Top 10 Products By Google

It cannot be described in words in how many varied ways Google has touched our lives. The company is surely one of the brightest jewels of the contemporary technology scene thanks to its immense contributions that have made life easier, smarter and more convenient. Google products are some of the coolest ranging from mail services to maps to video portals to translation services and what not.

We have compiled a list of top 10 products by Google that exercise immense influence in everyday online life. All the Google products mentioned here cover some of the most important functions and are widely used by almost everybody online.

> Youtube


Whether you are looking for entertaining videos, full length movies or informative sessions, you can find all this and more on YouTube. A great platform for viewing and sharing videos, you can even connect with likeminded people on this website. What’s more, you can even create your own videos and upload this on the portal for the world to see.

>  Gmail


Gmail is a boon for all enterprising souls. An ideal platform for sending and receiving emails, the services provided by this email provider is far more than meets the eye. Quick additions of contacts to address book and easy chat options allows you to collaborate with others in real time.

> Google Maps

Google Maps

Never get lost again no matter where you are with this amazing mapping service provided by Google. From giving directions to the remotest of places and spelling out lesser known landmarks, there is hardly a place that Google Maps cannot help you reach. It even informs you about the estimated time of journey based on your mode of transport.

> Google Drive

Google Drive

Huge data stored in your device could actually compromise its speed. Also sharing these with other people may not be easy. Thanks to Google Drive, you can now save huge sized data onto it in any form and allow others to view these. From documents to spreadsheets and presentations, you can save everything on this.

>  Andriod


This is an amazing operating system that has been developed by Google. The majority of smartphones in the market work on this system. User friendly and uncomplicated, this is a boon for the not so tech savvy people too. Google is not planning to incorporate the software into smart watches and the likes.

> Google Adwords


Advertising your wares and services becomes a tad easier with Google Adwords. All you need to do is create an attractive advertisement and float it on the network using this Google product. The ad can be seen by anyone and everyone across the globe and is sure to help you in reaping benefits.

> Google Translate

Google Translate

Looking for a translator to help you create a document in another language is now a thing of the past. Enjoy being a multilingual person with this amazing Google product. Just type in what you want to translate and the language into which you want to translate it. Within no time Google Translate would give you the answer.

> Google Glass

Google Glass

Considered to be a revolutionary product from Google, this glass is quite similar to the one that you wear to correct your vision. However, this works more like a computer and lets you control it using voice commands. Though still in the development stages, this glass can bring in a revolution of sorts.

> Google Chrome

Google Chrome

One of the best web browsers of the time, there is hardly anything that you can’t find on this. Offering impeccable security to its users, this web browser offers a lot of services that makes working on the net a treat for all. From bookmarking important sites to including various plugins, you can do a lot of things with this browser.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Keeping tab of the traffic that your website enjoys is not an easy task. But, thanks to this product from Google, now you can easily keep track of the traffic that your webpage attracts and analyze it on a daily basis. It also has an app version which makes it easy for you to analyze these through your smartphone.

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