21+ Big Data Analysis Tools That will Help you to Analyse your Data

No matter if you are running big business or a small enterprise, handling data has always a worth. Managing data have become a need and a big challenge in today’s business life. IT persons are looking for big data analytics, to join the data cycle with a proper way. See this Visual Feedback Tools. Many of Data Analysis Tools are available in order to handle the sea of Information. But it is not so easy to handle, atechnical person is required to deal with such kind of Data Analysis Tools. You can also see Web Analytics Tools.

Ikanow Security Analytics Big Data Tool

ikanow security analytics big data tool

Splunk Big Data Analysis Tool

splunk big data analysis tool

Skytree Server Big Data Tool

skytree server big data tool

Download Jaspersoft BI Suite

download jaspersoft bi suite

Talend Open Studio Download

talend open studio download

Download Mongo DB Big Data Tool

download mongo db big data tool

Cloudera Big Data Analysis Tool

cloudera big data analysis tool

HPCC Systems Big Data Tool

hpcc systems big data tool

Hadoop Tool Download

hadoop tool download

Apache Lucene’s Big Data Tool Free Download

apache lucenes big data tool free download

Big Data Apache Storm Tool

big data apache storm tool

Tableau Desktop and Server Tool

tableau desktop and server tool

Pentaho Business Analytics Download

pentaho business analytics download

Fico Big Data Analyzer Download

fico big data analyzer download

Download Karmasphere Studio and Analyst

download karmasphere studio and analyst

Lumify Open Source Big Data Tool

lumify open source big data tool

Apache Drill SQL Big Data Tool

apache drill sql big data tool

Apache Scalable Advanced Massive Online Analysis

apache scalable advanced massive online analysis

Apache Solr Specialist Big Data Tools

apache solr specialist big data tools

Download Elastic Search Big Data Tool

download elastic search big data tool

Hive Apache Big Data Analysis Tool Download

hive apache big data analysis tool download

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