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Ways of Making a Pay Stub

When it comes to paying employees, there are a lot of things you have to consider. After all, if you want to ensure that employee payments occur smoothly, you would have to make sure that you are using the right tools for the job such as payroll templates. However, you would still do well to know about the steps for making your own pay stubs so that you and your employees can have a complete idea of their actual salaries.

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Of course, you can use paycheck stub templates and similar tools to help you, but those are not the only methods for making pay stub templates. For one reason or another, you might want to make your pay stubs from scratch, so you may want to find another method. Whatever course of action you choose, it would help if you knew something about the different methods so that you make a more informed decision.

Methods You Can Use to Make Your Own Pay Stubs

If you do want to make your own pay stubs, then tools like sample payroll templates would just be the first step. The next thing you should know is that there are different methods available to you that can definitely help you with the task of making your pay stubs. Knowing about the different methods can help you pick one that works for you.


Knowing how to create a pay stub in Excel can give you options for making a very flexible pay stub. After all, you would be making your pay stub mostly from scratch, which would leave you free to decide how your pay stub should turn out. Since Excel gives you a grid to work with, then you could choose every aspect of the format of your pay stub.


Of course, there are also pay stub templates available in the first place. This method frees you from having to make every element of the pay stub so that you just need to alter whatever parts are most in need of it. After all, a template gives you a basic bootstrap framework so that you need not make the pay stub from scratch yourself. This way, you can focus on the particulars of each individual’s pay stub, which should assure more accurate information for each one.

Accounting Programs

If you happen to have accounting programs to help you keep track of your company’s finances, then the program should also let you print out individual pay stubs for your employees. After all, if the program can follow the company’s finances in general, then it should be able to focus on the specifics of employee payrolls. These programs are usually able to fulfill multiple purposes, so there is no reason not to believe that they can benefit you in making your pay slips.

Online Pay Stub Maker

Alternatively, you can find different online tools like weekly paycheck calculators and online pay stub makers. This can be a fairly simple method of making your pay stubs as you would not have to download any programs. In fact, making the pay stubs might be as simple as just inputting the necessary data and printing them out when you are finished.

What You Need to Include in Your Pay Stubs

Part of making these pay stubs involves knowing exactly what elements you need to include in each one. After all, there are some components common to all kinds of salary receipt templates, so having this knowledge should give you a better idea of what your pay stubs need to have in order to give your employees all the data they need to know.

Pay Period

One of the most vital things you have to include is the pay period for that particular pay stub. This makes it easier for the employee to determine the period for which they are being paid, which can make it easier for them to check what is written on the pay stubs themselves. Indeed, this is one of the most basic elements you can expect to find in most free pay stub templates so you should take care to include this in yours.

Pay Date

Your payroll templates also need to have the specific payment date so that you can state when the employee actually received their payment. This can help in the case of accurate record-keeping, so you should remember to list the pay date so that your employees can always keep track of when they are paid.

Gross Salary

One other important element is the gross salary, which is the complete employee salary before you impose any deductions. This is the basic amount you are meant to pay your employees, so this gives employees a complete idea of how much they are compensated for their work, at least before deductions are taken into account.


Your simple pay stub templates do also need to include the necessary deductions. These deductions can be voluntary and involuntary since they take up such things as taxes, employee benefits, insurance, and so on. You do need to place this in your pay stubs because they can help employees see what deductions you make from their paychecks for any conveniences and benefits they receive from you.

Net Salary

After all deductions have been made, your pay stub templates in Word have to include the net salary. This is how employees can be made aware of how much money they have actually made for this particular pay period. After all, the gross salary is not quite the actual amount your employees make, so the net salary serves to make clear what they actually receive from you.

There is no denying the importance of pay stubs, both for yourself and for employees. In a way, you could say that pay stubs can both serve to keep everyone in a company aware of how much they make, as well as make sure that your calculations of employee finances are accurate. After all, you do need to make sure that you have calculated payments properly in order to avoid any problems in the future.

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