10 Best Free & Easy Online Video Editors 2016


Given the advent of cloud computing and the popularization of video sharing in social media platforms, it is no longer rocket science for a user to edit their videos. Gone are the days of a decade ago when a video editor implied the purchase of an expensive software and the possession of a powerful computer; today, even video editing can be done online if you have a PC and an internet connection. We went through several free online video editors and came up with a list of the ten best ones. You can also see Online Music Editors 2016.



This online video editor is popular among users because of a very specific feature that allows you to upload videos to it – not just form your own computer – but also from third party websites. It allows a maximum size of 600 MB and supports a broad range of file formats. [Go To Website]



Clipping, adding effects, and rearanging scenes in your otherwise bland video to make it look like a professionally made movie – that’s what Magisto is the best for. It sports one of the simplest of user interfaces and has tons of excellent features just a single click away!



WeVideo is special because of two things. One, and the most important, is its capacity to allow shared video editing – this means that you and your friends can work on editing a video at once form different computer. Also, it has a very useful Google Drive connector that is great for dragging and dropping videos right from cloud storage.


animotoAnimoto is a professional quality video editing tool that accepts content from several popular on- and offline sources, contains features suitable for people of a broad range of capacities, including clipping, editing, captioning, inserting audio and music, track syncing, and even multiple sharing options. It is known for using similar editing and tweaking techniques as the film industry for high-end effects.



Kaltura makes this list because of its history; it is the web’s first online video editing platform. To this day, it maintains a quality of features that are almost peerless in their class and style. The numerous advanced tools for editing that it comes with sometimes confuse beginners, but it is still a great app!



Aimed specifically for children, this app allows you to use your images pasted on its wide gallery of paper-cut backgrounds that to create videos that are simple and effective for teaching and learning with children. It also has a large arsenal of drawings. [Go To Website]

Wondershare Filmora

wondershare filmora

A relatively basic video editing app. It comes with simple features such as cutting and pasting, adding text and captions, as well as a handful of common effects. As the name suggests, it is aimed at quick edits for sharing a compared to detailed editing. [Go To Website]



MixerFactory has won awards for its quality of video editing gear. It has a user-customizable list of features that appear on its top ribbon and has highly specific and quality-targeted features aimed at people from all walks of life.

YouTube Video Editor

youtube video editor

The most common video editor on the internet by a long margin, however, is the one supplied by YouTube. You can edit videos merely by taking one on your mobile phone and uploading it to the app. Not aimed at professional editing, it has the bare necessities that you’d need to have a video publishable on the world’s largest video sharing site.

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