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Best Tools to Create Infographics

Infographics have been gaining a lot of notoriety lately from many communities, whether from those who creates them or for those who use them. With its colorful and concise visual representations of certain subjects, it simplifies complex matters and touches on every type of learning process.

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But, how do you make an effective infographic? Aside from choosing a relevant topic and developing an interesting content, there are many tools that you can utilize in order to build one. Here are some of the best tools that will surely help your marketing strategies soar into new heights through infographics. is an infographic tool that offers thousands of templates to choose from, where you can edit, change, and customize any objects effortlessly. It also lets you create an infographic from scratch with a blank template and choices of themes, objects, and text for every category.

Mostly used by students, universities, companies, and government agencies;‘s goal is to save you time and money while making a great infographic even without lots of skills. So, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with this infographic maker.

Infogram is an infographic tool specially made for designers, marketers, project managers, editors, journalists, teachers, and students to help them convey ideas in a visually stimulating fashion. Pro or not, this tool lets you design your materials in the easiest way.

Engage your readers, publish your content, or impress your employer with an infographic resume made from this. With a million interactive infographic elements such as charts, maps, and other complex visuals, will definitely bring your story to life in no time.


Piktochart is another infographic maker that is easy to use and saves you lots of effort and time. It is a great tool to use if you want to grow your popularity among visitors and customers. Charm your audience with beautiful visuals and easy-to-understand graphics.

Designing an infographic in Piktochart also allows you to create presentations and printables. This way, you will be able to share your content not just on the web, but also present them in conventions or print and distribute them wherever your audience might be.


Venngage is an infographic generator that allows you to build one in three easy steps: choose a template, add charts and visuals; and finally, customize your design. With its collection of beautiful infographic designs and templates, make no mistake with Venngage.

This tool will help you turn complex data into comprehensive charts and compelling visualizations. So even if you’re not a designer, you can make your content stand out, increase your website traffic, and boost your sales by using this tool.


Visme is a secret weapon to let your message be heard loudly by creating powerful visuals and stunning presentations through infographics. Although it is a simple tool, it helps you translate your ideas into a gripping and informative content.

With Visme, you can create amazing infographics for different purposes such as presentations, web content, reports, product presentations, and even wireframes. It has hundreds of templates and a ton of infographic elements to choose from.


Creately is one of the essential tools that you need for your infographics. It is used to visualize your data through diagrams, tables, and charts. With thousands of ready-made templates, extensive shape libraries, and a handful of examples, it lets you create any diagram in no time.

Used to create mockups, flowcharts, and process flows, Creately also takes pride of its collaboration feature that enables you to share projects with team members as well as with clients in real-time and anywhere in the world.


Canva is one impressive graphic design tool that you can use to create images for your infographics. With millions of images, photo filters, free icons and shapes and hundreds of infographic fonts to pick, you are guaranteed to churn out stunning outputs from this tool.

If you get overwhelmed with its thousands of choices and capabilities, it also provides templates with drag-and-drop functionalities to help you design your infographics with ease. Also, you can create presentations and other social media images with Canva.


Gliffy is another diagramming tool that you can incorporate in your infographics. Aside from its diagramming capabilities, it is more focused on making a group of people collaborate on a project with comfort and convenience.

Even with different browsers or platforms to work with, its compatibility allows everyone on the team to share libraries as well as create and edit custom templates, logos, and shapes to achieve visual uniformity. If you’re working with a number of people, then consider Gliffy.

Using infographics derives a number of benefits as they captivate and engage your target audience with ease.  Don’t miss this chance to drive more traffic, rank high on search engines, and get those conversions that you’ve been wanting so bad. You can check out some great examples of infographics to give you ideas on how to use these tools.

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