Tips to Follow While Writing a Website Proposal


There’s no denying the fact that the internet has taken over our daily lives since its rise and availability for consumption in the past decade. Several websites have popped up and been used for different purposes. Websites have been proven useful for business and online portfolios for artists and creatives. Every now and then a website is born on the internet. It can be seen by everyone who has a stable connection.

The internet has been used as a hub for business for so long. Many businesses have flourished because of it. The beginning of making a business out of websites is through a proposal. This is your way of getting clients to invest in your product. It also summarizes your understanding of your client’s business, why you are qualified for the job, and their goals as a company.

Writing a website proposal follows no formula though it takes a lot of work. Website proposals are about web designs and its presentation needs accuracy. It only has a set of rules to be followed to make sure the clients will sink their teeth into it.

Here are some of the tips for writing a website proposal

1. Research on the client

You need to do some research about your client. This will determine the structure of your proposal. Get every information you can and use it to your advantage. Study their branding and their needs as these will play a big role in how you will convince your client. After doing the research, the way you tailor your proposal should cater to the client’s needs. You may also see the work proposal templates.

2. Start with an outline

Clearly outline what you want to show your clients in your proposal. With this, you will have a clear flow of thought and structure the moment you begin writing. Write your outline on a clean sheet of paper and keep it with you at all times. You may also see the writing proposal templates.

3. Sit down and write

Brace yourself for the writing process. This is half of the most crucial parts of the proposal. While writing, use your outline to go through the whole process in an easier manner. Make a good introduction to catch your client’s attention and interest. You may also see the campaign proposal templates.

You should define in the proposal the problem the client wants to be addressed and back it up with a solution. This is something that they really want to hear. You must have a clear understanding of the whole situation to be able to come up with this. In defining the problem of the web design, things like improving online presence, the website’s new direction and getting more traffic are likely to be tackled. Provide a concise explanation of these matters as well. In addition to that, social media has a way of increasing the brand exposure of your business, so it’s best to tell your clients to consider integrating it into the web design.

In the body of your sample proposal, explain how things will be done. You can put a step by step process of addressing the problem. Having this written on paper enables you to design an amazing website to show to your clients.

Also included in your proposal is a confidentiality statement sample. This part will assure both parties that any information in the proposal is kept a secret. This statement will do the trick especially if you include case studies in the process of writing the proposal.

A project overview, where clients will get to see your proposal from a certain point of view, is also essential. This serves as a glance of a small part of the responsive web design.

Remember that writing proposal is a written persuasion you make to your clients to get you for the job. Focus on the most important stuff within the bounds of what you are proposing. Give the clients what they need to hear and build them up for the great persuasion game.

4. Run through and proofread

Always run through with your proposal and check some grammar errors. Polish your proposal before passing it to the clients.

5. Make a good web design

Since your proposal involves the web, it’s high time to make a good web design. Spend some amount of time and put in all your effort in designing it. Clients need to see a tangible version of what you wrote in the proposal. With this, you will make them see how things work and even provide them a live demonstration of your website.

And since we are in an era of smartphones, make the web design mobile-friendly. People nowadays are on their phones most of the time. They need to see a design with features that work on any device and the elements that are rendered correctly. It is a big responsibility to cater the needs of the people through this.

Website design is a tricky task. Make sure all the processes are accurate. Aside from this, you can invest in visuals for some other parts of your proposal. Having a visual creation of your proposal creates an impact on your clients.

6. Timeline.

Provide a clear timeline for delivering the final product. This will enlighten the clients on how the proposal will come to life. Some things to take note while making the timeline are sitemap designs, initial design and design revisions, design development, and coding, content management system (CMS) and configuration, debugging and system setup. A timeline keeps your clients updated and a list of tasks that they are ought to do. You may also see the technical proposal templates.

7. Pricing information

Your website design needs to have a price tag for the clients to know how much it will cost. Set your price that meets the client’s budget. This is the gambling part. Clients would rather pay less but they’re willing to gamble if you give them a good output for a proposal. Business like this is tough and competitive. You need to give your all and hope for the best. You may also see the group proposal templates.

Here are 4 sample templates you can use for your proposal:

Magazine Website Proposal Template

Magazine Website Proposal Template

Website Design Proposal Template

Website Design Proposal Template

Website Proposal Template

Website Proposal Template

Web Design Proposal Template

Web Design Proposal Template

We hope this information will help you a lot in making your own proposal. Nothing is certain after presenting a proposal to the clients. Just put your best foot forward and be at your best self. You may also see the website design proposal templates.

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