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A hiring  manager is the person who’s in charge of making sure that the company that he or she works for employs people who will be able to fulfill their roles to the highest capabilities and meet the company’s standards.  You may also see Plan Templates.

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Although this isn’t the easiest thing to do, it can be made easy if one has a proper recruiting plan. With the help of a well-made recruiting plan, you can guarantee that you will only be bringing in the people that your business needs. This article is going to focus on how you are going to make such a plan.

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How to develop a recruitment plan

No matter what type of business you’re running, big or small, every position that’s filled is a factor that adds to the company’s profit potential. So, you should only get candidates that can best serve your business need. It’s really important that you come up with different ways that will attract these people to your employ. So, if you want to find or have these type of candidates come up to your business, then you will need to develop a proper recruitment plan. With the proper plan in place, you can proceed through the recruitment plan smoothly and find those candidates that fit the job opening perfectly without the hassle of wasting a lot of time and resources. Here are the steps that will help you create a proper recruitment plan:

Create a recruitment timeline

It’s best that you work in reverse by starting with the date when you will need the position that you want to have filled and moving backwards to the date when you intend to advertise the position. Make certain you include an application deadline date as well as several dates when you are going to hold interviews. Also, you should have a timeline when you will be doing all of the criminal and background checks of any new employee who’s going to apply for your business and only do them when it’s required.

List the positions that your company needs to have filled

You also have to make sure that all of these positions contain complete job descriptions so that people who view them will be able to understand what their duties and responsibilities will be if ever they decide to take the job. It’s best that you have a job posting that will get people interested in the job that you are offering. Just remember that a job posting isn’t just a job description where you dryly point out what will be expected out of an applicant if he or she were to take the job, but it’s a way for you to get these people interested in the job as well.

Examine each position and job description and create a list of desirable traits for each

Make sure that the traits that you have listed are reasonable. Although there isn’t really a limit to just how many traits you can place for every position, it’s best that you just stick with at least five. To help you determine what these five traits should be, you’ll need to take into account the different factors such as the expected experience levels of the candidates. All you have to make sure of is that these traits match the description for every job. Use your selected traits as a means of narrowing down the number of applicants. This way, you will be able to rule out those that don’t exactly meet the expectations and choose those that have all these traits and compare them against each other to see which of them is the person you would like for the job.

Create and advertising plan

If you don’t advertise your job opening, then how will you expect people to learn that it’s even there in the first place? You have to think about the methods you are going to advertise as well as how widely you wish to advertise. There are a lots of ways you will be able to advertise your job openings, but one of the best ways would have to be social media, considering that a ton of people frequently use it every single day. If it’s not through this type of method, then you can always go for the traditional method wherein you have your ad published on the newspaper or hand out flyers for people to share with others who may be interested. Just remember that there are means that you can advertise for free and ones wherein you will have to shell out a bit of cash. Be sure that you pick the methods that will fit the business’ budget and won’t be a waste of time and resources.

Include others during the interview process

The reason why you would want others to take part in the interview process is so that you can gather the input of others to help you see if these candidates are people that you would like to hire or not. So, if you’re going to choose people to take part in the interview, it’s best that you choose managers who will take on a supervisory role over the possible new hire or those with extensive experience in the department with the open position. You have to make sure that you schedule interviews to accommodate the other staff members’ schedules so that all of you will be present on the day that the candidate’s interview will take place. Also, you should assign someone to take notes during the interview to keep track of everything that will be said. This way, you will be able to do a proper background check if needed.

Work with interviewers to come up with the necessary questions to ask the applicant

By collaborating with the other interviewers, you can make sure that all of the questions that you develop are ones that are related to the job that needs to be filled. Also, you’ll be able to formulate questions that will help you find out whether or not the candidate has the ability to fit in with the company culture, as well as meet its expectations. It’s best that you meet with someone from your Human Resources department so that you can go through all of the different questions. The reason why you want to do this is to make sure that none of your questions is violating any of your company policies or the laws of your country or state.

Set up the interview process

It’s suggested that you set up the opportunities for a second and third interview, assuming that these are necessary. Leave time between the final interview and the position fill date for those that have been chosen as the candidates for hire so that they may be able to provide their current employer enough time to be notified of their leaving.

Take care of all the important documents regarding the interview and the decisions you have made

Whatever notes that you have taken down during the interview process, you have to be sure that you store all of them. So, gather all of them and attach them to the applicant’s resume so that you will be able to review or keep track of how you came to your hiring decision. This is to help protect you in the event of a complaint from a disgruntled applicant.

How to write a job posting

With a proper job posting, you will be able to attract people that may just be who your company needs. Although it’s never an easy thing to do, it’s worth it if it can help you find the people who could improve your company. So, here are the steps that you have to follow to create a proper job posting:

Make sure to create a killer job title

This is the most important part of your job posting. You want to be sure that you create a title that will get people interested. So, when you’re writing the job title, you have to include the name of the position and include descriptions regarding the top three things that will make the job attractive to all those who decide to read it the posting.

Add an emotive introduction

The introduction is a single paragraph that should provide applicants with at least three or five details that they will find most exciting about the job. You’re basically trying to hook these people so that they will continue to read about the job posting. So, you have to make sure that this part of the job posting will gather the interest of the applicant and that all of the details regarding the job are described in a way that will make these people want to apply for the job as soon as possible.

Tell your company story

You’ll have to share information about your company with your potential applicants. You want them to learn about what your company does so that they will have a better understanding of who they might be potentially working for. So, share with them information such as how long your company has been in the business, how long your employees stay in your business, interesting clients or projects, equipment or resources that the applicant will get to use if he or she gets picked for the job, the different awards and accolades your company has earned, and work culture facts that will interest them. Basically, you want them to learn nearly everything about your company and how you want them to be a part of it.

Really sell the position

This shouldn’t just consist of bullet points, but rather the detailed requirements that applicants will have to meet that are essential to the job. It’s best that you limit these requirements to at least three things. Although there isn’t really a limit, having just three will allow the possible applicant to think that he she may have a shot at applying. Then, you will need to provide information regarding the job’s working hours, pay, interesting coworkers, education opportunities, benefits, or perks or anything else you think the applicant will find interesting.

Make sure to spell out the application process

You need to give them details of what happens from the moment that they are going to apply to when they get hired. This way, they’ll be able to determine what happens next and it will help the hiring process proceed in a smooth manner. This is especially important if you have a role that is a one-interview hire. Candidates who are available will take this opportunity and leap at it as soon as they get the chance to if they think that they can get the job within days rather than waiting for weeks.

Improve your email responses

Look at all the emails that you send candidates during each step of the hiring process. Pick all of them apart to see if they are clear, personal, and one that will make these candidates want to take on the role every step of the way. A poor first response to a candidate application will just end up undoing all of the good work that you have done so far into getting them to even consider applying for your company.

If you would like to learn more about this particular topic or how to do a proper job analysis, then all you have to do is go through our other available articles for additional information.

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