Top Ten Amazing Static Website Generators Bloggers Must Know

A static web page is shown as it is stored. It is also known as the flat or stationary page. The static web pages are in vogue these days among the bloggers. They come with sophisticated features and decent look. Static websites are fast compared to the dynamic websites and they are efficiently good. They are usually free for hosting and popular among writing resumes, blogs, marketing web pages and documentation. Because of its ease static website are getting popular day by day and taking over dynamic websites. Here are the Top ten the best static website generators you must watch out today if you are planning to go static.



Jekyll is an easy static website generator which allows the users with the plethora of categories like permalinks, categories, pages, posts and custom layouts. It is a user-friendly generator helps to migrate the blogs easily. It doesn’t require anything except the content and it does everything on your behalf. It is backed up with GitHub pages so you can use the services of it for free.



Hubpress is a website which helps the users to create the blog with the help of Github. It is a user-friendly website which needs a GitHub account to create your blog. There is no subscription and no server’s rent is needed. You need to update the configure file and there you go. Visit this aidful website for more details.



Cactus is an amazing static website generator which has evolved in the recent years. The Cactus version 3 comes with a lot of new features like automatic name server configuration, asset pipeline and fingerprinting and its code has been rewritten. It is best suited for blogs, portfolio and support websites. It can be hosted easily and it has got fast access. Check the website it has got all that you are looking for.



Octopress is a quick static website which allows it users to create the new pages, drafts and post stuff. It deploys through Git, Rsync and S3. its new version octopress 3 is coming. Watch this website yourself for their incredible services.



Wintersmith is a static website generator known for its flexibility. It allows the users to use plugins and gives an option for customisation according to the needs. It has got templates which can be used on blogs and applications. With node.js server, it gives an experience which is more than blogging.



Docpad is an easy static website generator which helps to reduce the gap between experienced and beginners. It is easy to use and gives a functional website with fewer efforts. It works on CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby etc. it has one got pad which gives consultation, training and support to the users. It is built on open source foundation and has powerful plugins. Check this amazing website for more details.



It is an easy static site generator which uses the shortcuts and tools in a contemporary way. It is aided by the open community. The website has got easy steps to create the static needs of yours. It is explained step by step . if you are a developer or a designer you can also contribute to this community. Customise your websites with this and make a good blog yourself. Click here.



Hugo is ideal for creating blogs, portfolio and documents. It is super easy to install and run. It can be deployed on S3, Github pages, Drop Box and other web hosting sites. It is enriched with fast performance and saves a lot of time building a static website. This website has got first-hand testimonies from its users . It gives the user options with flexibility on how they can work.



Hexo is framework for blogs. It deploys one command to GitHub pages and Node.js gives the users the speed. Hundreds of files can be built in seconds. You can get started with this website for an easy experience. Check the website for more details.



Pelican Static Site Generator is powered and written by Python. You can import the content from WordPress, RSS feeds and other places directly here. It can publish content in multiple languages and it is easy to host. It has got other features. Check the website to know if it is capable enough to buy your needs.

These were the Top ten the best static website generators which you must watch out today. Each one of them offers the same services but it is loaded with different features. If you are planning to go static you can choose any one out of them. The features are already listed you can also visit the website for more details and opt for the best one.

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