template houses who would be heading the meeting, how many members of the team would be present at the meeting and what are the points to be discussed in the meet. (10+ Team Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Event Agenda Template

An event agenda template shows a compact picture of the happenings of an event, starting from the inaugural speech or song till the closing program of the event. The time intervals for each program should be mentioned too. (10+ Sample Event Agenda Templates)

> Business Agenda Template

A business agenda template offers a sneak peek into the proceedings of a business meeting and lists down the activities to be taken up or points to be discussed in the meet. (10+ Business Agenda Templates)

> Wedding Agenda Template

A wedding agenda template is the one which lists down the activities to be done throughout the wedding day- like when to wake up when to meet your bridesmaids, the time of actual wedding ceremony, etc. (9+ Sample Wedding Agenda Templates)

> School Agenda Template

A school agenda template is an excellent tool to help students with convenient time management. It lists down and categorizes the routine and syllabus to be covered at reasonable intervals so that the whole thing doesn’t get overwhelming for them. (10+ Sample School Agenda Templates)

How to Write an Agenda for a Meeting

Do you need to write a meeting agenda? Well, writing an agenda is no tough nut but it’s just that you have to be really meticulous here. Here is a brief on how to pen down your agenda. You must start with the agenda title, reflecting the very theme of your meeting. It gives the proper professional touch. Below the title, you will have the header. The header will house some basic factual details about the event and this section does not bear any resemblance with the meeting theme.

You will begin the header with the date as well as the time of the meeting, followed by the venue. In regards to location, be specific about the address and the room number of the hotel where the meeting would be held. The other sections of the header would include the names and designations of main attendees, the Chairperson leading the panel and special guests if there would be any at your meet.

Next, the agenda will elaborate the objective of the meeting. First, you must write down the objective and underline it and just below that objective, you will present a brief on the purpose of your meeting. This is a very important section of the meeting agenda as it offers what to expect from the event at one glance.

A meeting comprises of several discussions and hence a schedule is a crucial aspect of any agenda. In fact, the schedule is a universal aspect of any kind of agenda- be it a project management agenda or travel agenda or business meeting agenda. Know ahead of the topics, speakers, and time slots and arrange the schedule with all the information in proper order.

Creating an agenda straight from the scratch is always an enormous thing and hence it’s smarter to take to printable meeting agenda templates. They save your workload through the readymade customizable agenda formats.

> Workshop Agenda Template

A workshop agenda template is the one that lists down the training activities to be imparted right from the start of workshop till the closure. It will also include the time, date and venue of the workshop. (6+ Workshop Agenda Templates)

> Sales Team Meeting Agenda Template

A sales team meeting agenda template lists down the different points to be discussed in the sales team meeting, time and place of meeting, the number of participants, person to head the meeting, etc. (12+ Sales Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Travel Agenda Template

A travel agenda template enlists the activities to be done and the destinations to be visited while on tour. The agenda will include information right at the dawn of the journey till you get back. (8+ Sample Travel Agenda Templates)

> Party Agenda Template

A party agenda template is useful to ensure an orderly properly organized party as it notes down the set of activities to be conducted at the party, such as the welcome dance, special band performance etc. (10+ Party Agenda Templates)

> Board agenda template

A board agenda template is the one which mentions everything to be conducted in a board meeting, starting from the call to order till the closure of the board meeting. (8+ Board Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Interview Agenda Template

When you are about to conduct an interview, it’s always smarter to proceed with an interview agenda template that will cover the topics and questions to be covered in your interview. (5+ Interview Agenda Templates)

> Conference Call Agenda Template

A conference call agenda template is the one which will help you to stay prepared when you are in a Conference Call. It jots down the issues to be discussed and queries to be cleared beforehand – so that you can start on immediately. (8+ Conference Agenda Templates)

> Safety Committee Agenda Template

A safety committee agenda template will be handy for any upcoming safety meeting in your company and would note down the safety measures to be discussed in the meeting to prevent and address accidents. (15+ Committee Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Professional Agenda Template

A professional agenda template is the one which is used for various business activities and programs. It could be a business meeting or a development program or a training program. (5+ Professional Agenda Templates)

> Homework Agenda Template

The pile of homework on all the subjects can be overwhelming for any student. Thus, it’s best to have a homework agenda template in place as it lists the schedule of homework to be completed- to stay on track. (8+ Homework Agenda Templates)

How to Improve Your Meetings With an Effective Agenda?

An agenda is a must for every meeting you are planning to hold- be it about the new project you have just bagged or a board member meeting and so on. In fact, you will even need an informal meeting agenda for informal meetings that you have to taken as an unexpected issue arises.

Below are some points that will help you to understand how to develop an effective agenda to improve your meeting.

Gather all Information about the Meeting: First of all, you must gather all the important updated details about the meeting before you sit to prepare your agenda. You would have to have accurate knowledge of the venue, timing, and date of the meeting as well as the purpose of the meeting, the main attendees to present the speech, the chairperson to lead the panel etc. The agenda will include all such data and hence you cannot prepare an effective one unless you have proper details beforehand.

Objective and Purpose: A proper agenda would always include an objective or purpose that will demonstrate the main mission of the meeting in a gist- right at the start of the document. It will enable the attendees to decide whether or not the meeting would be helpful for them and whether they would participate in the event.

Be right with the Scheduled Timetable: An agenda will come up with a schedule offering the time-table of the discussions to be made by each speaker at the meeting. Now, as you create the timetable, do not forget to mention both the start and finishing time of each discussion. Besides, after every discussion or speech, you must leave space for break-time. You also need to allot time for introductions of each speaker and even for the agreements and summary at the end of the meeting.

Finally, you should circulate the agenda in advance to your attendees.

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