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One of the trade secrets of being a successful student or employee is the use of pre-made printable summary templates. These pre-formatted templates mainly work by allowing the end-user (you) to easily and quickly create documents that you may need for a class requirement or a work presentation.

Continue reading this article for a list of different kinds of summary templates that can be used in your daily working life. Plus, we have also included multiple downloadable examples of these summary templates. Tips and guidelines on how to create your own summary templates are also provided below. You may also see summary report templates.

Committee Meeting Minutes Template

committee meeting minutes template 788x1019 pss.buffalo.edu

Sample Minutes Meeting Summary Template

sample minutes meeting summary template 788x1019 web.csulb.edu

Annual Board Minutes Meeting Summary Template

annual board minutes meeting summary template 788x1019 colorado.gov

What are Summary Templates?

Summary templates are digital files that allow end-users to create different kinds of outlines or abridged guides to works of literature, case studies, set of instructions, business plans, and other lengthy pieces piece of content. They are usually created using software applications that can create, edit, and format documents. Notable examples are word processors like Microsoft Word and the file format PDF.

To use these pre-formatted summary templates, all you have to do is either print out the template files or open the templates in their digital format using a compatible software program. From there, you can then begin to answer specific questions or fill in the blanks specified in each summary template. The type of information required or the questions asked on each template will depend on the kind of summary template you are using. You may also see project summary templates.

For example, if you want to create a book summary and you are using a book summary template, you will most likely be asked to answer questions about the book’s topic, moral of the story, characters, and other pieces of information just like writing a book report.

Different Types of Summary Templates

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of summary templates depending on the kind of source document you are using. A few examples are book summary templates, article summary templates, business summary templates, investment summary templates, and bid summary templates. You may also see sample project summary templates.

More details about each type of summary template will be discussed further below. Read on…

Meeting Summary Templates

Meeting summaries are abridged records of what was discussed or talked about during a meeting. They are different from the actual minutes of a meeting record since a meeting summary is a shortened version. However, some organizations or institutions may refer to the two as being the same thing. For more information and tips on recording the minutes of a meeting, check out the linked article.

If you want your organization to follow a standardized format when providing summarized information about your meetings or employee gatherings, it is best to create an official meeting summary template. Use any of the different printable template examples found below and use them to pattern your organization’s summary template.

When creating your own meeting summary template for your organization, you can also include your organization’s logo design and name. This will make the meeting summary form more legitimate and will also promote your organization’s brand image.

Project Meeting Minutes Summary Sample Template

project meeting minutes summary sample template 788x1019 hhs.gov

Bid Summary Templates

Bid summaries are documents that summarizes a bid proposal. They are usually used by companies who want to be considered as the source or provider of services or products for a specific institution or organization. An example is a bid proposal written by a construction company who wants to be considered as the provider of workers for a building an apartment complex. A bid summary will contain an abridged version of the lengthy bid proposal. Summaries are preferred by some institutions especially if they are still in the beginning part of a lengthy bidding process. This allows bid evaluators to read and critique proposal quickly and easily dispense results without delaying the entire bidding process.

To create a bid summary template, note that you should have read the entire official bid proposal. Bid proposals are considered formal documents that will be the basis of important decisions made by government agencies, think tanks, and other official organizations. By doing this, you ensure that you are writing accurate information on the proposal summary. Some countries and states may also require bidders to release all their bid proposals to the public as part of its freedom of information laws. Being aware of these laws or rules will allow you to maintain the authenticity of your bid proposals and help create a positive image for your business.

Blank Bid Summary Template

blank bid summary template

University Bid Summary Template

university bid summary template

Government Bid Summary Template

government bid summary template

Article Summary Templates

Article summary templates are used if you wish to shorten or create abridged guides of lengthy books, articles, research studies, and types of articles used in the academia or entertainment. There are different kinds of article summary template depending on the type of article or write-up you are summarizing. For example, there are newspaper article summary templates, research article summary templates, and event science article summary templates.

Just like bid summary templates, you need to get a good grasp of the source article you are writing about before you attempt to summarize them. Most types of article summaries are used in the academic world and will be used either as the basis for a student’s grades or as an official summary of a reference material in a library. You may also see summary report samples.

If you are a professor or anyone tasked to create an article summary template for your students or employees, you can use any of the different article summary templates we have included in this list article. In addition, do not forget to add your organization’s branding elements on the summary template to give more credence or make your article summary template look more official. Article summary templates are often standardized in each university or college if they are used as part of the institution’s grading process. You may also see marketing plan executive summary.

Nursing Literature Article Summary Review

nursing literature article summary review

Newspaper Article Summary Template

newspaper article summary template

Research Article Summary Template

research article summary template willthalheimer.typepad.com

Journal Article Summary Template

journal article summary template

Budget Summary Templates

Another field where a summary template can be routinely used is in accounting. For instance, if you want to create an organized way to present expense reports and amount of money spent or earned by your organization within a given period of time, it is best to use a budget summary.

Creating budget plans and making sure that they are followed is can be a tough job. That is why the use of budget summary templates can become a good workaround. When you use these summary templates, your job will be more streamlined since you will only be filling out the necessary information asked on the template. In some cases, the entire process can be done almost automatically if you are using budget summary templates that are available in spreadsheet format.

Just like other forms of summary templates, you can add your own branding identity design elements to your budget summary template if you wish to increase awareness of your business’ branding design elements. Doing this will help promote the recognizability of your business within among your employees and your customers.

Sample Budget Summary Template

sample budget summary template gov.im

Why Use Pre-made Summary Templates

As evidenced by the template examples in this article, there are different kinds of summary template for almost any kind of source document. However, some may still be pensive whether it is appropriate for them to use shortcuts in the form of a summary template when creating document summaries. To answer this concern, we have listed the different advantages of using such printable summary templates below. Check them out. You may also see sample marketing plan executive summary.

1. They are easy to edit.

Most printable templates are fully editable and will allow its end-users to edit the template to suit their own needs. When you use pre-made summary templates, all you have to do is edit the main headers, template colors, font sizes, or font types to match your organization’s branding design. In some cases, you do not even need to change the template design since all you have to do is to input the summarized information into the template form.

For example, on summary templates used in the academia, the templates themselves cannot be edited since it is standardized by a professor or the college itself. Students will just need to fill out the required summarized information on the blanks on the summary template form. This summary template format can also be seen on discharge summaries. You may also see create an executive summary.

2. They help you save time.

Another advantage of using pre-made summary templates is that they help you save time. Just think about it. When you use pre-made summary templates, you do not need to create and format your own summaries. You just have to fill out the needed information required by these forms. You may also see differences between summary and synopsis.

If you are a student, you will save valuable time in completing a summary creation homework. If you are an entrepreneur, you can focus on polishing a business proposal summary since you do not have to deal with the nitty-gritty of summary template design. Time which would have been spent on creating the summary template itself will instead be used for creating other more important things or completing other tasks. By the way, if you want to read more about proposal writing, check out this article on writing business proposals for small businesses.

3. You still do all the work.

For those who are worried about summary templates as a form of cheating when completing school work or job requirements, worry no more. Summary templates allow you to make your job easier. But it does not do the job for you.

These pre-made summary templates will only serve as the outline or guide for paraphrasing any given work of literature or any piece of information that you already know. Some summary templates will contain guide questions to answer to make your summary more effective as a reading material. You may also see free executive summary templates.

What is written on a summary is based on your own knowledge and understanding of any given source material? If you have fully understood an article, case study, business proposal, or meeting, you will definitely have something to write in your summary. A summary template will not give the answers for you. You may also see executive summary business plans.

4. They are reusable.

Another major advantage of using pre-made summary templates is that they can be reused. As long as you have a copy of the original template, you can use it again for whatever type of document you wish to summarize. And if you have made improvements or customizations to the template, those same edits will remain and you can re-use them for a new summary document.

This is an important feature for those who are going to create multiple summary templates for work or for school. To illustrate, if you are tasked to write research paper summaries to supplement your college’s library, you would most likely need to use article summary templates that follow the same format.

5. They help you save money.

Every year, thousands of dollars are spent for completing paperwork whether at school or in workplaces. You can save a lot by using free summary templates instead. All the printable summary templates included in this article are available for free. You can download each of them and use them for any kind of document summary you are required to use. You may also see summary for an executive.

At the workplace, you may use any summary template on this list and base your company summary templates from it. This way you do not have to pay for expensive professional document creation tools that often costs an arm and a leg.

There are more advantages to using printable summary templates. You will discover them along the way as you frequently use these summary templates in your daily life. We hope that the different practical reasons listed above will help convince you into using them and into creating the most comprehensive summaries for school or for work. Feel free to add to this list of advantages depending on the specific situation you are in. You may also see best executive summary samples.

Budget Development Summary Template

budget development summary template hfuw.org

Free Tabular Budget Summary Template

free tabular budget summary template portseattle.org

Detailed Budget Summary Template PDF

detailed budget summary template pdf mlbcommunity.org

Discharge Summary Templates

In the healthcare world, discharge summaries are used to create a brief set of instructions for a patient who will be leaving a hospital or any clinical setting. Most discharge summaries are written by the physician/s who have attended a patient during his or her stay at a hospital or clinic. However, in some cases, nurses and other allied health personnel may also create discharge summaries. You may also see an executive summary of a report.

Also, remember that discharge summaries are part of a patient’s official hospital records. Therefore, they include accurate and up-to-date pieces of information. In addition, if they are handwritten, they should be written legibly. Most discharge summaries are available in form or tabular format as this allows ease in filling out or providing answers into the form. Some institutions may use discharge summary forms instead. You may also see executive report templates.

Discharge summary templates are used as since they allow physicians and anyone in the healthcare team to write only the most needed pieces of information that a patient should know and remember for when he or she recuperates at home. These printable summary templates also make it easier for any physician to address any post-discharge issues about a patient since they have access to a summarized version of the patient’s diagnosis and health history on the discharge summary.

Psychiatric Facility Discharge Summary Template

psychiatric facility discharge summary template1

Nursing Home Discharge Summary

nursing home discharge summary

Blank Discharge Summary Template

blank discharge summary template1

General Format Discharge Summary Template

general format discharge summary template1

Contract Summary Templates

As its name implies, a contract summary template is a printable template that allows end-users to create an accurate outline of a formal contract or agreement. Examples of documents that may need to be summarized using a contract summary templates are non-compete agreements, employment contract or agreement, real estate purchase agreements, and even prenuptial agreements.

Note that most contract summaries are official documents. That is why anyone creating a contract summary should make sure to read and understand the original contract first before attempting to summarize it. By using contract summary templates, your job will be a lot easier since you will be given hints or guide questions to answer and include in the final contract summary. You may also see sample executive summary templates.

When creating your own contract summary template, always make sure to include a portion for the contracting parties to affix their own signatures. Another portion should also be included for the seal or mark of an official notary public.

Contract Summary Sheet Template

contract summary sheet template cityofchicago.org

Contract Summary Form Template

contract summary form template boarddocs.com

Sample Contract Summary Template

sample contract summary template hfma-nca.org

Simple Contract Brief or Summary Template

simple contract brief or summary template boeingsuppliers.com

Investment Summary Templates

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who is actively seeking funding for a simple business idea, you may have come across the need to create an investment summary. This document is an integral part of attracting potential investors since it provides them a bird’s eye view of what your proposed business idea, property, or asset looks like and how it holds up against competitors.

The content of an investment summary is usually very technical in nature and will include important financial information of the business and the business owner/s. That is why anyone who is tasked with creating an investment summary should make sure to read the original investment proposal thoroughly before attempting to create a business plan summary. Check out this article for more information on how to create a start-up business plan.

Investment summary templates are essential for this part of the process since they allow entrepreneurs to write accurate and complete investment summaries that are consistent with their original business plan proposals. When creating an investment summary template for a business proposal, you can add your own company logo design (if you already have an established company) or you may use a proposed business logo for when your new business idea is launched. Adding these things into a summary template may seem trivial at first. However, they are effective in helping create a consistent business image. Potential investors may also see this as a sign that you are serious about launching and seeing your business idea grow.

Investment Property Summary Template

investment property summary template

Sample Investment Summary Template

sample investment summary template

One Page Investment Summary Template

one page investment summary template

Simple Investment Summary Template

simple investment summary template

Business Summary Template

Business summaries, sometimes called executive summaries, are documents that contain a trimmed down version of a business proposal or plan. This kind of document is created for readers or evaluators who want an easier time when reading business literature. This kind of document is also preferred if you want to present an outline of what your business is for and what the reader (usually someone in the management team or a potential investor) may gain by approving your business idea.

The most effective business summary is one that incorporates all important business information and presents it in an easy to read and easy to understand manner. To help in this manner, it is best to use business summary templates as they will help guide you in including only the most relevant pieces of information in your executive summary. They also help you save time since you do not need to frequently reread the entire business proposal or fact check each item on your business summary. Multiple examples of business summary templates are included below.

Simple Business Summary Template

simple business summary template bmoharris.com

Company House Bill Of Lading

sample business summary template va.gov

Free Business Summary Template

free business summary template msm-coaching.co.uk

Choose A Must-Have Printable Summary Templates Now!

Creating any kind of summary is not easy. First, you may need to read the entire source material before so that you will know what specific information on include in the summary document itself. It is a good thing that summary templates are now available to make your life easier. You may also see sample executive report formats.

This article is a rich resource of different printable templates for creating any kind of summary you may need. Whether for work or for school, there will surely be a summary template example that you can use from this list. Do not forget to bookmark this article so that you can refer back to it later on. You may also share it on social media so that your friends, family members, and colleagues can benefit from the information on this article.

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