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In every design project, creating mock-ups and prototypes is crucial. Prototypes let you, your team of designers, and your clients carefully study the initial outcome or mock-up of the design project to oversee possible challenges and setbacks that may occur in the final run. Aside from allowing you to identify possible problems with a design, they have corresponding solutions to make sure your startup company runs smoothly.

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Therefore, there is a need for prototyping tools in order for every web designer and startup company to oversee their designs. From the most practical to the more complex, we’ve got a lot of design tools for you to choose from that are both flexible and interactive to better address your needs.


uxpin 788x351

This product design platform allows startups and their design teams to create interactive wireframes and realistic prototypes with ease and in minutes. As designers for your site, you can collaborate and share your works among members. The UX design tool makes your design process more productive and efficient because of its compatibility with your existing works from other tools like Photoshop or Illustrator.


invision1 788x367

If you’ve got highly collaborative web or mobile design projects—whether that’s between you and your design team members or your clients—InVision is the right tool for you. They have excellent features that include real-time collaborations and location-specific comments allowing immediate feedback for faster development. Their true-to-life prototypes and mock-ups give you and your team easier workload to easily handle and avoid setbacks in your final output.

Adobe Color CC

adobe color cc 788x556

Experiment with colors using the Adobe Color CC (formerly known as Adobe Kuler). With both desktop and mobile apps, this web design tool specializes in color-generating for effective themes and palettes on your images, websites, and other designs. This tool is great for converting colors to various formats, and is compatible with other Adobe applications.


With, design prototypes with high fidelity and interaction in speedy and quality processing. You don’t have to be a master of coding. You can just as well craft beautiful prototypes with its iOS and Android compatibility. This tool also allows you to view your works from any gadget without compromising the quality of design.


pixlr 788x401

This photo-editing tool is suited for the professionals, beginners or non-professionals alike for them to be able to share and network their images and creative works with other  people on a large scale. You get a variety of filters, overlays, layers and more with cloud-based photo-editing tools in this application.


withoomph 788x371

One of the essential elements in a startup is the official branding of their company with a logo design. Withoomph is definitely the design tool to use if you want relevant and quality logo design options to choose from. You can input keywords to describe your startup and tweak the initial design with colors and typography to match your brand.


webflow1 788x412

For the more professional developers and designers of a startup, Webflow is the tool to use if you want quality custom websites without the tedium of writing codes by yourself. With production-ready CSS and JavaScript, you can create custom animations and dynamic visuals with Webflow aiding you with coding.


atomic1 788x417

Atomic‘s edge over all other prototyping tools is its professional training and free learning services to make sure your potential as a designer or web developer reaches its peak. You also get to experience seamless collaboration and communication with your fellow design team members in order for you to work efficiently.


axure 788x586

For the more data-driven, math-related content and functions, this is the perfect prototyping design tool to use. With highly functional mock-ups with no coding required, Axure provides you with custom libraries for diagrams, flowcharts, and idea boards to unburden you of the often tedious and cluttered aspects of prototype designing.


vectr 788x575

A graphic design tool friendly to non-professionals and professionals alike, Vectr is the ideal choice for relevant and creative graphic designing through quick and easy steps. A powerful tool for brochures, card mock-ups, and blur-free logos, Vectr allows you to work in real-time with its basic tools free of charge for every use.


freepik1 788x444

This design tool is the ultimate go-to site for designers looking for free vector art, images, illustrations, and icons for websites, company brochures, and more. If you want to stay ahead of the trend, equip yourself with the most unconventional and rare designs. You’ll be sure to find them all in this site.

You can be confident in knowing these design tools exceed in function and style. They are all interactive and dynamic and are sure to cater to a need that’s specific and unique to your startup company. These web design tools are here to aid your prototyping, graphic designing, and photo-editing with their exceptional features.

Explore all the new and effective ways to create wonderful designs and layouts for your startup with our list of web design tools.

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