Best Tools for JavaScript Developer

JavaScript development is always a fun but could have been never such fun if we did not have various tools to make our life easier. In this article, we will be going through various tools we have available in the market which can make your JavaScript development easier, faster and accurate.

> Chrome Dev Tools

This is the best tool I have gone through till date. This is very powerful tool for authoring and debugging web application. This helps developers to track layout issues, using JavaScript breakpoints and insight for the code optimization. Console panel is the best place for JavaScript developers to play. They can log information while they are in development phase also it provides a shell to interact with document and devTools.

> Firebug

Just like Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug is also very popular tools debugging web application. It has all the features which you expect from one better debugging tool. You can get firebug as an add-on for Mozilla browser. But if you are developing on another browser and want to take advantage of Firebug then you can use Firebug Lite and get the benefit of some of the features of Firebug.

> Grunt Task Runner

Grunt is basically used to remove the repetitive tasks. This tasks may include but not limited to minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc. All we need to do is just create GruntFile and you are done. Grunt brings the automation in your development process so we can spend more time on real stuff rather than repetitive tasks as mentioned before.

With the Grunt, we can get almost all plugin which we want but in case if that’s not the case the creating own plugin for Grunt is not a big deal. To see what we already have available, you can refer to Grunt plugin directory.

> JsLint

JSLint, the JavaScript Code Quality Tool. JsLint will look for problems in your JavaScript code and provide you feedback based on scan performed. It will take the source file, scan it and provide a feedback based on a scan and it tries to locate an error within source file. Often it gives syntax errors but practically it is not limited to syntax errors only.

JsLint also checks for structural problems, style conventions and provide a suggestion for that as well. JsLint does not try to provide that your code it correct but it can be considered as a helping hand for locating errors in your code.

> Jasmine

Jasmine is an opensource testing framework for JavaScript and is developed keeping ScrewUnit, JSSpec, JSpec, and RSpec in mind. Jasmine runs on any JavaScript-enabled platform. Jasmine is developed by keeping Easy to read syntax as the main goal and they have really done it well.

> JSCompress

JSCompress is a nice tool developed to compress your JavaScript code. This will help to reduce JavaScript file size and improve the site performance. You can directly compress your JS code or can upload files and get the compressed version of the same code.

> Lazy Loader

Lazy Loader is a JavaScript library which delays the loading of an image and allow the rest of the page to get loaded. Additionally it will load images only when you scroll down to images.  This will help to load the page faster on image heavy pages.

> JsFiddle

JsFiddle is an excellent platform to test your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS-related work. It provides support for almost all JS library we have available in the market. You can create your demos and share with the world.

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