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13 Free Check Stub Templates

If you happen to be a manager in a given company, then you might have need of different kinds of document templates to help make your work easier. These documents may include letter templates, as well as simple pay stub templates. In the case of pay stubs, you can use these tools to give yourself an easier time making records of employee payments and avoiding any payment-related issues.

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Of course, if you were to use these templates to help you make your pay stubs, it would help to be aware of certain information. Knowing how to create a pay stub in Excel, for example, would require you to be aware of things like the functions and significance of pay stubs, to begin with. After all, that would help make sure that you are actually using such tools properly.

New Student Check Sheet Template

File Format
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel


Free Canadian Check Pay Stub Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages


Free Pay Check Pay Stub Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • PDF


Salary Check Slip Template

Company Employee Pay Slip Template

Blank Pay Stub Guide Template

Blank Paycheck Example

Blank Check Stub Template

Why you would want to use free check stub templates

If you were to use check stub templates, it would help to know exactly what you could possibly use them for. Understanding the importance of pay stubs requires that you know what tasks they can do for you so that you can assure yourself that you are making the most of them. Some possible tasks where you can use these free check stub templates include:

Ease of writing

Templates generally make it easier for you to make documents since they can give you a basic framework around which you can make specific check stubs tailored to individual employees. In the case of payroll templates, you should be able to use the templates to give you basic tables where you can include all necessary details regarding an employee’s salary. It goes without saying that this can give you a lot of convenience in the form of keeping you from having to make the table from scratch. After all, the template itself automatically gives you a simple pattern to follow, such that you may only have to fill in specific details, which allows you to focus on that important data over anything else.

Time-saving measure

The fact that your template can save you time making every part of a given free check stub means that you should be able to have more time to do other tasks at work. After all, you can spare yourself having to do the most tedious part of the work by using templates as shortcuts. This can allow you to focus more of your attention on more critical work since you have more available time. After all, one way of becoming more efficient in your work is by finding more time-efficient methods of accomplishing your tasks.

Contributes to existing systems

Part of ensuring that you can pay your employees regularly is having some kind of system in place that regulates how you approach the issue. You should be able to integrate a check stub template into an existing system fairly easily. This would allow you to streamline your system so that you can accomplish more work. Having a more efficient system can also make it easier for you to release such personal statements more consistently to better inform employees of exactly how much they make in a given pay period. After all, one purpose of these pay stub templates in Word is precise to improve your workflow with regard to releasing such payment information.

Allows for more precise information

A check stub needs to include more than just the net payment agreement. It also has to include the deductions. As such, this should help you when planning what you would need to include in the stub proper. You may also use this to help you carry out calculations more accurately since you should also have more fields that you can use to verify your information every step of the way.

Clearly, spells out different elements of payment

Another thing that a check stub would have to convey to its recipient is all the different elements that make up the net payment. After all, you are technically paid more than the net payment indicates, which is the gross payment. However, there are certain deductions to take into accounts such as medical benefits and taxes. This information can be shown to employees fairly easily via free pay stub templates, which would show the different payment plan and deductions clearly so that you can be sure that they understand it completely.

Guide for adding information

If you need some assistance deciding what information to include in your own free check stub, then it would be possible for you to use your template to guide you through the grant writing process. After all, the template should have most of the necessary fields by default, so it should be fairly simple to understand exactly what you have to do to finish the work yourself.

Applicable to different businesses

Another incentive for you to use these free check stub templates yourself is that they can be applied to different businesses. After all, there is no reason that you cannot use them as aids for calculating paychecks in general. These check templates in Word can be used to help you calculate paychecks for employees, which is a universal concern for any business.

Blank Pay Slip Template Sample

Basic Blank Pay Stub Sample

Sample Blank Online Pay Stub

Simple Employee Pay Stub Template

Employee Pay Stub Sample

Functions of check stubs

Another thing that can improve your ability to use check stubs when you actually do need to make them yourself is by being aware of what functions they do have that would let them do their jobs well. Indeed, being aware of exactly what pay stubs can do is needed when coming up with ways of making a pay stub.

Informing employees of their full pay

The most obvious function of any check stub is letting employees know exactly how much they have made in a given period. While the most relevant element of the pay stub is the net payment which tells the employee how much they are actually being paid, it is also vital that a check stub include the other elements such as deductions. This serves to ensure that employees have a complete idea of how much they do make, and how much needs to be deducted to pay for taxes and benefits. It would be prudent to include this information precisely because it can inform employees of the full picture concerning their salary, which could go some way toward heading off any disputes.

Limiting a full pay period

It is also vital that any given paycheck explicitly state the pay period that it covers. This is another element that a blank pay stub template would need in order to properly tell its recipient what they need to know concerning their payment. After all, this can serve to let employees know how much they are being paid for each day, which can enable them to determine exactly what they are being paid for. After all, since your pay stub can let employees follow their payment for themselves, it is vital that you have the pay period information for better record-keeping.

Including the specific pay date

It would also be wise for you to include specific pay dates on all the check stubs that you make. After all, your check stubs do also need to be used for record-keeping, and having specific pay dates can make it easier to keep accurate records of each pay date. This can turn out to be useful if you ever need to settle disputes that arise over payment, or if some kind of audit has to be made. In those cases, the records should be relatively easy to find and use.

Serving as consistent records of payment

If you have a fully functioning system of recording your employees’ paychecks, then your templates should be able to contribute to keeping all your records consistent and up-to-date. Since there is a system in the first place, you should have little difficulty making sure that your records are complete. The fact that the templates also make it possible to include year-to-date should be counted as an added incentive to use these paycheck stub templates. This ensures that each check stub can keep their recipient informed as to how much they have been paid throughout the year so that they need not worry getting lost in the numbers as time passes. This can also make it easier to keep records since any discrepancies would be caught as soon as possible.

Recording employee performance

Check stubs do include other information that could turn out to be useful for keeping records. One of these is employee performance and working hours, which are necessary information in order to make sure that employees are being compensated properly. However, it is possible for you to use this to help you monitor employees’ performance vis-a-vis their payments. If you were looking to find out which of your employees needs a little push to help them along, then you may want to rely on free pay stub templates to help keep an eye on them. Alternatively, this can also serve as an aid for monitoring employee performance, which would be a definite boon for human resources.

These insights should give you a better idea of how to use check stubs in general. Of course, you may even get your own ideas concerning how to use them since there should be more uses for these tools than just for helping you with paying your employees.

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