15+ Best Must Have Firefox Addons!

Are you looking to make your Firefox more functional for better and more satisfying user experience? Well, the add-on software programs are one of the best ways to up the functionality level of the browser by a great extent. We have got an amazing list of best Firefox add-ons that will elevate the usability quotient of the browser in several ways. you cna also see Responsive Slider Plugins.

Click & Clean

Click & Clean is a great add-on that helps you keep your Firefox browsing history clean. It allows you to clear private data and remove flash cookies too. If you do not want anyone else to learn about the sites you surf, this is the add-on that you ought to have.

Adblock Plus

There is nothing more irritating than Facebook ads that keep interrupting a smooth scroll through your news feed. Adblock Plus keeps your Facebook home page free from ads and gives you an improved experience of social networking. Download the add-on and block all the ads that do not let you “stalk” undisturbed.

Unsticker Me: Hide Facebook Stickers

Often, we are not in a mood to chat and someone keeps sending stickers on Facebook. It gets all the more uninteresting because some stickers take time to get loaded. For anyone who has similar complaints, Unsticker Me is a wonderful add-on that helps you to hide stickers. You can chat peacefully now.

Open Link in Silent Tab

If you wish to have the liberty to open a link in a new tab without loading the page unless you go to the tab, Open Link in Silent Tab is the solution to your problem. It is an add-on that is available only with Firefox. Get it right away to ease your browsing.

Tab Colors Colour-Code Your Tabs

More often than not, we have too many tabs open and we have no clue where our desired tab is. Tab Colors enables you to color-code the tabs to blue, red, green and yellow colors so that you can switch to tabs more easily. The most frequently used tabs can be assigned different colors so that they can be referred to without any hassles.

Profilist Switch Profiles Quickly

Do you just enjoy making profiles? If you are someone who wants to have a profile for each and every thing, Profilist add-on is a good choice for you. It allows you to switch profiles with ease and facilitate your browsing experience. Download it from here and quickly change profiles.

Tab Grenade

Tab Grenade is an add-on that gives you a provision of closing all the tabs in a single click. The tabs are saved as a list and you can open them later. Download Tab Grenade and open/close multiple tabs without losing any information. Doesn’t that sound great?

Extension Defender Protect From Malicious Extensions

Cyber threats are becoming more and more advanced in the present times. Extension Defender is a Firefox add-on that protects you from malicious extensions that can ruin your device through viruses. It can scan through the system and recognize the extensions containing malware, thereby allowing you to remove them.

Tab Groups Helper

Managing multiple tabs becomes easier with Tabs Groups Helper add-on. You can group the tabs into separate titles so that finding the required information becomes simpler. You can even load, unload, close and move multiple tabs through this brilliant add-on for Firefox. Download it here and make the most out of your tabs.

Download Plan Schedule Downloads

Download Plan is an add-on with the help of which, you can create a download plan for scheduling downloads. Downloading often makes browsing slower so it is a great idea to put the desired files on download at night. Get the add-on from here and make downloading a cakewalk.

Fokus Highlight Text And Make Everything Else Black

UI Eraser Hide Firefox User Interface

ZenMate Keep Your Data Private With a VPN

Imagus Enlarge Thumbnails and Show Images

Privacy Badger Protect From Tracking

Our list of best Firefox addons will power up your browser experience with excellent capabilities. There are addons that will add support for many foreign languages while you will also find add-ons on interesting themes, plugins, additional search facilities and many more

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