How to Make a Check Stub

As an employee, it’s great for you to know that at the end of the day, you’re going to get paid for all the hard work that you’ve done. So let’s say that you do get your salary, but you want to know why you’re receiving the amount that you’re getting. This is why employers hand out check stubs to their employees. This is what tells an employee just how much he or she is making and why he or she is making the amount. This also helps in the event that an employee has questions regarding his or her salary. All the employee has to do is bring the stub to the employer and point out the discrepancy.

What information should be in the check stub?

Check stubs or pay stubs include the details of each pay period’s wages. This typically includes the following:

What tools are needed to make a check stub?

Now that you know what should be in a check or pay stub and understand what it does, now you need to learn how to make one. You can decide to make a handwritten one, but no employer wants to take on the burden of writing a hundred check stubs for a hundred employees. Another reason as to why it’s ill-advised to have a handwritten check stub is because many banks or companies that are affiliated with your company may not even accept them if they’re handwritten.