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Best Wireframe Tools for 2017

As a designer, wireframing your web design projects can be an unnecessary but very helpful step to save you hours during the development process. Wireframing is planning and knowing how your website’s user interface works and how it interacts with users before you start dabbling on codes.

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A lot of wireframing and prototyping tools with different functionalities are available for designers on the Internet nowadays. Choosing the right one that fits in the way you work and what you need can be a daunting task. That is why we have collected the best wireframing tools for this year below for you to try and use for your projects.


Moqup is an all-in-one design platform that lets you visualize your concept, shape your ideas, present a functional prototype, and collaborate with team members in one tool. It has a clean and comprehensive interface that lets you and your team get on board quickly. It’s a perfect online solution to put you in the lead of the design world.


UXPin is a full-stack UX design tool that allows you to build interactive wireframes and craft lifelike prototypes in no time. With a full Agile process and a full library of components, it ensures your website with a great user experience on all platforms. So, make your vision come to life with this undeniably powerful tool.

Fluid UI

With Fluid UI, you can create web and app prototypes easily using its built-in Android and iOS wireframing libraries. It lets you present your ideas, generate comments and suggestions, perform market research and tests your prototypes. With all these functionalities, you can save on delivery costs with a better understanding of client’s requirements and less rework.


Creating fully interactive UX prototypes is made easier with Pidoco by using click-through wireframing processes such as touch gestures, device motion, keyboard entries, and location data. With its interactive capability, misunderstandings with clients are avoided. Coordination with team members can also be done well with available collaboration features.

Mock Flow

MockFlow is a simplistic and minimalist web design tool that works in three easy steps: draw, share and collaborate. With sitemaps to visually plan your websites and style guides to craft beautiful design elements, it is guaranteed to produce attractive web pages to share with your clients and colleagues. MockFlow has a cohesive interface to make wireframing super easy.


A web-based wireframing tool, Cacoo lets you create and develop web designs online and generate feedbacks easier. Cacoo features an extensive library of wireframe templates, stencils, and shapes to choose from. It has a fun and interesting interface that allows you to customize their templates or start from scratch intuitively and efficiently.

Flair Builder

For prototyping responsive websites and mobile apps. Flair Builder is a mobile wireframe tool to choose because of it enables you to design prototypes with for a specific target device. With advanced screen transitions, scrollable contents and fixed top or bottom bars as well as CSS grids and beautiful typographic tools, Flair Builder is great for creating stunning wireframes.


A mockup, wireframing, and prototyping tool, iPlotz is used to create interactive, clickable, and traversable websites and other software applications. Templates, layers, and font libraries are readily available to let you create wireframes for projects. These projects can then be shared and discussed with team members or clients, whether online or offline.

Mockup Builder

What’s great about Mockup Builder is that it has a samples gallery that you can use or find inspiration from to create websites and design details easily and quickly.  With this feature, it is easier to specify the requirements and functionality the client requires. A powerful tool yet easy to learn, a lot of designers recommend Mockup Builder.

Hot Gloo

Visualize your plans, build prototypes and test drive interactions with HotGloo. It’s a wireframing and prototyping tool that is easy to use with a full stack of elements, Wireframe icons, and UI widgets. It is mobile optimized that enables you to edit and test your work on any devices. Another best thing about HotGloo is that it gives you a full-featured trial for free.


Another great all-in-one wireframing and prototyping tool is Justinmind. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, it is an easy choice among designers who wish to create amazing websites and apps. Create clickable wireframes and showcase a fully functional website prototype for clients. Justinmind is highly efficient in building well-designed websites and apps.


Protoshare boasts of its ability to allow a group of designers to visualize website requirements and work together in real time. With a revamped user interface and rich web functionalities, it lets you build wireframes with interactive and complex UX design easily and quickly. Protoshare also enables you to work with multiple operating systems and various devices.

Omni Graffle

OmniGraffle is a tool specially made for Mac users. It features different prototyping capabilities for electrical systems, family trees, and most especially website and app wireframes. OmniGraffle lets you define your canvas with artboard layers and construct bold graphics with shape combinations. Work faster by organizing details and customizing your workflow.

Wire Frame

If you’re not fond of a complex user interface with a lot of toolbars or templates to choose from, then Wireframe is the right tool for you. It offers a super minimal and clutter-free environment to let you focus on the overall look of your web design before you get carried away choosing among the hundreds of fonts available. With limited options, you can keep your design simple.

From creating wireframes for complex e-commerce shops to creating prototypes for simple company websites, wireframe tools are essential in bridging the gap between a design concept and the final website. So, depending on your design process, we surely have the perfect wireframing tool available on this list for you. So, make sure to check them all and the decision on which is the best is right in your hands.

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