146+ Downlodable Application Templates in Word and PDF Format


Applications play an important part in the day to day operations of a business or any other organizations. Basically a request for a function or an action, these documents list down the requirements of the applicant in a systematic manner. This, in turn, makes it easier for the authority concerned to process the request.

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Designing an efficient application can sometimes be tricky which is why it is advisable to use application templates. These contain the essential segments that should be included in the document, thus giving it a professional appeal. Take a look at some of the important application templates that can come in handy for various processes.

> Application Inventory Template


Keeping track of the inventory of raw materials and products in an organization is not an easy job. However, when one uses an application inventory template, it becomes easier as this document can be used to record the inventory details in an organized manner. (7+ Application Inventory Templates)

> Credit Application Template


It is advisable for an organization to track the credit background of a customer before starting to deal with him. Using a credit application template, the organization can draft an application to this extent. The template with all the essential segments and elements helps in drafting a professional application. (13+ Credit Application Template)

How to Lodge an Application?

Lodging an application means submitting an application with the authority concerned.

Start by inquiring about the authority that would be accepting the application from you. In case you are writing an application for employment, this authority will be the HR department or the hiring committee.

Find out the various details and information that the authority expects you to include in the application. You can also enquire if any other documents should be submitted with the application.

Once, you are clear of all the details and information to be offered, write an application that comprises of all these. Make sure to write everything in a legible manner and put your signature at the end.

  • Get all the documents attested if needed.
  • Attach these with the application and then take them to the concerned authority.
  • Hand these over to the authority and make sure to get an acknowledgment receipt or any other document that they offer in lieu of the application.
  • Do not forget to enquire about the number of days it will take for the application to get processed and the next course of action on your part.

> Employee Application Template


While working in an organization, there might be times when the employee needs to make a request with the higher authorities. In such a scenario, using an employee application template can help him to write a perfect application with the request. (9+ Employee Application Templates)

> Employment Application Template


When applying for a job, a candidate needs to send his resume along with a covering letter or application. The way this application is written can make or break his chances of landing the job. However, an employment application template with its professional air can make drafting such an application easy and quick. (10+ Employment Application Template)

> Grant Application Template


Many business organizations and nonprofit organizations offer grants to the needy and underprivileged. However, in order to secure these benefits, the person has to submit an application with all the details. A grant application template can make writing such an application an easy task as it contains all the required elements and segments, thereby giving the document a professional look. (6+ Grant Application Templates)

> Internship Application Template


Any person who may be interested in joining an organization as an intern needs to apply for this position with a perfect application. This application should be written in a very professional manner, citing his objectives and aims. An internship application template gives him an idea of the important segments and information to be included in the application. (15+ Internship Application Templates)

> Loan Application Template


Financial organizations, as well as government agencies offer loans to the patrons to help them with various ventures and needs. However, the person needs to apply for this loan with an application and all the necessary documents in tow. In case a person is not sure how to write such an application, taking some cue from the loan application template can help him in coming up with a rather professional letter. (15+ Loan Application Templates)

> Membership Application Template


Securing membership in a club or an organization is not at all an easy task. Most clubs expect the interested parties to apply for this with a perfectly written application letter stating their personal details and the reason they want to join the club. A membership application template gives the user a clear idea of all the required segments and details to be included in such an application. (12+ Membership Application Template)

> Patent Application Template


Any person or organization that needs to secure a patent for one of their ideas has to approach the concerned government agency in a professional manner. They are required to submit all the documents related to the idea and a professionally appealing application letter. A patent application template definitely simplifies this task as the template gives the user an idea of the information to be included in the application and the right way to frame the application. (12+ Patent Application Templates)

How to Write an Application Letter?

Whether you are writing a job application letter or an application for any other purpose, most often than not the format of the letter would be quite the same. Of course, the content would change as per the reason for which you are writing the application.

Here is how you should write an application letter.

At the top of the application, write your contact details such that the recipient has them in case he wants to contact you. Hiding the details within the letter is not a good idea as the authority may not have the time to go through the document looking for the details.

Next, write the title or the name of the person who you are addressing

When you get to write the application letter, make sure to mention your requirement in the very first paragraph. Remember that these authorities are extremely busy and may not have the time to read through a long letter. Keep the content precise and to the point.

In case you are writing a job application letter, you can write about your qualifications and abilities in the second paragraph. You need to arrange all this information in a systematic manner to avoid any confusion or mix-up.

At the end, write a statement summarizing your need as a reminder of the need for which you are writing the application.

Conclude the letter by signing off with your name and your signature.

> Restaurant Application Template


Landing a job in a restaurant is easier said than done. Just the right amount of experience may sometimes not be enough. In such a scenario, your application is what will get you the much needed rosy points. If you are not sure how to write such an application, take a look at the restaurant application template. This will give you a clear picture of the exact way to write an application for a job with the restaurant. (10+ Restaurant Application Templates)

> Scholarship Application Template


Various educational institutions and organizations offer scholarships to the students and underprivileged to help them with their studies. Most of these organizations expect the students to apply for this with a proper application letter as they use these letters as the parameter to gauge the ability of the student. Using a scholarship application template makes it easier for the students to come up with a unique and impressive letter for the purpose. (10+ Scholarship Application Template)

> Vendor Application Template


Business organizations often use the services of various vendors for the smooth functioning of their operations. Thus, contractors and companies who want to be associated with such organizations can approach them for a chance to offer their services. However, they may be required to apply for becoming a prospective vendor with an application letter. A vendor application template can be used by the interested parties to draft such an application in the most professional manner. (12+ Vendor Application Template)

> Volunteer Application Template


Nonprofit organizations are always keen on welcoming people to volunteer their services for various causes that the organization might be associated with. The interested people should, however, apply for volunteering by writing an application for the purpose. Using a volunteer application template can give them a clear idea of the perfect way to write such a letter. (15+ Volunteer Application Template)

How to Fill Out a Job Application?

Organizations need to collect relevant information from the candidates who might be interested in working with them. For this purpose, they use printable job application forms. This surely simplifies the whole process for the organization as well as the applicants. However, it is important to fill in these job applications in a decipherable and organized manner.

Before you start filling out the form, make sure that you are well versed with the correct spellings of all the institutions and places that you may have to put down in the form.

  • Remember that if you are filling in the form by hand, you should write it in a legible and neat handwriting.
  • Take your time when filling the form and read everything carefully before writing the details.
  • There should be no spelling mistakes or cuts, so be extra careful when writing in the details.
  • Put down all the essential details under each subheading. If required cross-check these with the original documents to ensure that there is no mistake.
  • Once you have done filling in the form, give it a once over to ensure that you have filled in all the segments and there are no spelling mistakes or confusions.


An application template can come in handy for a number of reasons from applying for a job to applying for a loan and what not. In case, you have any doubts about drafting an application letter, go ahead and use these templates. We have a wide range of application templates to choose from. Easy to download, you can even customize these as per your needs.

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